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The local library is a very small book shop. You can barely notice it amongst all the rest of the shops next to it. It has a style from the Victorian era.

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Noelle sat in a soft armchair book in hand. She was listening to some movie soundtrack, but without vocals. For once, she wasn't frowning, saying mean things. A soft smile was playing over her thin lips as she read the 'Snow Queen' from Hans Christian Anderson.

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Mayla was near Noelle checking out a book. How come this library had nothing on theoretical physics!

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Noelle didn't notice Mayla she kept reading, losing herself into the world of fantasy world of the Ice Queen. She sighed and stretched.

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Mayla sat down next to the girl. She frowned and reached in her bag for her phone.

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Noelle glanced over at the woman and shifted away. She kept reading, now she was slightly annoyed that she was being disturbed by someone. When Myla had sat down, she had gotten into Noelle's personal space, and her personal space was four feet.

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Mayla got her phone the the live streaming lecture from her dad at Harvard. She nearly forgot to put in headphones.

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Noelle snapped the book shut in annoyance. The volume was so damn loud! This was a friggin library. She, rudely, walked away muttering something unpleasant under her breath as she sat in an abandoned corner.

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Mayla snapped her head back. She pulled out her ear plugs and put them on. She walked over to the other girl. "Hey," she said. "I'm really sorry about that."

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"Don't." Noelle said, cutting her off mid sentence. She gave the girl a cold stare. "Please, don't be all in my personal space," she said bluntly.

((Sorry for the rudeness, she isn't a 'people person'))

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Mayla held up her hands and took a few steps back. "Hey, all I wanted to say was sorry. I needed to catch up on some research."

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"Don't need to yell, I'm not deaf." She frowned looking back down at her book not wanting anything else to do with this girl.

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Mayla swept away some of her hair. "Let's try this again. I'm Mayla who are you?"

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"None of your business," she said having a slight panic attack inwardly. She couldn't get close to anyone, ever. Not after what happened to Blake...

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Mayla raised her eyebrow, "Okay, Umm, I see you are reading the snow queen, I really enjoyed it."

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Noelle glanced up at Mayla and snorted, disbelieving. She returned her gaze back to the book. After a moment she spoke. "Don't look at me, it's creepy and uncomfortable." She said without batting an eye.

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Mayla nodded, "Wow, I know I'm not a Sociology major, but wow."

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Noelle shrugged. "I'm like that to everyone, don't take it personally." She replied coolly. She would do anything to get people away from her, anything

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Mayla smiled, "That's fine. I think I've seen you before though... Are you in the Reality TV show?"

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Noelle shut the book with a sharp 'snap' that echoed through the somewhat empty room. "Will you leave me alone, I came to this spot for a reason," she said coldly and stood up, walking past Mayla and outside.

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Mayla bit her lip. "Okay." She sat down in her original spot and started listening to the lecture.

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Noelle, now outside and walking back to her job, breathed a sigh of relief and leaned her head back letting the small droplets of rain hit her face. Smiling softly to herself she continued listening to her music as she walked to the sanctuary.

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"And that is why rockets are able to propel themselves back to earth." Mayla's dad ended. Mayla smiled to herself. She missed her dad.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie sits down at the library table and pulls out her books and her laptop, from her bookbag

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Mayla walked in. "What book are you reading?" She asked quietly.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) oh its a book on horses I love animals but I never had a horse and I never ridden one because im scared to Sophie says nerdly

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Mayla nodded, "That sounds fun." She picked up a book about the Big Bang.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Yeah it is sophie says, um she smiles and looks away, im such a nerd she says

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Mayla shook her head, "Hey, my dad made sure I got top marks in everything. I studied constantly, and got my PHD at age 16."

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) wow, sophie said as she slid her nerd glasses off and said i wish my dad would do that but I don't now who he is.

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Mayla frowned, "That's okay, I don't know my mom. And you don't want that to happen. I get hit on by half my students. It's awful." She admitted in a hushed tone.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie looks at her at least your pretty she says as she fixes her hair and smiles

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Mayla laughed, "Are you kidding me? I had a meeting with the staff today. And besides you are pretty to."

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie smiles "so have you met any one special or do you have a special someone at home"

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Mayla hung her head, "I've been to busy with school to even think about it."

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie laughs, I haven't even meet any yet

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Mayla smiled, "Now, do you need any help with your school work?"

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie says " yes please I don't get it at all" as she pulls out her class books

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Mayla nodded, "Okay so what do you understand?"

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie looks at her and says" in astrophysics I understand that people started it I think and that its about the universe but I don't get the planetary system

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Mayla nodded, "Okay," ((can we time skip?))

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie smiles(yea I was gonna ask you same thing0

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie looks at her phone and sees her mom called and answers" hello mom yes I've been staying with the bodyguards you gave me, yes okay, yeah I luv you to bye. ughh she so protective

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"What do you mean about bodyguards?" She asked.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie says oh my moms rich so before I left she gave a 4 bodyguards to watch me when I go places alone

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Mayla nodded, "Cool, but that seems a little unnecassary."

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie says" cool, the women is crazy they are like around me to much so I sneak away when I can, like when I went shopping I snuck away to the café but they found me ughhh"

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Mayla nodded, "I really can't help you there." She said.

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It’s.Annie (itsannieeee) Sophie says oh I got that I don't need help with that, she smiles

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