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get template here add and take away what you need :)

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Name: Paige Williams
Nickname: The Phoenix

Age: Roughly 20
Birthday: In late July

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Dragon

Appearance: description
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Chest Size:
Body Type: Slender
Height: 5'7"
Tattoo: Golden Phoenix on the small of her back

Personality: Paige is a very thrill seeking girl. She'll do just about anything to get excitement or fun out of life. This means she'll be willing to do absolutely crazy and ridiculous things in order to have a great story to tell later on. As a result, she frequently gets into trouble.

Skills: Trained with a longbow as a human

History: Paige was raised in the dragon realm by her mother only. She grew to the age of 5 before her mother taught her to fend for herself, and how to be a dragon. Shortly after Paige's 7th birthday, her mother disappeared.

After her mother disappeared, her training came to use. She fought for what she needed, and took what she could from those who were weaker than her. As she grew older, she found men thought her to be attractive. Paige used this to her advantage, but now searches for a suitable mate.

Dragon form: description

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awesome approved :)

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"Love is a horrible thing,it gives you everything you want one moment and then takes it all away the next to leave you heart broken and sad,and yet people crave love"

Name: Airitho
Nickname: Airi
Age: 16
Birthday: 28/10
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: single

Human form: http://davidcollard.files.wordpress.c...

Half and half form:

Dragon Form:
Eyes: Silver
Build: sleek face, pointy,long wings,small build

Airi had a perfect life up until she was 7,she and her parents lived in the mountains after her parents had left their tribes/clans for a peaceful life, her mum was so loving and would always make the best meals and take care of Airi all the time,her father,while strict,was also loving and trained her to hunt and fight and all was well,but then the disease came,at first her parents thought it was nothing but then it started showing,their scales paled and flaked off and they slowly stopped eating and sleeping,the parents,terrified of giving Airi the disease,blocked themselves up at the back of the cave,Airi used to weep at the line her parents had forbid her to cross.Airi's parents soon lost the feeling in their legs and wings and they could barely eat,one day the coughing from the back off the cave stopped and Airi could hear her mothers wails and then the food stopped being eaten completely,and there was only silence,Airi was horrified to find her fathers corpse and her obviously near dead mother,she rushed over and wailed at her mothers feet,Her mither died silently that night.Airi mourned for a while but then set off to the north,she spent six years wandering round the realms.

Father-Mofaygh- ://

Used to be cheerful,fun and careful but now she is cold and a dare-devil,she tries to distance herself from everybody,focusing on honing her skills

-Been honing her skills for 6 years straight

-Not as strong as she is fast
-No allies

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Name:Hannah Frost
Nickname: Frosty

Real Age: 1,200
Apparent Age: 17
Date of Birth: March 6th 1700
Time of Birth: Spring, early dawn
Place of Birth: France
Zodiac Sign: Snake

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship: single

Species: Dragon


Half dragon:

Full dragon:

Complexion: average
Hair Colour: dark brown
Hair Length: down to the bottom of her Breast.
Hair Style: small waves
Eye Colour: Hazel
Chest Size: C and a half
Body Type: Skinny and toned
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 140
Blood Type: O
Markings/Imperfections: a large scar on her back.

Personality: Hannah is outgoing and bubbly towards everyone, she always smiling and loves to break the tension or anything really. She is very hyper and lots of people tell her she acts like a small child, she doesn't care. She kind and caring but is moody and not afraid to snap your neck, she very secretly of her past and normally gets off the topic. Hannah not afraid to say awkwards stuff or be blunt be honest. But beware HANNAH can also be sly and tricks people.

Habits: twirling her hair, biting her nails.
Hobbies: drawing, annoying older people
Likes: flying, having fun, open spaces, dragons, wind, snow, France, pancakes, maple syrup.
Disabilities: sitting for a long time, being board, critters spaces, jerks, bullies, Pervets, garlic, mustard.
Fears: Small spaces, dark, being kidnapped, killing her love ones.
Motto: "We are never truly free, not matter what we'll always be in a cage. But I chose to ignore the cage and live my life!
Skills: Swimming, fighting, flying, drawing.

History: Hannah was born in a small village in France. She grew up happily with her parents where she learned to control her powers. She was able to shift into her dragon form at age 7 and the half form at age 12 which is young for a dragon. Everyone was happy, she had tons of friends and even a girlfriend who she lost her innocents to. On a week before her birthday she was sent out to a near by kingdom to pick up some food. Hannah was gone for 2 hours and when she came back her village was burn down to ashes, HANNAH ran through town where she found her parents dead and her girlfriend to. Heart broken she began to cry when a knight came up behind her and captured her. Hanah lived in a dungeon heart broken for 20 years, she stopped aging at age 17, and kept her youthful looks.

