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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Here we are!

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Name: Jonah Rhys Deighton
Age: 24


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Height: 6'2
Weight: 174, most is muscle mass
Eyes: soft brown- hazel
Hair: brown, scruffy

Jonah has no idea how to socialize with other than his ship mates, having never interacted really with any one else. Women? Strangers. He had been to few bars before after returning from a particularly long fishing trip, and slept with a woman or two here and there, but there was never love, never an interest. He tends to attract several women with his mysterious shady character, but in truth, Jonah just is clueless. The fisherman tends to keep to himself, his heart being at sea. Often in down time, he is seen scribbling in a tattered journal and wondering about what is beyond the murky dark waters. He is still a young boy at heart, his curiousity usually getting the best of him. Jonah does what he pleases, knowing no manners with his fisherman attitudes.
-rude at times

Jonah was abandoned as a single child when he was four. His father, a fisherman, had disappeared at sea, and his mother couldn't handle being without him. She "disappeared", and Jonah never saw her again. At such a tender age, Jonah had no way to take care of himself. In the small seaside town of Kemp, his fathers fishing company took the young boy in and raised him as their own. Jonah grew up on boats at sea, helping with the reel and baits. Being at sea for weeks at a time and never engaging in proper schooling or social interaction with other children his age, Jonah became a sheltered man. Even after he turned a legal age to leave and find himself work, Jonah stuck to the fishing trade. He holds on to the hope that he would be able to find his fathers shipwreck, or at least a sign. Jonah has grown a strong bond with the sea, and knows it better than land. His ship captain and four crews men have formed a tight knit relationship, and they are the closest thing he had ever had to a family. The crew always passes along stories of myths of pirates and mermaids and sea monsters, but Jonah never believed it. It was stupid, he thought, and he had never seen proof. However, after one of his ship members had disappeared with an eerie note about sailing off in one of the lifeboats to follow what was described as a mermaid, Jonah was curious. The sea was enchanting, and he had begun to become extremely curious about its depths and secrets.

Jonah continues doing what he knows best, his usual fishermen duties with only few visits to local shops or bars.


He is a fisherman, and picks up other odd jobs when he is on land

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments No, this is fine. Apologies for the late reply; my mother confiscated my phone. I'll have my character up, but she'll be very simple.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments
the fish out of water
[ Andromeda Mayamo | 19 ] -- the innocent, oblivious mermaid

{ Ashley Smith -- Blonde -- Blue Eyes -- Five Foot Three -- Gap Teeth }

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Sure. Gimme a bit.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Is she better?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Uhm, maybe Gospel could have gotten tangled in the nets of Jonah's ship, or the ship he's on? Maybe it's in a way that he can only see her torso until he brings her on deck? Also, are we doing it so that she magically has legs when she leaves the water?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Gospel is the character name. Ashley Smith is the FC.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Okay, I like the whole idea of the captain trying to sell her, but maybe they're already on land when Jonah helps her escape? And they only realize this after some kind of event, like the captain going to check on her to take her to the auction block? Then, maybe they could sort of be wanted, Jonah as a criminal and Gospel as a missing person?

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Oh okay... Sorry I know I sound annoying but can you pick a more... Mermaid name? Something pretty that doesn't sound so normal?

Hmm, maybe... I'd like to do my original idea, possibly with them on the run... But probably start off with her being in the catch, the crew wondering what to do with her, the captain being hella weird about her, and Jonah being in charge of watching her or something... Maybe she gets sick and Jonah arges to have her released, but the captain won't let him, an he disobeys and releases her in the end! Then they go back to land to get rid of Jonah because they're pissed at him, and maybe a week later, the crew comes into town with the mermaid captured again, surrounded by a crowd and she could be harmed or sick again, and sutton steals her from the auction secretly and helps her escape on land that way? But she doesn't leave to the ocean because.... We could figure it later

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Does Andromeda work? Also, I like that idea ^-^

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Yeah, that's fine with me.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah woke up early that Thursday morning, a gloomy cold fog settled around the boat as it drifted silently through the waters. He hadnt slept too well the night before with a stomachache, wishing he had never tried Egort's odd-cod dish. It had originally been the captains turn to cook, but he had "other duties" to tend to. They were two days into their fishing run, setting down their usual crab and lobster traps and emptying the ones they had out out a few days before. Today was a real fishing day, where they would be dropping the nets. If they had particularly good catches, Jonah even considered grabbing one of the fishing piles they kept stored in the supply closet.

