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At what age did you guys read this book?

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Annie I first read this quite recently. I'm over 21. It was enlightening and I could see why many people had recommended to me over the years. Have you read the other books? If so, are they any good? I've always just heard about the first one that I didn't even know that it was a series! :)

Paolo I read it first in high school. I'd say when I was around 16 as well.

Just re-read it last week.

I think it's great for readers of all ages.

Aliza i first read it at about 13

MrEkitten I first read it a few months ago. I am in my late 30s.

Wendy Aged 51! Well written fiction is worthwhile no matter how long you've been reading

Jennifer I read this book in my thirties. I believe I wouldn't have felt the same about the prose as an adolescent in school as I have in my thirties. It is an interesting read on the premise of Utopia. It reminds me of the science fiction movie with Scarlet Johanson. I can't remember its title--the one where the highest bidder has a clone for health reasons.

Laurie I read The Giver in just a couple of days last week. I am 58. I also read Book 2 and just began book 3. Loving the series so far and looking forward to the movie.

Dramapuppy My fourth grade teacher read it to our class. We were a little too young to get the sexual references but we understood the themes. I reread it when I was older.

Mariah Guyot I just finished the first, and have the second on request at the library. I wanted to read it before the movie came out; I wanted to be able to fabricate the characters somewhat on my own, without being shown what the movie makers thought the characters should look like. It's sad when they make a movie out of a book you like and get the characters "wrong". I'm 15.

Monique Our students in my town read it in 6th grade (10 to 12 years old) I first read it after my son raved about it. Age 43, as Wendy stated "well written fiction is worthwhile no matter".

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Jared 14

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Hali I read The Giver as our first read in 7th grade, so I was about 13. The other books have always been on my list but I never seem to get around to them. I'm not excited about this movie about it, it just seems like too big of a book to put into a movie, and characters are so rigidly set in everyone's mind that a movie could ruin the mental image so many people have.

Jennifer Tirzah wrote: "Definitely read the rest of the books! In my opinion, The Giver is the best, but the others are good, too!

@Jennifer, I think The Island may be the movie to which you're referring."

Yes that is it. Thank you.

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Emma (loveofboooks) I read it some weeks ago I think. I'm 15, but not for so much longer ^^

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Ryan 28

Stenedria I read it when I was in elementary school. I don't remember which grade exactly.

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I first read it in 4th grade, and it creeped me out (but I still liked it).

Amber I read it in the beginning of 7th grade so I was 12.

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Tori I read it in about 6th grade so i was about 11 or 12 and then again in 8th grade at age 13/14

chloe I read it beginning of 6th grade as well so probably around 11 or 12. I do plan on rereading it soon though :)

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Izzy Around 11 also

Mackenzie I read it when I was ten or eleven

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In 7th grade when I was twelve.
Two years later, I finally finished the series. It is now one my favorites.

Annaliese I read this book when I was in 4th grade (I was 11), but I found that I got the themes more and fully understood it when I reread it in 6th grade. Great book!

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Mary When I was 13 years old going into 8th grade. It was required for summer reading, but it turned out to be one of the few summer reading books that I actually enjoyed!

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Sara i was 11-12 when i read this book.

Benja I was 12 or 13.

Julie Gazca I was 13 when I read it for the first time. I also read The Messenger, but I had no idea back then that it was a series/quartet. I'm going to buy the omnibus pretty soon, so I would like to read the series in order, before the movie comes out, hopefully!

Candy Sparks 31. I am still that age until the 6th of August.

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Em I was . . . seven or eight. I've read it four, five, maybe even six times since then. Immediately after the second time I read it I read Gathering Blue, and then later I read Son, but I never looked at Messenger. I just didn't get the opportunity.

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Dawn I actually just read this book last week, and I'm 40! I am glad that I have finally read it, and I will probably read the other books in the series. I am a high school English teacher, and, while I mostly teach upperclassmen, I think it is important for me to keep up with the children's and young adult books that many of my students either come of age reading or that they can read when they enter high school to satisfy outside reading requirements.

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Kath 13

Dominique I read this book when I was 12 and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm kind of interested in the movie but I know it won't compare to the book.

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Kat I read it towards the beginning of 6th grade, so I would have barely been 11. I only just learned that it's the beginning of a series, so I'll have to go back and read it all the way through.

Melissa Haven't read it but first listened to it on tape in my late 40s. Just re-listened and also Son and The Messenger!

Melissa Wendy wrote: "Aged 51! Well written fiction is worthwhile no matter how long you've been reading"

Amen, Sister!

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Heidi I didn't read it until my 40's, when one of my kids was reading it.

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Ren55610 I read it in 8th grade, so I was 13.

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Kiff 30ish. I have read all four books. Personally, the Giver is by far the best and I always just recommend reading the Giver as a stand alone book and do not recommend the series. What I love about the Giver is the ending. It is so open ended and up to the reader to decide what actually happened.

The second book, Gathering Blue, really could also be a stand alone book. It was good, but not great. I didn't really like how it ended. I thought the protagonist ended up being too weak.

The third book is awful. Although, you need to suspend reality for some of the things that occur in the first two books, it was so reasonable and the way the books were written, it wasn't hard to do; however, with the third book, I felt the author was just asking too much of me. I think originally she tried to tie the first two books together with the third book. To me, the third book was an absolute disaster.

If you look at the publishing dates, there are several years between each book. I have wondered if she even meant for this to be a series and the sequels were more after thoughts.

With the fourth book, the Son, I felt like she wrote it as an apology for the third book. I liked the fourth one but part of it is a retelling of the first book from a different perspective and that is why I liked it. The fourth book really just tries to tie everything up in a neat bow.

Natalie I was 13 when I first read it. Since then i have read it 2 more times. I love it and think its an awesome book! I have not read the series but look forward to it.

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ada read it in 7th grade, i was 11 or 12

Aliza as I said i first read it at 13 but i reread it again later and i decided not to read the rest of the series because the giver has a special place in my heart and i don't want to ruin that, i prefer not knowing so i can end it the way that i feel it should end

Jason Oliver I first read this book between 7th and 8th grade at the recommendation of my teacher Mr. Kennedy. Then I read it in 8th grade in class. Read it again in High School, 10th or 11th grade year along with the sequel Gathering Blue. Now I'm 26 and I read the whole quartet, starting with The Giver. Each time I read it I get a whole new perspective.

Jason Oliver Annie wrote: "I first read this quite recently. I'm over 21. It was enlightening and I could see why many people had recommended to me over the years. Have you read the other books? If so, are they any good? I'v..."

The other ones are not nearly as good as the Giver in my opinion. The order of them in my opinion are
The Giver
(Big GAP)
Gathering Blue

Susan Bernhardt Aliza wrote: "as I said i first read it at 13 but i reread it again later and i decided not to read the rest of the series because the giver has a special place in my heart and i don't want to ruin that, i prefe..."

Aliza, I agree with you. You were smart to not read the other novels in this series. As far as I am concerned, The Giver should have been a stand alone novel. It was perfect, just how it was with the ending.

Avery the other books are okay but none of them are as good as The Giver, although I do suggest that you read the rest of the books in the series because it is a very interesting plot line but you must read all of them to get the full picture. hope that helps!

Abigail 31

And the order is actually:
Gathering Blue

Jason Oliver Abigail wrote: "31

And the order is actually:
Gathering Blue

I mean order of how good the book is. Sorry I didn't clarify.

Katie I read it a month ago, so 15

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