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message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah WHoo! :)
Soo anything you would like to RP?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments I have some ideas, but I'd like to know what you like before I start putting them down ^^

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Um well I mainly prefer realistic things but I can do some supernatural/paranormal stuff. I only do M/F. And I like romance :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay ^^ How do you feel about teenage pregnancy? Kidnapping? Amnesia? Zombies? Incest? (:

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Hmm I've never done kidnapping before. What cold we do with that?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments I have an idea for that, if you'd like to hear it (: It also does involve teenage pregnancy, but we can take that part out if you want.

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yeah sure, that's fine :) tell me the idea!

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Girl A wakes up in a cage in a basement, having no idea of how she got there. There is a man, who had apparently kidnapped her, making her his slave for many things. This man has a son, Guy A, who knows of the girl, but says nothing to no one, though he feels bad for her. After an exceptionally large, brutal beating by his father to Girl A, Guy A takes her away in the middle of the night and helps her escape, going with her. She is scared of him, but he demands to stay with her long enough so that he can get her safe and a home. Will the girl accept him and let him stay, or will she forever be reminded of the man every time she looks at the guy? And what about when she has suspicions that she is pregnant?

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ooh I love it! Yes, let's do this :) I've never done it before!

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Awesome, I'm glad you like it ^^

Okay, which character would you like to be? (:

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Could I be the girl?

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Okay thanks :) So, character time?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Yup. I don't have a character made for the guy yet, only for the girl, so I have to make him from scratch.

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Alright :)

message 17: by Sarah (last edited Jul 27, 2014 12:12PM) (new)

Sarah Name: Cynthia Labrette
Age: 18

Personality: Cynthia is shy and sensitive, also quite a dreamer. She hates to see suffering or others in pain so always tries to help people, and lots of small things can get her very distressed and emotional. Despite this she is strangely brave and adventurous with trying new things even though it takes her a long time to open up to actual people. Rather than with words she prefers to portray her emotions through actual actions and gestures, and she is an extremely talented dancer.

History: Cynthia was brought up by her rather careless mother who liked to move around a lot so they never stayed in one city or town for a long time. Cynthia gets her dreamy side from her mother. As for her father, she had never met him, and she had no siblings. Because of her mother's carefree attitude Cynthia was often left to her own devices, to go on solitary adventures, and roam the places where they stayed whenever she liked. Wherever she went people thought she was odd because of her shy and dreamy personality and her peculiar, un-modern clothes so she never made many friends, however Cynthia always loved spending time with nature and animals and always loved to escape to a nearby forest or beach where she would lose herself with nature, practising dancing and also singing - she has a beautiful voice.

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah ?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Sorry, but I might have to make my character tomorrow, or later on tonight.

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Okidokie :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Name: Julian Michelle Brenan

Nick name: Michelle

Age: 18

Dae of Birth: December 14

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

 photo 45tte_zpsd8704663.jpg
//Hair Color// Black
//Eye Color// Blue-silver
(view spoiler)
//Height// 6'1
//Weight// 140 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale
//Skin Texture// Smooth

 photo 34tr4t_zpse1e1955a.jpg
 photo 234tsdg_zps4517808e.gif

Julian grew up without a mother, she died after she had given birth to him. His father, who never wanted a child to begin with, was stuck with him. Even though he didn't want him, he took care of him anyways, not the best at it, but he was pretty decent at it, he gave him everything he needed and spent time with him. Julian was really into swimming when he was young, so his father even let him do swimming classes after he got home from school. In school, Julian didn't talk to anybody really, he was very quiet and kept to himself. It was always like this, though the difference was in Middle School, kids made fun of him. High School that died down a bit, but he was just as quiet as he ever was.

Around 8th grade was when Julian's father began acting strange. He would stay in his room or in the basement for long hours, and would come home at the strangest times. Julian began to hear strange noises coming from the basement at night, and though he didn't want to believe it, he knew what his father was doing. His father was taking people, kidnapping them, and killing them afterwards. Afraid for himself, Julian never said a word about it, and his father was is well aware that Julian knows.

