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Nate  | 144 comments Since I already have a journal started on GR, I'm jut gonna post the link.

Feel free to browse through the chapters. (There's a LOT) Most of them are comical retelling of events but not all..some touch on some more serious issues that you may or may not relate to, and some may just put you to sleep, idk.
Don't be afraid to leave a comment or click the like button if you like what you read.

**Disclaimer - Read at your own risk. I can not be held responsible for the corruption of innocent minds or random outburst of laughter.

Warning: Some chapters may contain profanity and/or mature content yes, I said Mature,(you can stop laughing now) I know not a word often associated with me.

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Nate  | 144 comments Cool.

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It's worth it. Nate is a great writer.

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Naura | 320 comments Aaron{{REBLAST}} wrote: "It's worth it. Nate is a great writer."

I second that!
and third
and fourth

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Haha. That says it all, Naura.:)

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Nate  | 144 comments Naura wrote: "Aaron{{REBLAST}} wrote: "It's worth it. Nate is a great writer."

I second that!
and third
and fourth

Thanks, both of you.

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Luckily, I started reading them awhile back. The newer ones are just as awesome, Nate.

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Nate  | 144 comments thanks

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Nate  | 144 comments ...anyone that's read them all has my utmost respect, not only for the loss of their time but also for martyrdom they've voluntarily subjected themselves to. Hats off to the elite...scary thing is they know more about me than those in RL.

(I should prob add that to the end.)

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Nate  | 144 comments The Book. (Yes it has a title though I'm not disclosing it at the time)

First chapter and a few excerpts.

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Excellent, Nate. Where do you get your ideas from? The characters are totally believeable and the dialogue is crisp and not the least cliched.

I'm jealous.

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Nate  | 144 comments It's Still holding, I'm shocked.

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Nate  | 144 comments I live for the here and now, cus the past is already dead and gone and tomorrow isn't promised. ~~ Me

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Nate  | 144 comments I forgot this was here...

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Nate  | 144 comments With such an upscale establishment one would expect to be greeted by a hostess or maitre-d, but they must have all been busy seating other clientele because there was not a soul at the podium that sat just outside the dining area.

So, I took it upon myself and entered the dining area. It was bustling with the waiters and waitresses. The room was filled with the sounds of clinking glasses, silverware against china, and the chattering of many conversations. I scanned the crowd.

In spite of the dim lighting I recognized the curve of her face immediately and headed straight for her. I approached from behind, startling her just a bit as I gently ran my hand across her shoulders and gave her a kiss, then apologized for both startling her and being late. (Though I really wasn’t all that sorry about startling her, I thought it was cute when she jumped slightly at my touch then her eyes lit up realizing it was me.)

Read more here:
Indecent proposal

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