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Carciphona Volume 1
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Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Read Carciphona online here!

"In a time where magic is forbidden, a sorceress struggles to restore her once peaceful life."

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Read the first chapter (50 pages). A bit too much "telling instead of showing" here and there, but pretty good overall. There is already solid world building and nice character beats. The treatment of magic is quite interesting. The art compliments the story well and there are some particularly neat pages that use shading to identify things/conversations happening in the background.

Haven't really read any webcomics in the manga style before. So far so good here.

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Read through volume 3. I like this a lot. Good story and characters and strong interwoven plot lines. The art is a bit hard to follow during action sequences but is beautiful overall.

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