Julian is very closed off and quiet, he does not want anyone to get to know him, and he does not want to get to know anyone else. While he is like this, he is not heartless. He is actually very kind and helpful, he just does not allow a lot of people to see that side of him. Not because it makes him seem weak, he just doesn't want people to start thinking he is approachable, because he wants everyone to stay away from him. He is a bit sensitive to peoples words.

Julian does have 3 kittens that he found in a box in the park, two of those kitten being hurt. He took them home and his father seemed not too bothered by them. 2 of the kittens are girls and 1 is a boy, they appear to be about 3-4 months old. The appear to be from the same litter.
 photo 1183921_stock-photo-cute-newborn-baby-kittens-easily-isolated-on-white_zps629e48d7.jpg
Socks (on the far left) was one of the hurt kittens, her leg was split open pretty well. She is very friendly to everyone, but very quiet, she doesn't meow too often. She can be playful, but she prefers to just cuddle with others. Her favorite thing to play with is Julian's boxers, socks and tank tops.

Frankie (the middle) is the male cat, also one of the hurt ones. His ear was nicked pretty good when he was found, and there was a bit mark on his tail. Out of the three, he is the most adventurous, loves to run around no matter what time of day it is. If you are cuddling with him, he will often turn it into a game, biting your hand and such. He is very protective of his sisters, very cautious when strange people are around, and stays by his sisters.

Buttercup (the far right) is the other female kitten. She is friendly, but very curious. She sniffs practicaly everything and anything that she can get her hands on. She is almost like a mother to her siblings, and to Julian, making sure the boy is awake, and making sure that Frankie doesn't get into too much trouble, or checking on Socks if she appears to be sad. She is also a bit of a helper, using her paws and teeth to clean up the clothes of Julian's floor if he happens to leave them there. Of course, this takes some time, but it gives her something to do while Julian is away, or her siblings are asleep.

Julian also has a baby mouse that he found in his garage just recently. It is only about a week old, just recently opening it's eyes. He has determined, from what he knows about mice, that it is a girl, and he has named her Pepper.
 photo mouse_zpsd12077cb.png

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Awesome :) Love him!

message 25: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Sooo shall we start? How shall we begin?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Well, we can start with either Julian first seeing Cynthia after a few days of her being there, or we can start right before or right after they leave together (: I would think to start with Julian first seeing her, but it's whatever you think is best (:

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yeah I think him first seeing her is best too :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Alright cool :D How detailed are you normally? And do you want this in 1st or 3rd person? (:

message 29: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Usually I do a big/medium paragraph. And I think third person :)

message 31: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Umm yes please, if you don't mind? :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Sure, not a problem ^^


Julian sat on the couch in his living room, his science book opened in front of him as well as his textbook. He was trying to work on his homework, but he couldn't concentrate. His father had just came up from the basement a few minutes ago, and had went straight to his room. Julian didn't hear his father doing anything, which meant that he was still awake. If he was asleep, Julian would have heard snoring, since his father was quite the loud snorer. Biting his lip, he looked over towards the basement door, which was closed. His father never left it open, after all. He'd been hearing weird things down there again, and he knew there was someone down there. Curiosity was getting the better of Julian, but he wouldn't dare try to go down there with his father still awake.

message 33: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Cynthia had crawled to the furthest corner of the basement away from the door, and her head was spinning wildly. She felt delirious and the room was turning all around her in every direction thanks to the drugs that she was being given every time the man who had kidnapped her appeared. It made it easier to attack her, and harder for her to escape. She leaned her was against the cold wall as blood trickled down from an opening along her hairline and also from a cut on her lip. Cynthia had never been a fighter and wasn't used to pain at all. That made her head feel even worse. She groaned and superseded a sob as she closed her eyes, feeling sick to her stomach. The way her head was spinning meant that she couldn't even stand up. She couldn't muster up the strength to shout out and scream or look for an escape.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments (( I forgot to put down that he had 3 cats, and a baby mouse. I just putt hem up with his character, so you can see them (: ))

