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message 1: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Ski | 7 comments Mod
I started this group as I've had problems finding new (intelligent) stimulating reads when I want a new book that speaks to the gay(er) side of me. I don't have a real interest in trashier erotica and the like, I still want a book to be well written, intelligent and so on. I'm finding all the automated engines keep throwing out the sae few books, and missing many hidden gems.

My personal preference is for novels, and not for angry politics, but if you join the group its for its users to explore books as they wish.

message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean Leffers | 2 comments Great idea! Immediately coming to mind is anything by Alan Hollinghurst, especially The Line of Beauty!

message 3: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Ski | 7 comments Mod
Hollinghurst I love too, but one book every few years doesn't quite satisfy a thirst.. hence the group. I kind also felt like the last book, that maybe he'd done his best idea, or needed fresh inspiration.

message 4: by Sean (new)

Sean Leffers | 2 comments Ah, missed the part about *new* books. Right now I'm in the middle of Now and Yesterday by Stephen Greco. The blurb on the back calls it a "romance of the creative class," which makes me want to vomit, but I like it so far. I'm enjoying the study of relationships between gay men of different generations- feels relevant, especially now that I'm 30 and can legally have sex with people born in 1996

message 5: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Ski | 7 comments Mod
Ohh, I didn't mean *new* new books.. oldies are very welcome, I meant I'd like to discover books new for me.

I'll look up Now & Yesterday.

message 6: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Ski | 7 comments Mod
Oh, and if anyone wants to be a moderator of this group, just let me know.

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex Foster | 2 comments Good reads already has a list facility - there are multiple "gay romance" lists but this seems to be slightly more literary...

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