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v.v | 442 comments *Please read the rules before signing up. If you would like to receive a free copy of Niko in exchange for an honest review please fill out this form and post it in this thread:

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Book Title:Niko
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Genre of Book: YA dystopian
Reader Age Range: 16+


One can live for several weeks without food but only a few days without water, a fact that seventeen year old Niko is only too aware of as she struggles to provide for her two younger brothers in a post-apocalyptic landscape where the rain burns like acid, food grows scarce, and any Slither that crosses her path is laid low before it can sink its teeth into her. Then one night everything she's ever worked for, everything she's ever loved is consumed by a raging fire, leaving her with one brother dead, the other missing and herself gravely injured. She's rescued by the Rose Circle, a rogue group of Slither hunters. They sneak her into Amaryllis City, a decadent metropolis where those able to afford the exorbitant entrance fee live a life of relative ease. But for Niko, Amaryllis City is not the haven she grew up believing it would be, the deeper she delves the nastier it gets and when her unique abilities as a Slither hunter are discovered things get positively filthy. All Niko ever wanted to do was find her baby brother but that's proving to be harder than she ever would have expected.


- Reviews MUST be posted within 21 days of the book being sent.
- Reviews MUST be posted on Goodreads, but can also be posted on other book review sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.)
- A link to your review MUST be posted in the appropriate thread.
- Any books you receive for an RaR must NEVER be shared without the author's consent.
- Please write honest reviews, but be constructive. NO tolerance will be made for MEAN or HATEFUL comments.
- You MUST have already written and posted at least 5 reviews on Goodreads
- You can only sign up for ONE Read and Review at a time!

If any of these rules are broken in any way, that member will be BANNED and REPORTED. There will be no exceptions. Rules MUST be followed and that's that.

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Bookgeek_zah | 13 comments Your Name: Zahraa
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v.v | 442 comments Thanks for signing up!

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Bookgeek_zah | 13 comments v.v wrote: "Thanks for signing up!"

It's my pleasure :D

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Bookgeek_zah | 13 comments v.v wrote: "Thanks for signing up!"

I can read one book in a matter of 2 days, is it possible to sign up for more than one Read and Review?

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