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[ ] Rosetta Elizabeth Stone | | played by вℓσσмιηє¢єηт ☪Samantha☪ (BvBLove)
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Rose is rather straight forward and brave, she will not sit back and let action happen in front of her. She also honest, she won't lie to you, especially when it's about her feelings. She is stubborn though, and rebellious. She often will get into trouble, and will not back out until she get's what she came for.

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((Okay do I have never read the books, can you explain this to me in more depth?))

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((There should be a general information thread that explains most of it. Just let me know if you have any questions after reading it :)

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((So which prince is the one you marry?))

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((Okay leg me check him out))

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((Okay he's cool, um so what is everyone doing now? I'm really confused about that.))

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They're just kind of wandering around the castle. Some are eating, some are in their rooms, some are in the library...))

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((Hmm okay so does anyone want to rp with me here?))

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Susena heard the sirens, and got to her feet immediately. Her selected girl wasn't in the room at the moment, so she had to assume that she would get to a safe room on her own. She exited the room, locked the door tightly, and ran down the hallway toward safe room 1.

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Susena Roberto will now be a maid for Riley Sparks

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