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Amiya (acgisme) Go

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie looked around. "Huh" she said out loud. "I almost forgot what earth looked like." She murmured.

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Amiya (acgisme) She was looking around when she heard a small noise in the background. Instantly, a ball of fire blazed in her palm. "Who's there?" She demanded, sounding angry.

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"I mean no harm" Everlie said softly walking to girl with the light in her hand. Everlie wasn't ever the one to try and get in trouble or even start a fight, "I did not mean to startle you I am simply walking"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Oh." Queenie seemed ashamed of her outburst. "Hi, I'm Queenie."

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"My name is Everlie but you can call me Eve if you like" She said politely showing the Queenie a small smile, "I do apologize for scaring you"

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Amiya (acgisme) " oh, it's fine. I thought you were someone from the light academy." She said sheepishly, but she had a gleam of defiance in her eyes.

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Everlie's eyes widened a little bit before they went back to their usual form. She was apart of the Light Academy but this must have been from there rival, "I am from the Light Academy"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ahh… well…" Queenie seemed hesitant. So she changed the topic. "I like your eyes… are they contacts?"

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"No I was blind a year or two ago I was taken to have special surgery" She said with a smile, "Now they are as if I had the galaxy in my eyes."

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Amiya (acgisme) "Well, they are beautiful." Queenie breathed in deeply, then quickly said "I'm from the light academy too." She looked like she was afraid of Eve.

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"Thank you very much, Queenie" She said with a nod, "Why do you seem afraid, Queenie? I promise I will not harm you in any way"

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie was worried. What if this girl got suspicious? She hoped that Eve wouldn't tell the headmistress.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Well, I'm not exactly sure which side I'm on." She said, looking straight at Eve, as if she had decided that she wouldn't stand being embarrassed or shy.

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"If you are wondering if I will tell you are here then I wont" She said with a smile, "I have no intention on doing that"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Than—" Queenie stopped. She looked around. A ball of fire appeared in her palm and she shot one at a bush behind Eve. The air smelled if smoke. "Come on out! I know your here!" She yelled.

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Amiya (acgisme) ((Guys?))

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Eve put her hand on her shoulder lightly trying to calm Queenie down, "First ask then attack we don't want to start anything"

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie whispered to Eve in a voice she knew Luna couldn't hear "I wasn't going to hurt her. I don't enjoy fighting. I just knew she wouldn't come out otherwise." She asked luna "why were you eavesdropping?"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Its fine. My name is Queenie, and this is Eve." Queenie said.her hair was glowing

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Everlie sighed lightly before looking at the two girls with a smile, "My name is Everlie like she said but call me Eve its nice to meet you"

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Amiya (acgisme) "And what's your name?" Queenie said, a bit impatiently

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"I love your name and it suits you too" She said with a smile.

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Amiya (acgisme) "You too." Queenie said, all tension forgotten. "So, you have darkness powers? " she asked this in a curious tone.

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Amiya (acgisme) "No."

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"No its not a problem" Eve said with smile showing her dimples, "No problem"

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Amiya (acgisme) "So, are you in the dark academy?"

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Amiya (acgisme) "What side are you on?" Queenie knew she needed to stop asking so many questions, but she needed to know.

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie felt as if she finally had a group of friends who understood her stand. "Same" she said, her face breaking into a smile, like the rainbow after a storm.

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Everlie looked at them both again showing a huge smile, "How old are you guys anyway because I have a feeling I am the youngest"

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"I am 15 years young" She said with a cheeky smile, "I know I am young"

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Amiya (acgisme) "16. But age doesn't matter." Queenie smiled mischievously. "Are you guys supposed to be here?" She asked

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie looked around nervous. Why were her new friends ignoring her?

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"I don't know really I just like to wander at night and I never got caught" She said with a small shrug.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Headmistress would have a fit if I got caught." Queenie said, allowing herself a small giggle. "I've been at the light academy for a couple years. I'm the Kai, and so headmistress always wants me to be in my training chamber. Blahblah blah, I say."

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Amiya (acgisme) "Uh oh." Queenie glanced at her watch. "Headmistress is gonna kill me! I was supposed to be in my training chamber 20 minutes ago! You guys want to go train with me?"

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Amiya (acgisme) Jaxson glanced around. He was sure his sister had been there. Why couldn't he find her?

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Zane sneaked away from the Dark Academy to get a break.

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Amiya (acgisme) He heard something. He turned around, illuminating all the dark spots in the clearing. "Who's there?" He said, in a quick breathless tone.

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Everlie heard something that gained her attention and saw a guy from her academy speaking. She started walking over there to see someone come from a black thing.

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Zane saw a light lantern use their powers. "Who are you?" He asked.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Hi!" Jaxson said. There was another girl. Everlie, he thought. "Hey, have you seen another girl around here today?" He asked, curious. He had seen a bunch of footprints.

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"No" Zane he said restless.

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"Well yes I think her name was Queenie she said she had training" She said with a shrug but she look at someone elses face, "Who are you? You are not from here"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Oh, hey." Jackson saw the boy. "I'm Jaxson."

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"No I am not but you are correct?' Zane asked with sadistic smile know they both where from the light Academy.

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Everlie looked at him with a glare, "You aren't from this academy you must be from our rivals"

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Amiya (acgisme) "Everlie." Jaxson said gently but firmly. He was ever the peacemaker. "Let me ask something. Which side are you on?"

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"Really,How did you know" Zane asked slightly laughing.

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