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kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
Here is what I want the characters to be based off of.







Powers(Can control Light or Fire):

Evil or Good:

Do you plan to make them go Ultimate Lantern???(Yes/no)


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Anyone can be the Light Kai but only if you will be active.

message 3: by Amiya (last edited Jul 28, 2014 12:21PM) (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Light Lantern Kai
Name: Queenie Verity Johansson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: she loves to laugh, and is very happy and outgoing. She isn't very prone to fighting. She does argue easily, and has a quick temper, but she doesn't hold grudges. She will fight verbally, but not physically. She tries to make peace.
History: she was raised by her parents, and she had no idea about hosting the light spirit. This lack of information has caused her uncertainty over which side to go to,
Power: she controls fire.
Evil or Good: she doesn't know yet
Do you plan to make them go ultimate lantern: yes. She doesn't know yet.

Other: history that she doesn't know- her mom split up with her dad, and married again. Her middle name, Verity, is what her last name originally was. Queenie doesn't know that her mother hosted a dark spirit, and that is why she never got along with her mom. She has a brother, but she doesn't know him yet. His name is Jaxson.

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cool character.

message 5: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Thanks

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

❝[Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see]❞

[image error]
Full Name: Everlie Genesis Petrova

First name: Everlie
Middle name(s): Genesis
Surname: Pretova

Age: 16
Date of birth: February 28,1998
Race: Mixed
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single

{Physical Appearance}

Height: 4’9
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye colour:
Blue with Puprle Specks

Skin colour:
Light and Fair Skin

Hair colour: Ombre Hair
⤿Hair style:

{Distinguishing features}

➛ Wrist Tattoo

➛Bow Earrings

Typical clothing:

Everlie has had the talent of singing ever since she was a little girl. She could sing anything her to heart’s content. She was born blind and slightly deaf in one ear but that didn’t stop. She is able to listen to smallest sound to the loudest noise.


✓ Songwriting
✓ Giving Advice
✓ Beaches
✓ Family
✓ Any Type of Music

✗ Flirting
✗ Rude Guys
✗ Fighting
✗ Water
✗ Pranks (if it doesn’t involve her)


Birth country: Bulgaria
Hometown: Srebarna
When Everlie was born she was blind but it was temporary until the age of 14. She also is deaf in her right ear slightly but took special classes to help gain it back. She was born in the small village called Srebarna before moving to America when she was 7. Everlie was always labeled the special child in her school. She would always hear the name calling……. “The Blind Girl” or “Helen Keller”> She has heard it all even when she transferred they always called her names. She took a special surgery for eyes and it changed her eye color but it made her strangely popular in middle school. At the age of 14 she was reunited with her sight but her eyes are sensitive to bright lights. When she felt sad or angry because of the names she would use music as an outlet.
Everlie wasn’t the type of girl to let popularity get to her head. When she regained her sight everyone thought she was the coolest. She decided to keep to herself and never let anyone in her life. Her brother,Nathaniel, was always the popular kid but he always helped her when she needed it. She likes to be independent but since she is ‘special’ her parents would barely let her do anything. A year later after her surgery her parents decided to give her more freedom.
She didn’t want friends like her brother but that didn’t bother her at all. She though having her family was all she needed. She convinced her parents to let her have her own music studio. She taught herself how to play any instrument as well as her singing ability. When she took the tme out of her day her musical abilty increased.
Crush: Open


Meridith Petrova

Felix Petrova

Nathaniel Petrova
[image error]

Powers: Light

Evil or Good: Good

Do you plan to make them go Ultimate Lantern: Yes


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kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
You guys exceeded my expectation with theses characters.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah what she said?

message 9: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
Oh it amazing like you actually put time into making and creating these characters.

message 10: by Amiya (last edited Jul 28, 2014 12:28PM) (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Name: Jaxson Verity
Age: 17
Gender: Male

[image error]

Personality: he's very kind, and he's fiery. He always brightens a room, and he doesn't get very frustrated easily. He's easygoing. It's takes a lot to make him angry, but he doesn't forget easily. He can forgive, though. He is very good at making peace, and is good at calming his sister down. He is very people friendly. He gets worried for people he likes, because of his history.

History: when he was 4 years old, he discovered that his mom hosted the dark spirit, and that his dad hosted the light spirit. The clash between the spirits caused the family to break apart. So Jaxson ended up living with his dad, and his 3 year old sister left to live with his mom. He never saw his mom again. His dad explained all about Jaxson's history, and about the lanterns. When Jaxson was 15, his dad was in an accident and died. The light spirit transfered to him. Jaxson ran away to the light academy. He later discovered that his sister was there.

