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This is the county Animal Sanctuary. It is very big, already they have about fifty dogs and cats just waiting to be adopted. Most animals they have have been neglected, abused or abandoned.

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Mayla opened to door hoping to find a dog or cat. She sighed when she saw the worker.

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Noelle has just found a stray cat on her way to work. It was a ginger coloured and had one emerald green eye, the other eye was missing. Noelle was holding the tomcat in her arms saying sweet things to it. The cat pureed happily as she scratched him behind the ears.

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Mayla walked over to one of the animal pens. She smiled sadly at the poor animals, she wanted all of them! "Hi there!" She said to the puppies. They were so cute!

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Noelle noticed the girl and frowned darkly. She pushed it aside and put the tomcat into his cage, which was clean, had food and water and a comfy bed, as did all the cages. "May I help you?" Noelle asked, arms crossed over her chest.

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Mayla smiled hoping she still wasn't angry. "Hi."

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She said waving. This girl seemed to have an aura of anger.

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Noelle raised an eyebrow, a blank expression on her face, that is, until she saw the puppies and her face broke out into a warm smile and she opened the cage and picked one out. "This one has level energy, if your looking for calm yet active puppy!" She said happily as the puppy licked her face.

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Mayla smiled and let it lick her hand. "He's cute, but I want one that is a little calmer."

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"Then you'll have to look at litter two!" Noelle said whilst putting the struggling puppy back with it's brothers and sisters.

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Mayla nodded, "Thanks, which one is your favorite?"

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"Any!" She said poitning to a female lab pup. The pup was sleeping making small snores as it did so. Noelle smiled softly. "She's very grumpy if you wake her up," she warned.

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Mayla giggled a little. "Okay, what's that?" She pointed to a ball of fluff. It twitched and rose up. It was a dog!

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"That's Daddy, he's a rescue dog and is the father of most of the litters." Noelle said, all anger, frustration gone from her voice, replaced with happiness and calm.

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Mayla smiled, "He is adorable." Being around dogs was calming for her. It made her smile. "May I pick him up?" She asked.

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Noelle made a squinty face. "He doesn't like it, he has to trust you completely, and since your new.... No offence." She said softly shrugging.

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"Oh it's fine." She said, he did look very territorial. "What about that one?" She pointed to another dog.

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"Pappy? He's fine, he's deaf though, but he's the biggest sweetheart ever!" Noelle said happily.

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Mayla smiled, "I want all of them! Let's see cats now?" She asked intently. Cats may be more her speed.

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"Well you can't," Noelle laughed and led Mayla to the cats. Soft purring filled the room where the cats where. There were all types of cats there.

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Mayla looked down at a small Russian Blue. It was licking its paw. "Hi!" Mayla said to the cat. It hissed at her. "Probably not my cat."

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"Probably not," Noelle said picking up a white cat with brown smidges. The cat purred happily in her arms. "Maybe Coco?" She asked.

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Mayla's eyes lit up. "He or she is so cute!" She said enthusiastically. The cat was perfect!

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"It's a she, we named her Coco because of the brown smidges!" Noelle chuckled and stroked Coco's head. "Want to hold her?"

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Mayla nodded and reached out for the cat. She gently held him as he purred. "He is so sweet!" She said.

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Noelle chuckled. "She likes you, very much," she said, then a sad expression clouded her cheerful face. "Are.. you going to buy her?"

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Mayla looked up. She thought, was she ready for a pet? "I-I don't know." She said.

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"Oh, it's fine if you want to.." Noelle said, trying to hide her sadness. She stretched out a hand and scratched Coco's head.

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Mayla saw the girls sadness, "It's okay, she could vist." She suggested.

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"Wait, what house are you in?" She asked having an idea. Noelle had a bad habit of getting attached to animals way to easily.

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"You mean from the reality show? I'm in 1." She said. Was that where she saw this girl before?

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"Cool! I'll come and visit then!" Noelle said happily. Coco purred happily, meowing contently. She smiled up at Maya. "You don't mind do you?"

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"Not at all. What's you name, I didn't catch it." She asked her with a smile.

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"Oh, I'm Noelle," Noelle said holding out her hand. "Um, I- I didn't mean to be a jerk back at the library," Noelle muttered. This was the closest thing that would come to an apology.

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Mayla nodded, "It's fine." She said trying to be comforting.

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"Yeah, whatever," she said rubbing the back of her neck.
She stretched and looked at the clock. "Okay, follow me so we can fill out the documents."

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Mayla nodded, "Okay." She followed Noelle to the front desk.

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"Okay, let me just get the papers," Noelle said after a while. After half an hour, CoCo had a new owner and was sent away. Noelle sighed and went back to the house, with a somewhat heavy heart;

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Akiko Barreras | 27 comments Tyelar was behind the counter doing some paperwork during her shift. It was the middle of the day so she still a ways to go until she went home. The big facility had some of the dogs out in the store for easy viewing, the other half were in the back so as not to make the nose twice as bad along with the cats in a different room. Ty really wanted to take out a dog out of their cage to play with, but she knew she needed to get these reports about the last week done.

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Morgan Avery had absolutely no intentions of getting a dog. The last one he had he'd owned with his ex-fiancé and that mop of fur never listened to a word he said. Little dogs really weren't his thing though. When coming across the animal shelter, though, he found himself faltering. Without so much as a second thought he entered. Avery was still convinced he wouldn't buy anything, but taking a look wasn't going to hurt anybody. His eyes impatiently scanned the crowd of dogs, ranging from young to old. Most of them were small little lap dogs, and even the one who appeared to be more of his type of dog looked like a bag of fleas. He shook his head. This couldn't be it. Looking over his shoulder he spotted someone behind one of the counters nearby. "Do you have any other dogs?" He asked, his British accent obvious in his words. He'd only lived there in his younger years and yet the accent remained no matter the years he'd lived here in America.

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Akiko Barreras | 27 comments Ty looked up at the sound of a customer and his British accent. Thankful for the distraction, she smiled politely at him and set her pencil down. "Of course, sir." Ty stepped out from behind the counter and motioned for him to follow her. Now she wasn't going to lie to herself, the accent was so awesomely cool. She was one of those girls that loved guys with accents; she couldn't help it. But she was an employee, so she had to do her job. "Are you looking for any dogs in particular? Or are you just looking today?" Ty asked over her shoulder as they entered the room with the rest of the dogs.

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