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message 1: by Kamiko (new)

Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments Here, you can post your ideas about your book and see what people think of it. Or, you can post ideas for a book you want to write and see if people like it. Please do not use anyone's ideas because that is plagiarism. Thank you!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I had the idea the other day of a time-travel short story. Its suppose to be similar to the Back to the Future movies. Its called Back to the Past, and Catherine and Sofia (the twins) go back to the 50's and stop their grand-parents from ever meeting. Thus our mother never existing, thus us never excising. And our brain storm went to the point of us stopping the meeting, but we never really figured out how to have our character's fix it. What do you guys think of the idea and how do you think we should fix it?

message 3: by Kamiko (new)

Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments Hmm. that's interesting. Space time continuum is very confusing. I honestly have no idea. I'd say they were stuck in that time period since they don't exist in the present and they meet they're grandparents and each of them work on pushing them together. I don't know. It sounds interesting, though... Sorry I couldn't help...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Thats ok. Time is very confusing. :-P

message 5: by Kamiko (new)

Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments It really is

message 6: by Maj, "Chewing-on-the-table"-kind of special (new)

Maj | 537 comments Mod
Hi Lizzy,

You already have a folder :) Us MOD's are very active and try to make folders as fast as we notice there's a new member.

All you have to do is click the "New Topic" button on the top right of the main discussion page.
Then you give it a title and select your folder by clicking the "select" next to "Folder"
Then you paste/write your story and you hit "Post"

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I was thinking...

Has anyone heard of NaNo WriMo? It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every November, writers can participate. You have all of November to type your story and try to meet your word count goal. The main program is for adults (the word count goal is automatically 30 000), but there is also a program for younger writers where you set your own goal. Last year, I met my goal of 13 000 words in November. So I was wondering if anyone in this group would want to do this? If so, here's the Young Writer's website link:


message 8: by Myoho2000 (new)

Myoho2000 (myoho2000_2000yahoocom) | 43 comments RANGERGIRL819 --

Thanks for the website suggestion and congratulations on writing 13,000 words in a limited time!

message 9: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
That sounds so cool!!

message 10: by Kamiko (new)

Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments YES I NEED THIS. THANK YOU

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you, Myoho!

message 12: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Um... but it is in the ideas section...

message 13: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Aaaaand I'm pretty sure that's an idea...

message 14: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod

whatever. I'll just delete my post. Fine. Whatever.

AυвяєєƤαιgє I thought it made be a good idea in the competition folder to make a topic called: Waiting List. I know that when I wanted to make a competition, it was kind of confusing for me since I didn't know the order that you could create a competition in. That led to much more confusion, so I think it made be a good idea. That's just my suggestion, thanks! :):):)

message 16: by Henry (new)

Henry Tjernlund | 3 comments in other places it's claimed that you cannot copyright an idea, only its execution.

message 17: by Henry (new)

Henry Tjernlund | 3 comments so, yes, be careful. anyone can use an idea.

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