Powers: light

Good or bad: good. He discovered that his father hadn't been killed in a car crash, but by a dark lantern. This helped him make his choice.

Ultimate Lantern: yes

Other: his sister is Queenie

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message 12: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Yeah, but where is her history? And what are her powers?

message 13: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
Yeah we do need her powers she did say the history slightly.

message 14: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Where?

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Through out the whole thing but your right she isn't finished.

message 16: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Oh, ok. I thought you meant a section.

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Thank you now you can roleplay.

message 18: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Cool!

message 19: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Is she evil or good?

message 20: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Oh, sorry, I didn't see that…

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Name: Polan Green




Personality: He is extremely loyal and a good character. He is funny but acts weird when it comes to awkward situations.He isn't a leader.

History: His father was the last light kai he was killed trying to save him when he was 11 and his mother when she was pregnant. He vowed to avenge his fathers death by killing the next Dark kai.

Powers(Can control Light or Fire): Light

Evil or Good:b Good

Do you plan to make them go Ultimate Lantern???Yes(Yes/no)

Other: Has a brother that is 5

message 22: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Cool character

message 23: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Sterling

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 15
Birthday: October 29

Side: Good


Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
- The mark of the choosen one (See History to understand)

Height: 1,83m
Weight: 57k

Personality: He's a very calm guy, he don't have a lot of friends, he prefer to have trustful real friends than a million of them. He don't show emotions, normally he always shows happines. He knows hot to socialize, but only if he want or have to. He loves to fly and is not very good with animals. When he was 10th he got his first experience going Ultimate Lantern when in his school a guy was trying to bully him and he just explode attacking him.

- Extreme speed
- Being crash by an airplane
- Death
- Wars
- Insects

- Music
- Fly
- Rain (Which is weird since he control fire)
- Poetry and to read
- His pet and only animal he actually likes.

- Being alone
- Bullies
- Most animals.
- Bullies
- Extreme speed

- His powers
- Long- distance combat, expert with bow and long sword.
- He is fast
- He is very intelligent
- He sings
- He play piano

Powers: He is a master controling fire

- He can resist any hot temperatures
- Fire Generation:
(view spoiler)
- He can control fire:
> Combustion Inducement:
(view spoiler)
> Fire absorption
> Pyrokinetic Constructs:
(view spoiler)
> Pyrokinetic fly and surfing:
(view spoiler)
- Fire Aura:
(view spoiler)
- He can transform himself into fire:
(view spoiler)
- Pyrokinetic combat:
(view spoiler)
- Pyroportation:
(view spoiler)
- Control other types of fire: User can control and control other types of fire that are more powerful but take more energy from the user:
(view spoiler)

History: He was the youngest of a rich family, he always got nice things, but he never got ambitious. When he was 8 his family died and the army took him to the training center... In there they saw he have special abilities with some weapons and powers... When he was 10th the army got notice that he has the "Chosen one" mark and send him into a weird part of the deseart when he would learn to control the Rainbow fire powers... After 5 months of training alone in the desert he finally got used of his powers and he found a cute little creature which follow him to everywhere, he was a Thorny Devil and Daniel named him Tommy, 1 year later he was bless to protect Daniel with an alternate form. 2 years later he adopt a Parrot, which in fact was a rare Rainbow Dragon who is very loyal to Daniel and best friend of Tommy, Ariana (The rainbow dragon) help Daniel with the Rainbow fire.
- Dead

- Favorite color: Blue and Red
- Favorite food: Pasta

Important Belongings:
- Arrow Necklace: It can make appear a bow and arrows with Daniel's touch:
(view spoiler)
- Sword Necklace: It can make appear a long sword with Daniel's touch:
(view spoiler)

- Tommy: Can support any temperature as Daniel. Is overprotective and is usually at Daniel's shoulder standing still. Have his normal and his alternate form.
> Normal form:

> Alternate form: He got bigger and stronger.

- Ariana: Can fly and support any temperature as Daniel. Ariana have three forms and maybe more, the Hide ones and the Draconic ones.
> Hide one:

> Draconic one: In this form she can make appear Rainbows and help Daniel with the Rainbow Fire (Make it easier to control, easier to create, more stronger)

> Semi Pure Draconic Rainbow form: She is more powerful, people think that she have a more pure form that she haven't discover it:

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Wow great job.

message 26: by Daniel (last edited Jul 28, 2014 08:30PM) (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Okay, is finish...
I replace some images that weren't working
I wanted to him being different and powerful, I hope you like it! RAINBOW FIRE!!

