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What the BLEEP is a pooka?

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message 1: by Karen (last edited Nov 01, 2009 10:10AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Karen For those seeking enlightenment: karenkincy.com.


message 2: by Enna Isilee (new) - added it

Enna Isilee Well, if it's anything like the definition from the fabulous play Harvey, a pooka is a fairy spirit, usually in animal form.

Karen Gwen is a bit different from that pooka, Enna, but quite close. Here's a bit from my website:

Also known as, “What the bleep is a pooka?”, which may be the reaction of certain people. Anyway. A pooka is, in a nutshell, a shapeshifting spirit of the faerie family from Wales or Ireland. Most commonly, they appear in the form of a shaggy black horse with sulfurous yellow eyes. A pooka’s yellow eyes always give it away, even in human form. Gwen, being half-pooka, can pass her eyes off as hazel, though they glow when she gets excited. Pookas are tricksters who love waylaying innocents, according to lore, though that may just be human propaganda. Pookas also go by the name puca, phouka, pwca, and many other spelling variants.

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Enna Isilee Awesome! I'm super-excited for your book.

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