Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

Divergent: movie or book?
Sabina Sabina Jul 27, 2014 12:39PM
Which one is better? The divergent movie or the book. Why?

Movie. Books are usually better but this one was not right for me at all. See the movie and be done with it I say.

Book, All the Way.

the book - hands down. while the movie was a relativity good adaptation - i think that there were a lot of liberties that they took and things that they weren't able to convey properly on the big screen to keep things moving.

Book for sure

I liked the movie way more in this case. The book was longer than it needed to be. The movie weeded out unnecessary details.

Book all the way

Book for sure because theres something about the writing that I loved and the movies script wasn't up there for me. But I love the film as well so its a win win!

The book is that one I prefer the most, but the movie adaption was really good as well.

Book definitely!!!:3

BOOK definitely.

I didn't feel the movie like I felt the book when I was reading(and inhaling) it. What i liked the most was the faction system and how was it narrated on Tris's point of view. There are scenes in the book that were not shown in the movie which really sucks for me. The fear landscape simulation was very detailed in the book but I wasn't really sure what I was looking at when I saw the simulation scene in the movie. And the scene when Four allowed Tris to view his fear landscape it wasn't supposed to be a training for Tris. But I think they told that in the movie just for the sake of a "GOOD MOVIE".

But all in all it's the book that's still the best for me.

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