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YeneriBaez In the memoir, A long Way Home, Saroo was a young kid living in poverty with his family having to take care of his baby sister like his own under the age of 5. His older brothers were old enough to start going away from home periods of time to try and bring home some food for the family. When Saroo turned 5 years old, he decided that he was old enough to start heading out with his brothers and help the family. One night his brother went himself and left him on a bench at the train station telling Saroo not to move till he gets back. He fell asleep and woke up the next morning with out his brother no where to be found. He got scared and hopped on the train and got lost on the other side of India, Calcutta. He was striving to survive himself living outside and scavenging for food to sustain him. He had to go through 2 places where kids with no families or have no homes stay, finally in the second place he was chosen to be fled out to Australia to a family looking to adopt a child. When he got with his new family he felt very loved and secured by them. His new parents wanted to make him feel comfortable when he got to his new home that they put a map up of India on his room wall. As a parent do you think this was a little to over board? Would you place a map from where the kid recently adopted came from? Bring me mixed emotions because I would think that will overwhelm the child, starting to think of where he came from and his family. Saroo didn’t get adopted because his family didn’t want him, he got lost and had no way back home.

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Alaysia Ballard WOW! Insane how things like this keeps happening in the world with kids needing to support one and another! It's so sad how each sibling at age 5 needs to grow up and not being able to enjoy their childhood because they need to go seek for food :/ .

So by him leaving to look for his brother he got lost and then gets adopt by new people. Yes, it would defiantly feel overwhelming! Yes I’d be thankful for being adopt by amazing people but for them to put an image of where I came from and yet not knowing where is my brother still .This would have me upset and wanting to go back to my country

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