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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate | 13 comments Mod
This is about the BOOK series. If you have any thoughts or simply just want to note about any part of the books, feel free to do so!

message 2: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Book Nerd (bwm721) | 83 comments Mod
I love Harry Potter, although I find the last four books excruciatingly long. I haven't been able to read it, as I am trying to finish my goal of reading one book a week and I can't do that with 700-900 page long books.

message 3: by Bex (new)

Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 5 comments Harry Potter was literally my childhood... my Dad started to read the series to me when I was really little, and it was the first book series that I really loved. I used to just reread the series during the summer every year, but since then I've just been rereading my favorites in the series so I guess I've read the entire series 5 times and maybe the Half-Blood Prince (which I've read the most) maybe 7 or 8 times? Literally it was what I grew up on. When my friends came over, we'd have Harry Potter trivia contests during dinner. I stood on line with my mom for over an hour at Barnes and Noble when the Deathly Hallows came out.

message 4: by BriboSwaggins (new)

BriboSwaggins :) | 1 comments I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!!

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahsmanyhobbies) I CAN ONLY SAY LOVE TO DEATH!

message 6: by FangirlNina (new)

FangirlNina (spocktapus210) | 108 comments BEST

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