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Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments Regeneration, Pat Barker, 1992, England, NOVEL

"...Captain Sassoon, well-bred English gentlemen, poet, and decorated war hero, is committed to the same hospital as an alternative to court-martial for his public letter denouncing the government and the war...Captain Rivers is moved by Captain Sassoon's antiwar position, and torn by his own duty to cure broken men so they can return to the front, to a "resumption of activities...that were positively suicidal."..."

(J.L., p. 320)

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Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments I am submitting my review for this work: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

Neal Adolph (neal_adolph) | 16 comments I would like to submit my review for this book.


It remains the piece of war literature by which I compare all other war literature. I haven't read much of this genre, though, so I can't pretend that I'm familiar with it. I can say that this book, and the other pieces of the trilogy, broke my heart and captured all of my attention. All three pieces are worth mentioning as necessary reads, though the first book is the best.

Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments Ehm, Neal? Much as I'd love to, I can't find your review.

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