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get male fairy template here , add things if you need them

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{*Name*} peter
{* Looking Age*} 14
{*Real Age*} unnown
{*Birthday*} unnown
{*Gender*} male
{*Sexuality*} straight
{*Relationship Status*} rushing on wendy
{*Crush*} wendy darling
peter is a boy who loves to have fun, hes exciting loves to fly and enjoys believe in the impossible. He loves fighting and when push comes to show he will be their to help fight back

Grown ups
hanging with his friends
flying with wendy

biting his lip
drawing his eye brows together when thinking


hand to hand combat
{*Species*} fairy
{*Powers*} flying
***{Appearance picture if you want}***

Peter as been a fairy since forever, he doesnt know how old he is but he hates grown up and having responsibilitys. He loves playing tricks on people.
He met wendy a while ago and they have been together since, he loves flying with her and seeing all the creatures.
{*Family*} Wendy
{*Residence*} Island
{*Belongings*} everything on island

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