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Amiya (acgisme) Go

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie walked to the portal of the dark realm.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke goes in behind Queenie. She knew it wouldn't effect her here, but she kept her hold on Lewis's hand.

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Amiya (acgisme) The fact that Brooke still held on to his hand wasn't lost on Lewis. He loved that she cared about him so much.

Queenie was looking on tenderly, wishing she knew someone like that, like she had someone who loved her. She was lonely, always. Even when she was surrounded by other people she never felt like anyone understood her. She turned around, so no one could see the hurt in her eyes. She forged froward into the portal.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She followed in after her. This realm was so much different the the Light one. It was darker, but it felt right to her. It felt like home.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis laughed at the difference in the realms. He felt cool, like when the AC is set just right, not too hot, not too cold. He almost didn't realize Queenie shivering violently.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke placed her hand on Queenie's shoulder. She knew it would help her since she was from this Realm. "It'll be ok." She whispered to her.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Queenie, shoot yourself with light!" Lewis demanded urgently.

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Amiya (acgisme) She did, and it warmed her up.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke sighed, and took her hand off her shoulder.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Adding this))

Brooke looked around, "So where are we headed?" She asked.

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Amiya (acgisme) "To the center." Queenie announced grimly.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis looked around nervously. "Geez, this is dark."

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She chuckled, "So are we." She said, and followed Queenie.

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Amiya (acgisme) Lewis laughed nervously, and grabbed hold of Brooke's hand.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She squeezed his hand gently.

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie smiled at the love between the two. She kept going, stopping only to ask Brooke where she should go.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments "The left." She said. She wasn't really sure, but she felt like it was right.

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Amiya (acgisme) "Ok."

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She followed close behind Queenie still gripping Lewis's hand.

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Amiya (acgisme) They walked until they saw a dark throne.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments Brooke immediately knelt down, and bowed her head.

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Amiya (acgisme) Queenie followed suit, and Lewis.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments She looked up to the throne, and then bowed her head again.

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Amiya (acgisme) ((Hey, read some of the last posts…
The weird thing was that the man on the throne was old, and weak.

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Amiya (acgisme) ((I have to go.… movie night))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 158 comments ((Ok, and ooh that's interesting (:))

Brooke felt like her powers were weakening. She didn't know why.

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Zane heard something being said in his mind ' Yes Queenie 'He responded back in his mind.

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'The border of the Drak Realm and Light Realm I should be back by night fall' He told Queenie in his head

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