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Gianna Who is your favorite character?mine is red, because she is very dramatic and she is very funny whenever it comes to fights between goldilocks and her. She is so funny!
The limit to answer this question is 2 per person!!

Abby Mine is Goldilocks or the Evil Queen

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America Goldilocks and definitely Jack, he's so romantic and loving aww!!

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Lev Red for sure! Also the Evil Queen because her story is so tragic.

Elise Alex and Conner

Damerah Alex

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Maryclare Fawver Goldilocks, Jack, and Conner are my favorites! Froggy too.

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Lev wrote: "Red for sure! Also the Evil Queen because her story is so tragic."

Probably mine to but I think Conner can be funny.

Niko Tijam My favorite characters are Queen Red, Alex and Goldilocks.

Gianna Niko wrote: "My favorite characters are Queen Red, Alex and Goldilocks."

That's cool

Crabb for sure, queen red riding hood and froggy/Charlie charming

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Mars Montufar I just love froggy so much!! And how he chose to stay a frog.

Amani Alex and Red for sure!

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I like Conner...but I like Red, ad Goldilocks, and EVERYONE! its so hard to choose.

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Eric I love Goldilocks and Jack. The romantic life they have together is so sweet and they are both so very rebellious.

****Kelly***** I loved Conner and Red!!!

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