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v.v | 442 comments *Please read the rules before signing up. If you would like to receive a free copy of The Fire Within in exchange for an honest review please fill out this form and post it in this thread:

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Book Title: The Fire Within
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I can feel him calling me, his voice whispering in the empty air, calling me to him. Without thought, without my own will I go to him. In a small kingdom, a place not marked on the maps and barely recalled by any living person, resides a cursed young woman named Anna VanDyken. Not many know of the curse that lies in wait for the moment he will come to possess her and thrust her into a new reality. Thrown into a world so unlike her own, filled with creatures that only exist in the darkest of dreams there is no chance to escape and nowhere to run to. A countdown has started on her life, and the lives of her friends. Will she have enough time to save them all, or will they all fall into chaos? With the threat of war hovering above her head, and a curse that burns in her veins, will she live to be able to tell the tale?


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