That's an approve?

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Doesn't need to be approved.

message 28: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Only humans need to be approved.

message 29: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Ohhh. Okay, sorry... Thanks :)

message 30: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) No prob

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Uhm...

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[image error]

Name: Harmony Kyam Quick

Age: 13

Gender: Female


[image error]
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Personality: Essence is a caring and considerate girl and will help anyone in need. She loves to help people and is very timid around new people. She is a scared and naive little girl, but she has a strong spirit and is very resilient. She has shown noble qualities such as bravery, honesty, modesty, and etc. She loves to make friends, but isn't the kind of person who can just walk up and say hi. When meeting new people she often stutters and looks away when she is talking to them. She can usually be seen with a smile on her face and is usually happy. She can never be mean to anyone and can't yell at anyone because she is too nice. She is very smart and is more of a strategist than she is a fighter. She has a strong heart and will fight you if she needs to. She loves to protect those who both care for her and she cares for them. She will protect anyone even if it means putting her life on the line. That's just the way she is.

[image error]

History: Harmony was born to Essence Quick and Austin Quick. Her parents died when she was real young and she was sent to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother told her that her parents were traveling the world and that they were going to be back real soon. She accepted this as she spent all her life with her grandmother. She had a good life and was told about her late grandfather who had died 3 years before she was born. When she turned 10 she was told about the dark lanterns and the light lanterns. Harmony accepted this also and loved her heritage. When she turned 13 her grandmother told her about the war between the dark lanterns and light lanterns, then she told her how her grandfather was a dark lantern and her grandmother was a light and she told them how they couldn't be together and how she had raised Harmony's father alone. Harmony's bond had grew with her grandmother over the years and she loved her no matter what. She was always there for her and would never give up on her. It was just her and her grandmother against the world.

[image error]

Powers(Can control light or fire): Light

Evil or Good: Good at 1st

Do you plan to make them go Ultimate Lantern? Yes/No: Yes

Other: None

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Name: Amelia Aurora Fatehunter



Appearance: grey eyes like the Arctic Ocean with mauve streaks. Chocolate brown hair that ends below her shoulders blades. 5'7. Athletic body. Tan skin. Elegant facial features. Wears whatever she deems comfortable that allows for movement

Personality: enjoys reading, having fun, chocolate, understanding and friends. Loves strongly, loyal, understanding, wise beyond her years individual. Very intelligent. Quiet at first but shows her true nature after she is comfortable around you.

History: born in BC Canada, was raised by parents who knew of this world and it's secrets, has a half sister named Makenna, top of her class, well rounded. Has several mortal friends

Likes: swimming, water, yoga, hockey, teamwork, learning, reading

Dislikes: rude people, not understanding, failing, disorganization

Relationship status:open

Powers : light


Ultimate lantern:yes but she doesn't know about it

Other: I plan to reveal more through rping, bc it's more fun to discover and I don't know every thing about her yet.

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Nice character.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)


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You want to role play.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Sure, where?

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message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

K you post first

message 40: by Ella (new)

Ella Name: Lakota Oakley

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: short extremely curly brown hair, fair skin, hazel eyes, 5'8"

Personality: clumsy, funny, nice smart, slightly sarcastic, selfless

History: was born to a normal family, but they made a huge mistake and sold Lakota to the light to save their lives. (I don't know of that is good, but couldn't really think of anything.)

Powers: fire

Evil or good: GOOD!

Ultimate lantern: idk what that is soooo.... No.

Other: is terrified of fire, so by extent she never uses her power.

message 41: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) That is really good!

message 42: by Ella (new)

Ella Thanks! XD

message 43: by Ella (new)

Ella So do I just role play now?

message 44: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Yup! I can roleplay with you.

message 45: by Ella (new)

Ella Sweet! Where do you want the role play and who starts it?

message 46: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) I can start it at the thread light academy.

message 47: by Ella (new)

Ella Ok, sounds good!

message 48: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Name: Mia

Age: 15

Personality: spunky, outgoing, doesn't get offended, easygoing.

History: lived with her mom, dad, and brother. Her dad was a firefighter, and when her 15th birthday came, he took her to his work. She saw a tragedy, when a girl named Emily was brought in, along with another man, whose name she didn't learn. He died, and Mia didn't know this, but he had a light spirit, and so she inherited it. Emily lived, but barely. She and Mia became friends, and Emily told Mia about one of her friends, who had powers, and went to a special academy. Mia discovered she had powers, and so her parents told her she could go to the academy if she wanted. So, Mia left about a month after her birthday.



Other: she is clueless about how to use her powers

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