Quests for Glory (The School for Good and Evil: The Camelot Years, #1) Quests for Glory discussion

Which book is your fav?

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Ariel Out of all the books by far the first one was the best in my opinion. I just loved the trial part.

Sophie I think the first one was the best, followed by the third one, then the second one, and finally the newest one was probably my least favourite. Still a good book in comparison to other books out there. Just didn't shine in comparison to the rest of the series.

Nikita If I had to rank the current released books I have to say:
1. The School for Good and Evil
2. The Last Ever After
3. Quests for Glory
4. A World Without Princes

I think the first book is usually the best of most series. The third book was a second best, the four was really good and the second was good but could have been better.

hannah It looks like I have a slightly unpopular opinion here because my favourite was definitely Quests for Glory, followed by The Last Ever After, then The School for Good and Evil, and finally A World Without Princes. I loved every moment of the whole series (and can't wait for A Crystal of Time!!) but that is just how I choose to rate them in order of my preferences.

Who is everyone’s favourite character?

Nikita It's a tie between Agatha and Hester

Sophie Tedros is hilarious to me and just the situations he gets himself in is truly iconic. Sophie is such a lil spoiled princess at times but can also be a total badass and I think she is also one of my favourite characters, her character is just so complex and she’s such a strong very unpredictable person.

Marya I think the best book so far for me is Quest for Glory.

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fei Last Ever After to me was my favourite. Why is my favourite book in a series always the longest one?

Delaney Yes, Felice! I love me big books. XD

I honestly love all of them. The first book definitely because I always like to see how characters are introduced and how it all started. The Quest for Glory just takes on a different turn to the story and I loved it. I guess I just think of it as one giant story so I just love how the story continues.

Who's excited for A Crystal of Time?!

Abbigayle Grace Hester is totally my favorite character, but a relate a bit more to Agatha (weddings are scary)

My favorite book is probably the first one, but I need to read the fifth.

Aubrey I need to read the fifth. But the third was my favorite. It was an amazing story about Agatha finally accepts her role as Queen.

Angelina I would rate the books in order of:
1. A Crystal Of Time
2. Last Ever After
3 A World Without Princes
4. School for Good and Evil #1
5. The Quest for Glory

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