Julian continued to chew on his bottom lip, listening for any sort of noise from his fathers room. Still, he heard nothing, but he kept an ear out while attempting to do his homework, though it was fairly hard to concentrate. Finally, he heard the soft snores of his father, but he knew that they'd turn fairly loud soon enough. As quietly as he could, Julian got up from his spot on the couch and went to the basement door, looking at the doorknob. A meow from beside him made him jump slightly, and he looked down, seeing Frankie looking up at him with a confused look on his face.
" C'mon boy," Julian whispered and picked up the small kitten, taking a deep breath before opening the door and stepping onto the first step, closing the door almost all the way behind him.

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (( Awww sooo cute!! ^^ ))

Cynthia was slowly drifting into an unconscious state, her head sliding down the brick wall and her muscles going slack. As soon as she heard the door and some light got theough her eyelids she jerked awake, her heart thumping madly. He was back. Tears of fear welled up in her eyes and she drew her legs into herself more, her eyes wide as she focused on the figure on the stairs. Cynthia hiccuped and her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt the drugs taking over again, a new surge of dizziness coming. She opened them quickly, trying to keep herself alert although it felt like her brain was bein squeezed. Suddenly a huge fit of racking coughs overcome her and she lay their coughing and gasping for air.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments (( Indeed ^^ ))

Julian found the light rather quickly, since it was right next to the door. and he began down the steps, still holding Frankie carefully, who did not seem too bothered by the basement and instead just looked around, purring softly. When he was almost to the bottom of the steps, he heard coughing, firstly thinking that is was this father and he panicked, but then he realized that it sounded rather female and far too close to be his father. He went down the last few steps and looked around, right away finding the source of the coughing. A girl near the wall. She wasn't wearing much clothes, appearing to only be in a dirty baggy shirt and underwear. He didn't know what to do at first, she was coughing, but he didn't know who she was. Frankie seemed to tense up as well when he saw the girl, and he meowed softly, his purring stopping.

message 37: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Cynthia looked up when she felt him getting nearer and braced herself for a hit or thump, but her eyes widened when she saw it was someone completely different than her kidnapper. It was a boy. She heard a meow but it was too dark and her vision was too hazy to see where it was coming from. She gulped and coughed one last time, finally overcoming it. She sat there wheezing, and staring up at the teenage boy with her eyes as wide as saucers. She trembled violently; suddenly every inch of her body was shaking, and she tried to push herself up to a straighter sitting position as she tried to pull her shirt over herself more.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Julian was glad when the girl stopped coughing, but was still very, very still, not saying anything to this girl. He had a feeling why this girl was down here, his father had been torturing her, and probably raping her as well. Swallowing thickly, he took one step closer to her.
" U-um...h...hi," he said, not knowing what else to say. Frankie meowed loudly once again and squirmed slightly in Julian's arms, making Julian look at him. It seemed like he wanted to be let down, but Julian wasn't sure that was such a good idea, so he continued to hold onto him, looking back at the girl. " Um...are you...okay?"

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Cynthia flinched as she saw him move closer and as he moved forward finally she could see the shape of a car in his arms. She gulped and leaned back even more. She only wondered who he was - was he another evil person that was going to abuse her more? Maybe they had shifts. Or perhaps he was another prisoner? No, he looked too well-kept. She wrung her hands together and opened her mouth to say, "Who are you?" Totally ignoring his question. What could she say - no, I'm in hell? He could beat her for saying that. She bit her lip and braced herself to be punished, but only half of her expected it. He looked shy, as if he was scared of her, too. Which was just silly.

message 41: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (( Yeah, she asked it (: ))

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments (( Okay, just making sure ^^ ))

At the girl's question, Julian wasn't really taken back, he was just a bit surprised to hear her speak. Her voice sounded very dry, like she hadn't had water, which she probably hasn't honestly.
" Um, my name's Julian...I live here," he replied, chewing on his lower lip. Once again, Frankie squirmed in his arms, except he did it more. Finally giving in, Julian set the kitten down on the floor slowly before standing up straight once more. Frankie scratched his hear with his back paw before walking quickly over to the girl, slowing down his pace once he got closer to her though and leaned his head towards her, sniffing her leg.

