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The Peach Blossom Fan

The Peach Blossom Fan Cover

Publication Date: July 21, 2015
Pages: 370
Introduction by Jonathan Spence.
Translated by Chen-Shih-hsiang, Harold Acton, and Cyril Birch.
Originally published in 1699.

Written in 1699 and based on the recollections of survivors, The Peach Blossom Fan is a grand historical play about the last days of the Ming dynasty as it fell to the invading Manchus. With compelling vividness, K’ung re-creates confrontations between loyalists and those who sell out to the newest master; nostalgic scenes of dalliance in riverside pavilions; desperate stands on battlements; and rituals of commemoration for the lost empire. Here are gallant generals and sycophantic ministers, court musicians and singing girls, and the love of a talented scholar and a beautiful courtesan.

Immensely popular in its own time, The Peach Blossom Fan continues to be performed and has been adapted into films, operas, and modern theater pieces. Until now, this lively translation has been out of print for almost four decades.

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Publication pushed from April 14 to June 16.

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Pushed to July 21.

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This is out!

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