Sitting up in the small cabin he shared with three others on bunk beds attached securely to the wall with an empty space between the beds. To any other person, the place reeked of brine, fish, and body odor- but to the crew, it was home. Jonah removed the covers, yawning and taking his time to change out of his long johns into his work clothes. He slipped on an old short sleeve tshirt boasting some fishing event a few years back, some durable waterproof pants, and thick rubber boots with no socks. He grabbed his rain poncho to protect him from the morning fog, ducking out of the bedroom quietly to go brush his teeth and relieve himself.

After taking care of his morning routine and huddling in his bright yellow deck windbreaker jacket, he relieved Adam of his night shift and took over the steering of the steady ship. It was on auto course, but Jonah watched for any rocks or seaweed forests that would damage their ship. They were taking a new route today, one that Jonah had been hesitant about only because their was a small island nearby, so the sea level became relatively low at one point, and jagged rocks protruded from the surface. No worries, his captain had said, the man who had become like a second father to him. No worries, because this was the place all the fish hid out when the sea got colder, due to hot air vents close by.

So Jonah had backed down on the issue over dinner last night, not so sure it had been a good idea. The island was hardly visible through the lifting gaze an hour later at 0800, the crew now fully awake and rushing around to get ready. Breakfast was served, and this time Gustavo had offered his service to cook. Nobody protested. By noon, they were ready to lower the nets. The island was truly beautiful, tiny, no doubt. It was untouched by humans, and Jonah felt a dying curiosity to explore that island one day. It was very well possible, maybe after they brought their catch in that week. The medium sized fishing vessel had managed to maneuver the reported jagged rocks, which didnt seem to be as bad as some had warned them. Whatever.

Jonah squeezed his rope tightly, steadying the net as the captain watched over the waters that gently tossed under them, shiny silver scales reflecting the sunlight. It was a good day indeed. "A-and.... DROP!" The captain hollored in a sort of obnoxious drill Sargent voice, and the crew working on the ropes of the heavy net complied. Sutton caught the rope when the captain signaled, letting the net sink in to the water just enough to catch the majority. The boat began to move forward, against the current the fish had been swimming in, and the captains face shone with pride. In his bright red jacket with his last name on the back, the captain cheered along with the crew for their job well done. With the economy worsening every day and their catches having been quite poor the last few months, it was an accomplishment indeed.

Sutton celebrated merely with a smile, nodding to his excited crew mates. They had spotted several other seas of scales as well, which they could make a living out of. "Bring up the net!" The captain shouted, and Jonah's heavy boots squelched on the wet deck as he he ran for the crank. The ropes were adjusted, and a generator turned the gears of the heavy load. They could only watch in see as the particularly heavy net flopped with a mass of tuna and albacore, with a few exotics in between. The net was lowered onto the "fish deck", where the catches were always released and the men would get to work gutting them.

The captain signaled for the boys to take the load easy, curiousity sparking in his eyes. The man had seen a hand. "Hurry up! Loosen it!" The captain was impatient, but so was everyone else. The rope was undone in A hurry, and out dropped hundreds of fish. And... A mermaid. At first, everyone was completely stunned. She was beautiful, with her wavy blonde locks wet against her fair skin, her blue eyes wide and innocent. Jonah found himself entranced by her beauty, and so did every other crew member. He was intrigued, incredulous, shocked that a real mermaid was sitting before their eyes in their catch. The other men, however, had different dirty thoughts, ones that Jonah couldn't believe.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments The biggest event of her life had been coming in, and fast. Andromeda's sisters had always boasted being there for the sighting of ships, and she had yet to see one. Her scales must have been green with envy, because they continued goading her with the marvels of the iron whales that floated atop the water. She'd pursed her lips and let them have their fun chatting about what they might do afterwards. It wasn't like she didn't feel the excitement coursing through them, it was just that she never knew if what they'd been saying before could even be true. It wasn't unusual for them to trick her. Being the youngest of the bunch was a definite downside to it all.

