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Jenny was wearing and apron and cutting apples in the kitchen to make a delicious apple tart. The recipe was something that she had worked almost her entire life to prefect. Apart from teaching, cooking was her other great passion. She loved to cook especially for someone. It helped soothe her and make her feel useful at least. It was a great stress reliever.

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Issac was yawning. He had a good time last night on Xbox, but now he was tired. He rubbed his eyes groggily and opened the fridge. I contained almost twenty things of yogurt. He grabbed one at random and turned to look at a familiar girl.

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Jenny had seen someone from the corner of eyes but didn't pay much attention. When she was cooking she was in the zone. She had no time for anything else but the task at hand. She continued to cut the apples it to small little pieces.

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Issac yawned with a stretch. "Hey," he said, "I think I know you?" His yogurt was in noticed on the table by him.

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(He was her fiance only a month ago so him not recognizing her is a little unbelievable)

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((No he's sleepy and only had like two hours of sleep an isn't fully awake yet.)(

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