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Kaycee Petersen Book Review #9

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Kaycee Another amazing book by Jandy Nelson. I really love her writing and I wish she had more books. The novel, The Sky Is Everywhere is a really cute story about a girl Lennie going through her boy crazy stage. It's begins as a very sad story, where Lennie's best friend older sister passes away quite randomly, and it seems as if Lennie's world is ending. She has to deal with the absence of her sister, and now all these overwhelming feelings towards boys. First she starts falling for her sister's boyfriend, which she knows is completely wrong but cannot help herself because he seems to be the only one who truly understands how she's feeling. He knows how to comfort her and makes her remember the life she had with her sister. And then there is the boy from school who gets her to play music again and remember why life is worth living. The whole book dives deeper into these two relationships she's forming, and trying to hide from each other and her grandma! She then has to choose between the two and the ending left me a little surprised. I recommend this book to teenagers only because it doesn't hold back with explaining the sexual tension she is experiencing. I enjoyed this book and Jandy Nelson so much!

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