The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson question

Claire Claire Jul 27, 2014 02:52AM
Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems. 1924.

Part One: Life


I ’M nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They ’d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody! 5
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

Hmm. A difficult conundrum Noah.
I'm thinking restrictions, rules, sex, no thoughts of sex, a lot of washing.

I think the best and most realistic and proper way to gain insight would be...
Dipping head in bucket of water
Abstain from self lurve
Be a bigoted bore
Only eat apples...

Only kidding. That's very interesting. I can see some history research coming up :))

Noah (last edited Jul 27, 2014 09:11AM ) Jul 27, 2014 08:56AM   0 votes

“Dickinson’s poetry was heavily influenced by the Metaphysical poets of seventeenth-century England, as well as her reading of the Book of Revelation and her upbringing in a Puritan New England town, which encouraged a Calvinist, orthodox, and conservative approach to Christianity.”

How one gets into the right headspace for such a treat?!! :))

jenTed (last edited Jul 27, 2014 09:15AM ) Jul 27, 2014 09:10AM   0 votes
Oh what did I get myself into here?
Those were some big words Noah...I don't know if I can keep up.

Al Jul 27, 2014 09:14AM   -1 votes
That is a,cool pic!!

Al Yeah. I think it's the wrong thread for discussion. You know what Claire's I.T skills,are like. I was amazed she got this,far, especially with her han ...more
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jenTed Bwahahah!
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