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get template here , add and take away what you need :)

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First Name : Layla
Middle Name: unknown
Last Name : Night
Nickname[s] : Lay Lay,
Pronunciation: laay la

Age: 400

Real Age: 400
Apparent Age:19
Date of Birth: 10/31/1613
Time of Birth: Midnight
Place Of Birth: Cave
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Element: Fire
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: N/A

Species: Demon
Abilities: Heightened Reflexes, Mind Control, Flight, Possession,Fire Control


Hair Color: Turquoise
Hair Length: Long, Above Chest
Hair Style: Light Waves
Facial Features
Eye Color: Black With Red Slit
Chest Size: 38 B
Body Type: Curvy
Height: 6 '1
Weight: 170
Foot Size: 10
Blood Type: O-
Markings/ Imperfections: Chinese Death Symbol Behind Ear,Eyebrow Piercing,Snake Tattoo Wrapping Around Torso Climbing Up To The Chest

Apparel: All In Black, Jeans, Tank Top And Leather Jacket And Army Books

Wing Shape:Like A Bat
Wing Color: Dark Grey, Black , Charcoal Ect. Please Keep it Dark Colors since your character is a Demon

She Is A Very Out Going Person With A Bit Of An Attitude Problem,She Likes To Be With People But Keep To Herself So She Has A Bit Of A Mysterious Edge. She Is One Who Loves To Easily And Cares To Strongly, If You Get On Her Bad Side It Could End In Multiple Ways.

Habits: Flicking Her Nails When Nervous, Stares Off Into Space, Bites Lip When Thinking
Hobbies: Setting Things On Fire,Possessing Humans,Anything Reckless
Likes: Flying,Being Alone,Being Immortal
Dislikes: People In Her Business
Disabilities: Being Left Alone ( Watching Loved Ones Die)
Life Philosophy: Don't Have One
Motto: Kill Or Be Killed
Skills: same as ability's

She Was Born In A Cave On October 31st In 1613, She Lived A Happy Life With Her Parents, Till The Morning Of Her 19th Birthday. She Had To Face Her Fate, She Was Now A Demon. With A Rage That Was To Powerful For Her To Over Come, She Killed Her Parents Leaving Herself Alone To Figure Out What She Had Become ,After Losing All Her Humanity. Years of being alone wondering through the forests, and the sky's. Hoping,and praying, to be united with someone like her. Finally after 400 years of being tucked away from reality of the world , she finally found other's of her own kind.

Race/Ethnicity: white
Family: deceased
Residency: cave
Political Views:none
Accent: Romanian
Belongings: what ever is in her cave

message 3: by *RoseyCheeksReviews*, the only me is me. are you sure the only you is you? (new)

 *RoseyCheeksReviews* (roseycheeksreviews) | 1388 comments Mod
awesome! i think you dont even need to edit it :)

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