When Hannah was in her cell a human came, he tried to get her to veer up but it wouldn't work. 4 months later Hnna finally cheered up and was consumed by rage, she attack the town burning only the king no the Knights, she may have been mad but she would never hurt the innocent, she made her cell mate king and stayed by his side until he died. She was going to have his children but when she gave birth to them they were all dead. Hannah left the kingdom never to return and now wondering the realms wondering if she will ever fine a true love.

Family: Dead
Residency: a small house on the mountains in Dragon's relm
Religion: Never had one
Political Views: Doesn't care
Accent: English, she lost the French one a long time ago.
Belongings: A golden necklace shape like a heart with a picture of her girlfriend and Husband in it, it changes with her shape.

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Psychedelic Panda (PsychoticPanda) | 2 comments First Name : Calypso
Middle Name: Killian
Last Name : Riddle
Nickname[s] : Kill, Kali.
Pronunciation: Cah-lee-psoh Kill-ih-ahn Riddle


Real Age: Around
Apparent Age: 23
Date of Birth: March 29th, year unknown
Time of Birth: 12.06 am
Place Of Birth: The Draconic Kingdom, In a barn.
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Element: Fire
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Appears asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None yet

Species: Draconic
Abilities: Shapeshifts into a dragon, breathes fire, can heat her palms and feet to extreme temperatures.


Complexion: Fair
Hair Color: Light blue
Hair Length: Reaches her mid-back
Hair Style: Wavy and usually let loose
Facial Features: Shown above. She also has snake bites, brow piercings and small gauges.
Eye Color: Icy blue.
Chest Size: C
Body Type: Hourglass figure, though she’s leaning towards slim and muscular.
Height: 5’9
Weight: 115 pounds
Foot Size: 37 European size
Blood Type: ABO negative
Markings/ Imperfections: Scars on her wrists and thighs, whip scars on her upper back, a faint red curved scar running from the edge of her lip, across her left cheek to just below her cheekbone, giving her a weird half-smile look. Her both arms are fully covered in tattoos

When fighting: (minus the guns)



Hairstyle: Usually loose

Dragon Appearance:

Color of Skin: Blue
Power: Fire

Personality: Calypso is known for her extremely short temper and careless personality that often gets her in trouble. She snaps way too easily and often gets in fights. She doesn’t respect authority or rules and just pretends they don’t exist. But below this tough, foul-mouthed exterior hides a very sensitive girl with walls set up high around her heart. She never opens up to anyone and just expresses her pain through anger outbreaks and fights. She might even appear like she doesn’t care about other people, at all, and even arrogant.

Habits: Fighting, smoking, drinking.
Hobbies: Fighting, writing poetry, riding, flying.
Likes: Fighting, writing and reading, animals, violence, gore.
Dislikes: People, pink, girly stuff, laziness.
Disabilities: Has an ‘open’ left knee that hurts like a bitch if she’s running downhill.
Fears: She’s afraid of not being good enough/the best. Someone stepping on/stabbing her in the knees is one of her worst fears. Falling in love is also one of them, as is someone seeing through her façade.
Life Philosophy: Human beings, we have dark sides; we have dark issues in our lives. To progress anywhere in life, you have to face your demons. –John Noble

Motto: For us, the darkness is light.
Skills: Hand to hand combat, very fast, knows how to use most bladed weapons, parkour.

History: Calypso was born in a small barn to some noblemen who immediately threw her away. She was adopted and raised by soldiers who taught her how to fight. Unfortunately they were killed by the same noblemen that threw Calypso out and she swore her revenge on them. She joined the King’s army to improve her skills and to this day she has been looking for them. So far, she had no luck finding them, but she did improve her skills greatly.

Race/Ethnicity: Slovenian Atheist
Family: Real family abandoned her, adoptive family killed by her real family.
Residency: A small, yet modern cottage in Draconic kingdom.
Political Views: None, hates politics.
Accent: Similar to Russian.
Belongings: Weapons. Her family’s pendant symbol (Picture below)

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awesome!!! i love everything about her :) perfectly done!

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KT (queenlykt)
"We all want to be a little glamorous, a little playful and a little mischievous at times."

