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Gorfo If you would like to be added to the list please post on the thread and I'll edit! And if you change your name please notify me or else you just won't be wished happy birthday!! :)

The Big List :D

5th - Kristin
6th - Rhonda
8th - Steph
11th- Farah
12th- Sharon Jeannette
12th- Ana Sofia
13th- Violet
14th- Ysabel
16th- Humera☮
19th- Niamh
20th- Vanete
21st- Eden
21st- Melanie
22nd- Jules
24th- Marian
24th- Emiliee
27th- Tanya
28th- Martina
29th- Amber

1st - Ebony
2nd - Catherine
5th - Khadija
6th - Amy
6th - Candy
9th - Mazmi
9th - Sandy
9th- Mina
12th- Rachel
13th- Sally
14th- Ashlee
15th- Samantha
17th- Sandra
18th- Nicole
18th- Abby
23rd- Kayla
23rd- Leah
27th- Elizabeth

1st - Kaity
2nd - Sophie
5th - Ashleigh
5th - Mikha
6th - Tricia
6th- Plaguedoctor
8th - Haley
8th - Violet
11th- Alexandria
11th- Angelica
11th- Black Queen
11th- Michael
12th- Valerie
12th- Martha
13th- Ukky
15th- Rebekah
15th- Braden
17th- Leslie
19th- Sam
21st- Mandy
21st- Andy
25th- Shada
25th- Haley
25th- Eric
28th- SANDRA
30th- Rebecca
31st- Kristina
31st- Angela

1st - Gina
1st - Julia
3rd - Gabriel
11th- Sayshisweetie
15th- Christopher
16th- Becky
17th- alicia
21st- Katryne
25th- Bazzie1967
30th- Jessica

1st - Abby
2nd - Alexxa
4th - Parvathy
5th - Dixie
6th - zycos (lori)
7th - Ashley
7th - MzSkye
8th - Gisela
13th- Watermelonosa A.K.A. Chelsey
15th- Susan
18th- Tara
18th- Dylan
19th- Jenn
20th- Vikki
23rd- Gaijinmama
23rd- Erin
25th- Heidi
25th- Hayley
26th- Jewelz
30th- Anastasia

1st - Rachel
1st- Kate
2nd - Tina
2nd - Sadeem
3rd - Miri
7th - Bethany
8th - Bonfire
9th - Darcia
10th- Minhchau
11th- Deepak
12th- Hayz
12th- Sarah
12th- Sandeelovesbooks
13th- Paul
13th- Carol
17th- Gg
17th- Wesley
19th- Nicky
19th- Catherine
21st- Aɴɢᴇʟ~Bᴜᴛʟᴇʀ
23rd- Shakira
23rd- Tita
25th- Don

2nd - Diane
3rd - Shirley
7th - Sille
8th - Kayci
llth- Dimitrilover/TeamDimka/Mrs.Belikov
13th- Sammy!
14th- Chloe
14th- Patsy
15th- Skena
21st- Andy
22nd- Bonnie
26th- Jill
29th- Asmara
30th- J. Elizabeth
31st- Danielle
31st- Stacey
31st- Brooke
31st- Harry Potter

2nd - Anna Mae
3rd - Becca
3rd - Nemma
4th- Gabriela
5th - Leigh
6th - Carly
6th - Dalia
6th - Liza
8th - Shagun
8th - Ruth Noemi
9th - Rose
11th- Cesya
13th- Bri
15th- Esperanza
16th- Lyzzibug ~Still Breathing~
17th- Dyrah
18th- ♫Sam♫
18th- Amanda
19th- Jessica
21st- Erica
21st- Cheryl
24th- Steven
24th- Kevin
24th- Cecilie2424
30th- Amanda
30th- Christie
31st- Sorcha94

2nd - Alicia
2nd - Vinna Charmaine
3rd - Ανδρομέδα
3rd - Inmolko
6th - Lori
6th- Dawn
7th - Neeti
7th - Pixie
10th- Ariana
12th- Mary
13th- Chelsea
14th- pRiscilLa
14th- Gina
16th- Caroline Clemmons
16th- Gabrielle
17th- Nicole
17th- Alex
18th- Derek
20th- Anne
22nd- Tori
22nd- Valeria
22nd- Peytavi
22nd- Traci
23rd- Cassie
25th- Nada
28th- Sheneise
28th- Jessica
30th- Aparajitabasu

3rd - Chad
5th - Li
8th - Sandra
10th- Amaranth
13th- Carolyn F.
15th- Nada
15th- Mellie
17th- Roxanne
18th- Gorfo (me!)
21st- Anna
21st- Alicia
24th- Ria
24th- Hannah
25th- Ash
26th- Jam
27th- Mickey
27th- Tera
28th- Ekül

3rd - Kex
4th - Ana
5th - Maria
8th - Heather
11th- Bruno
11th- Krizzia
11th- Deep
12th- Hannah
12th- Ana
13th- Laura
14th- Darla
19th- Ellie
20th- Megan <3 M.M.M*Crazy6
21st- Daisy
25th- nada
26th- Nicolas
28th- Evil Twin One (Ange)
28th- Tanisha
28th- Line
29th- Deborah
29th- Hanna
29th- Fera
30th- Sayeh

1st - Dinky
2nd - Sophie
2nd- Heather
4th - Eirini
4th- dark angel shadow
7th - Stacey
9th - Soul
12th- Heather
12th- Trish
12th- Caroline
14th- Gurdeesh
16th- Jackelyn
17th- Glennis
17th- Cindy
22nd- Megan
25th- Michele
26th- Phil
28th- Carole
29th- Riley
29th- Lovely Little Love
30th- A Hippie Farm Girl that Rocks

message 2: by Damtha (new)

Damtha almallah | 4 comments Gorfo wrote: "If you would like to be added to the list please post on the thread and I'll edit! And if you change your name please notify me or else you just won't be wished happy birthday!! :)

The Big List :..."

8th of may

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) February 12th. :)

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Karl Drobnic | 72 comments Does anybody know how to block one's website for a day in solidarity with Blackout Tuesday?

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