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I don't want to know the ending but ....

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message 1: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Dewhurst I have heard mixed reviews mainly due to the ending. Is it happy? Does it conclude?

I can never get past a bad ending, and I am concerned. If possible please be constructive


Kaya Well, the ending concludes the story, but if you wanna know if it's happy or not, then the answer is spoiler enough. So, you have to read it to see.

Akherousia If you're asking if the author published a sequel to this book, no. That wasn't the case. If you are asking if the ending is happy. It is quite happy. Except for one character :)

message 4: by Dianna (last edited Aug 18, 2014 11:38AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dianna You will enjoy the ending of the movie better than from the book most likely. The ending of the book is confusing to me and kind of leaves you assume dark things perhaps or fantasize about a better ending.....I felt the author was a COWARD with his ending. He made me angry. The movie script was an improvement on the ending of the book. I feel though that you understand some things about Amy better in the book than the movie makes clear. Read the the will be glad you did.

Natalia Honestly the both endings left me quite confused, the book and the movie.

Sharnie Brown I would have to admit that the ending is cut short. But to me the ending was sad but everything concluded for a reason! :D

Juliana Ladeira Tim Tharp about the end of the book:
"Well I don’t plan on writing a sequel, or anything... At the end of the book, I do leave it up to the reader to interpret what is going on. You can read what Sutter is saying, and take something else out of it. That happens at the end of the book when he is having this interior monologue about how great things are. An earlier example of this is after the prom – Sutter gets kicked out the prom, his girlfriend has a fight with his other girlfriend, they get kicked out of the after party – then the next chapter starts with Sutter saying, “All in all, the prom was a golden success!” So, I expect the reader to understand the irony. To what the character is saying, and what we, as readers, understand about this character."
More about the book and the movie here:

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