Known As:
First Name- Axyven
Meaning- Unknown
Middle Name- Tora
Meaning- Thunder; Goddess; Victor
Last Name- Lenora
Meaning- Light; Torch
NickName- Ax, Ven, Yen, Xen,
Gender- Female
Grade- Diamond
Court- Dobharchu
Species- Draconian

Times Change:
Age- 17
Birthday- December 5th
Nationality- British; Romanian

Relationship Status- Single
Sexual Preference- Bisexual, prefers girls
"Sweetie, I'm not that easy."

She keeps to herself, smiling and stammering when she's around someone she likes.
Mother-Adrianna Lenora; Deceased
(view spoiler)
Father- Lucius Lenora; Deceased
(view spoiler)
Sister- None
Brother- Zyaven; 2 years older than Ax; Deceased; (UNLESS someone wants to make him, then we can change things)
(view spoiler)
Friendships- Mild friends with almost everyone, no close friends

"Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many."


Draconian- These features, only female



Dragon/high emotion-

Hair- Long and pure white
Height- 5'1
Build/Weight- Petite, athletic
Skin Tone- Pale
Markings- Small scales along spine almost always there.
Hip- She can get rid of it by thinking, but occasionally patches of scales appear on her skin.

Blood Type- AB-
Voice- Gentle, yet can sometimes have a growling background to it
Scent- Kind of dusty, yet a bit metallic
Dominant Hand- Ambidextrous, prefers right
Face Claim- Charla Effron

Posture- She has her shoulders back, eyes scanning everything
Gesture- Proud, but quiet

(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Special Items- 
(view spoiler)

Very self-conscious, she always makes sure she looks alright before going anywhere. She's super touchy about her hair, and dyes it every so often to improve it.

"Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless."

Axyven wasn't born under a full moon, and it wasn't a dark and stormy night, but she was different. Her mother knew that there was a good chance her daughter wouldn't be normal, but she underestimated just how strange she would be. Axyven is closer to dragon than her father was, and her older brother. Her brother was completely human, and he wasn't sure about this strange inhuman creature. But as she grew older, he grew more protective of his little sister.

Protective enough that when she hit her early teens and their parents died in a car crash, he took her in. And he told her everything. How their mother was the sister of a queen of some hidden backwoods group, and how their mother didn't want to be involved with the whole hierarchal thing. But it didn't bother them so much any more. So they lived their lives, with Axyven's brother protecting her. Until a group of people from that kingdom came after them, intending to kill the last remaining survivors of the lineage. But it was her brother who was caught in the crossfire, and Axyven fled here.

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

Axyven is a really sweet girl, and loves to help people. She hates it when she can't help someone, and she does whatever she can to help. She's quiet but not shy, just doesn't go out of her way to talk despite her friendliness. She's surprisingly fragile though, paranoid when any kind of negative emotions are aimed at her. She hates it when someone's angry at her, or if she even thinks they are. She's paranoid, always feeling that she's not good enough or is being judged. So she's almost over the top helpful, falling all over herself to help people, to be accepted. She's wiser than her years in some ways, but she can be young and naive about things.

Alignment- Lawful Neutral
↳{She does what helps people as a whole. She will always help people, and is very good-hearted. She tries to keep the peace and stands up for people, but doesn't choose a side.}
Musical Identity-

{Enya; Sweet love songs but not too sappy}
Theme Song- Endlessly-The Cab

"When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation."

✗Rejection (Friends, society, not just datewise)
✗Being alone
✗Being afraid
✗People being angry/negative emotions aimed at her
Flaw- Eager to please; young; paranoid
Secret- She works as hard as she does because she doesn't feel she's good enough
Pet Peeve- People who use 'friends' to get things
Regrets- That her she didn't get to spend enough time with her family

"I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am."

✓Being alone
✓Hanging out with people
Habits- Bites lip a lot
Hobbies- Reading, writing, drawing

{Ice Manipulation}
↳{Description of power}- Can control, create, and manipulate ice and water, to a certain extent.
↳ {Sight} Ax can contact others through ice, still water, or mirrors. It's a bit like scrying, but she can't see the future, just see what's happening through other clear surfaces (Mirrors, still water, ice, etc)
Equipment- Sword, Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics,

↳ Fighting style- A strategic and intelligent fighter. She uses martial arts, which requires discipline and control. She prefers to defend herself and likes ending fights as quickly as possible. She doesn't really like fighting, but will do it or protection, herself and others.
When she has to really fight, she's a fencer, brought on by being light on her feet and graceful.

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