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{First Name} River
{Middle Name} Elizabeth
{Last Name} Willows

{Age} 18
Birth Date: June 3 1996
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

{Gender} Female


Face Claim: Summer Glau
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5 foot 8
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo of a dove on her right hip, 3 inch scar on her left ankle and a heart shaped birthmark on her lower back.

River is a very sweet hearted girl, who is often on her own and too shy to make friends. She likes to be by herself reading, and doesn't really care what people think about her. River is highly intelligent and things like dance, music and art have always come easy to her, but sports and making friends have always been a difficulty to her. To the few close friends she did have, River is a much more open and talkative girl.

* Being alone
* Herbal teas
* Nature
* Coffee
* School
* Spending time with her older brother or younger sister
* Sugary foods
* Swing sets
* Sunrise
* Sunset
* Springtime
* Dancing

x Being lied to
x Winter time
x Wet socks
x Big groups of people
x Spicy food
x Getting yelled at
x Annoying laughs
x When people talk to much
x Reality tv
x Water on her face
x When things are out of order
x When people look down on her

Regan and Gabriel Willows, were married for 6 years before the birth of their first child Simon, after Simon they hadn't planned on anymore children. The Willows family thought everything was perfect just the three of them, but when Simon was 8 years old, Regan got pregnant again but not by Gabriel. She had been seeing another guy for almost 2 years, and became pregnant with River. Regan kept River's birth father a secret from Gabriel. 2 years after River was born, Regan got pregnant again, this time it was Gabriel's. Nine months later, little Ayden was born. River got along quite well with both of her siblings, but not with her parents. River's parents often ignored Simon and River, most of their time being put into little Ayden. River was 14 when her true history came into the light, when her mothers boyfriend showed up at the house, claiming to want to see his daughter River. After finding out the man she had known her whole life to be her dad and that her mother had been lying to all of them, she left and went to live with her maternal aunt. She was on the flight to come back to see her family.

{Family} Regan [Mother, 46]
Gabriel [Step-Father, 50]
Johnathan [Biological father, 44]
Simon [Older brother, 26]
Ayden [Little sister, 16]

{Friends} Lila [Best friend since she was 4, 19]
Tyler [Male best friend since she was 6, 18]

{Relationship Status} Single
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual


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Anastacia (ana3) | 54 comments Mod

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 2 comments COMPLETED

Name ◐ Marco Goznell
Age ◐ 24
Sexuality ◐ Heterosexual


◑ Eye Color ◐ Brown
◑ Hair Color ◐ Brown
◑ Weight ◐ 145 lbs
◑ Height ◐ 6'1
◑ Other ◐ Many Battle Scars + Surgical Scar down Back


Marco is a real bitch. She's painfully rude, harsh and cold. When she's around strangers, she'll see them as a threat and interrogate them in some sort of hard talk way. At gun point to add. Around allies, she's still cold and mean, but not pointing a gun you.


Marco is an only child. Before the she enlisted in the service, Marco was a sweet kid during grade and high school. Sweet, charming, and could flirt really well. Then her parents died in a car crash, and she was devastated. Having nowhere to go for her senior year, so lived at home and finished Highschool. Rather then going to college, she enlisted in the U.S army and was sent to Iraq, then Iran, back to Iraq, and so forth.

Her trip on the plane was the first time she was going home.

Job ◐ Army Major
Birth Town ◐ Jacksonville, Florida
Current Town ◐ Fort Sjin, Iran
Reason For Flying ◐ Went home for the holidays.

Relationship ◐ Single
Mia Goznell - Mother - Deceased
Richard Goznell - Father - Deceased
Kimmi Goznell - Younger Sister - Alive


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❝[Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see]❞

Full Name: Everlie Genesis Petrova

First name: Everlie
Middle name(s): Genesis
Surname: Pretova

Age: 15
Date of birth: February 28,1998
Race: Mixed
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Leo

{Physical Appearance}

Height: 4’9
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye colour:
Blue with Puprle Specks

Skin colour:
Light and Fair Skin

Hair colour: Ombre Hair
⤿Hair style:

{Distinguishing features}

➛ Wrist Tattoo

➛Bow Earrings

Typical clothing:


✓ Songwriting
✓ Giving Advice
✓ Beaches
✓ Family
✓ Any Type of Music

✗ Flirting
✗ Rude Guys
✗ Fighting
✗ Water
✗ Pranks (if it doesn’t involve her)


Birth country: Bulgaria
Hometown: Srebarna


When Everlie was born she was blind but it was temporary until the age of 14. She also is deaf in her right ear slightly but took special classes to help gain it back. She was born in the small village called Srebarna before moving to America when she was 7. Everlie was always labeled the special child in her school. She would always hear the name calling……. “The Blind Girl” or “Helen Keller” She has heard it all even when she transferred they always called her names. She took a special surgery for eyes and it changed her eye color but it made her strangely popular in middle school. At the age of 14 she was reunited with her sight but her eyes are sensitive to bright lights. When she felt sad or angry because of the names she would use music as an outlet.


Meridith Petrova

Felix Petrova

Nathaniel Petrova


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Anastacia (ana3) | 54 comments Mod

{First Name} Grace
{Middle Name} Delia
{Last Name} Romanov

{Age} 16
Birth Date: October 8 1998
Zodiac Sign: Libra

{Gender} Female


Face Claim: Ksenia Solo
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ice blue
Height: 5 foot 2
Distinguishing Markings: (view spoiler)

||Personality|| Grace is the kind of person who loves to joke around and make others laugh. She is very street smart, knowing many things about avoiding trouble. Sometimes she can be very rash and doesn't always make the best choices, but its never on purpose. Once you are her friend, Grace is very loyal and would do anything for you. At times she is very reluctant to trust new people, something that has kept her alive. Most times she is a very fun person to be with.

* Traveling
* Caffeine
* Anything with sugar
* Coffee
* Summer time
* Playgrounds
* Being with friends
* Sleeping
* Causing trouble
* Her friends
* The internet
* Dancing

x Being lied to
x Her step dad
x People knowing her past
x Small spaces
x Peanuts
x Her glasses
x Annoying laughs
x Waking up
x Things being to clean
x Storms
x Being told what to do
x When people look down on her

||History|| Grace was born to Alexai and Galina Romanov, in Moscow Russia. Grace was born 2 months early, the doctors believing she would only live for a month, but little Grace pulled through. Grace's early years were easy, the family moving to the U.S when she was 5. In the states, Grace was made fun of for not speaking english but that didn't stop her, Grace stood her ground and gained a few friends. When she was 7, Alexai died in his sleep from a ruptured aneurism. Grace was devastated by the death of her father. Not even a year after his death, Galina remarried a terrible man that hated Grace from the first time he met her. Lucas would lock Grace in a closet for making to much noise, and beat her at every turn. This went on for 3 years, when finally her paternal grandmother stepped in and took Grace from the home. Living with her grandmother was perfect in Grace's eyes, they traveled all over the world and had a grand old time. Last year though, her grandmother took ill and died leaving everything to Grace. Grace was taking this trip to forget about everything.

{Family} Galina (Mother, 41) Alive
Alexai (Father, 44) Deceased
Lucas (Step-Father) Alive
Irma (Grandmother, 73) Deceased

{Friends} May-Lynn (Best friend, 15) Alive
Darren (Best friend, 17) Alive
Erik (Close friend, 15) Alive

{Relationship Status} Single
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

||Other?|| Allergic to peanuts
Its near-sighted and needs glasses

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