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Sarah "You .. Where am I?" She croaked, her eyes wide. She gulped and wrapped her arms around herself. She couldn't trust this boy but she had the courage to ask a question seen as he hadn't lashed out at her. She shivered and then her attention was drawn to the little cat. She would have smiled if she ccould have had the energy to. She slowly reached out a shaking hand to stroke inbetween his ears. She loved animals and for a second her heart lifted. But then a pain shot down her arm and she gasped softly before pulling back and slumping against the wall, struggling to keep her eyes open as she stared at Julian.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments " You're at my house...," Julian replied, not exactly understanding what she meant by that," In my basement. I think...I think my dad brought you down here...He's been hurting you, hasn't he?" Julian tensed up when she reached towards Frankie, then realized when she simply petting him for a moment. Frankie was okay when she pet him, tilting his head to the side when she pulled her hand back suddenly. He walked closer to her and rubbed against her leg gently, seeing a cut there and began to lick it softly, being the caring brother that he is.

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Sarah Cynthia groaned softly in pain as she leaned back against the wall, we eyes dropping to watch the kitten. She stared at it a it began to lick her wound and she sighed softly as she watched it. She didn't understand how such a lovely thing could be in a place as horrible as this.
"Your father?" She echoed. She gulped and stared up at him. "Are you going to do what he did to me as well?" She whispered fearfully as her eyes began to leak tears. She sobbed and curled up tighter into a ball as her eyes shone with the water they held.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments " No. No no no, I won't hurt you," Julian said quickly, raising his hands up a bit," I just...I hear stuff coming from here all the time, so I was curious what exactly was down here. I wouldn't ever hurt you, or anyone else like my father does." He wondered just what his father did to this girl though, but he guessed that all in all, they were very, very horrible things. Frankie stopped his actions when the girl moved, seeing her beginning to cry. He meowed up at her a few times, rubbing against her leg once again.

message 47: by Sarah (last edited Jul 29, 2014 02:27PM) (new)

Sarah Cynthia hiccuped again and sniffed, wiping her nose with the back of her hand before turning he eyes up to him and watching him for a few seconds. She felt the soft fur of the kitten nudge against her leg and she sighed softly, reaching out to gently stroke the back of his head before staring up at the boy - Julian - intensely.
"P-please. Please ... I have to get out. Please help me," she whispered in a frail voice. She began to cough again, her throat feeling raw and rough. She couldn't stop the tears that were streaming down over her cheeks as she watched him.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Julian looked at the girl as she began to cry, feeling horrible for her. She certainly didn't deserve this, but what was he going to do? He wasn't sure if he'd be able to get her out of her, with his father and all. He wasn't even sure where they would go. Frankie meowed when he was pet, still rubbing against the girl's leg, purring a well. Julian slowly made his way over towards the girl, kneeling down in front of her.
" It's okay...okay?" he said to her, not really knowing what to do. He reached forward and gently touched her arm, still chewing on his lower lip.

message 49: by Sarah (new)

Sarah "It's not okay." Cynthia jumped when he touched her arm - anything made her jump ever since she came here. Every minute of every day she was filled with fear. She gulped and stared up into his eyes suddenly noticing what a nice calming blue they were. But she couldn't think about it for too long.
"I- I want to go home. Please. Please help me," she whispered frantically, urgently staring up at him. She sniffed and then sobbed harder, burying her face in her hands and pressing then against her cheeks. Her body shook and she felt ached and pains shoot through her.

message 50: by Sarah (new)

Sarah ((Hello?))

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