So when she heard them swimming towards a massive shadow, she followed. It could be something that they were leading her to on purpose, another idle trick to keep themselves busy. It hadn't taken them long to realize that she was following them, but they appeared to ignore her. So, she just picked up speed until she was right in the midst of them, and that's when she'd seen it; the ship.

Freaking out about it didn't seem as impressive to her sisters, and they pulled her towards the surface to see what they were actually interested in: the crew. Men walking along the ship like it was nothing, hauling large nets and working contraptions that Andromeda had never seen before. The first thing she noticed was the obnoxious color wrapped around them. The bright yellow made her giggle, not quite what she was expecting when she thought of burly sea men. But, now she was seeing the real thing. This was what they were all so excited for.

It took her a moment to realize that they were keeping a certain distance from the ship, which was a little confusing. Wouldn't they be able to see better if they moved closer? Which was exactly what she did. She swam closer, until she felt she was hugging the large metallic invention. A sensation of accomplishment swelled into her, until she saw the looks of terror on her sisters' faces. Why were they so scared?

It didn't take her long to find out as she was pulled up into a net. The swell of scaled flesh killed whatever shriek was in her throat. When she could see the sun again, she was on the deck. Too shocked to speak, she gaped at the men around her, looking for an exit or something that might indicate that this was just a terrible dream gone wrong.


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E M M A  | 2245 comments ((What color are her scales? :)))

As soon as the mermaid uttered a single word, the crew had gone wild. They clapped their hands and whooped, feeling in higher spirits than they ever had before. A big catch, and a mermaid. A live, breathing, beautiful mermaid. The captain already had his own ambitious plans, of taking the girl back to the town for auction, attract the highest bidders in the world for the rare specimen. They were supposedly dangerous in water, viscious creatures when you crossed them as innocent they may look. But this one showed no sign of even defending herself, perched with her tail draped across their fish. Who cared that she was smashing part of their catch? The captain would be filthy rich. The crew didnt matter anymore.

Jonah gasped softly, one of the men closest to the girl after having been the one who helped lower and drop the load. He stood silently off to the side of her peripheral vision, his soft hazel brown eyes lost in those shimmering scales that reflected the sunlight. "Boys!" The captain barked sharply, at te crew that had begun to goof off. "Lets catch us another load, mermaids never travel alone," the captain grinned greedily, an unsettling feeling crossing Jonah's stomach as the crew heartily agreed to setting up the riggings again. "Deighton!" The captain crowed from stop his perch at the very front of the boat, looking out over the waters cautiously.

"Aye, sir!" Jonah shouted, tearing his eyes from the girl and turning to run to his captain with those heavy rubber boots. He peered out into the beautiful clear water, sighing at the beauty of the place. They could definitely stay a while, add the place to their fishing list! Bind the girl, keep her locked up in the spare quarters, understand? She can't be escaping, use them knots I told ya about," the captain barked, even though Jonah was directly next to him. "B-but she'll need water, sir, she's a mermaid-!" He protested, about to suggest they keep her at least in the water tank that they sometimes kept rare creature findings in, had it filled with sea water. It would be a bit of a tight fit for a person, but the mermaid had been rather small.

"I don't care, Jonah! Now get to work!" The captain dismissed him, scowling at Jonah's daring attitude to even challenge te captain. Something had definitely changed. The crew was spoiled with corruption, greed, and lust. Egort had even begun to approach the mermaid, whistling softly to her, before the captain shoved his shoulder heard and made some sarcastic threats. So there the girl was left alone, stranded on the pile of silver fish. She was timid, frightened, shocked to be anywhere but in her home under the sea. Unlike the other mermaids that had been found before, this particular one hardly seemed to defend herself, do anything but cower.

Jonah approached slowly, feeling nothing but pity for the maiden. The excitement for the rare find had vanished, shadowed instead by how upset he was over the captains and crews intentions. "Hey," Jonah whispered softly, inching forward carefully with a bit of fear. Would she hurt him? A bit of spare rope was clutched in his hands, a battle being fought between his consciences. As much as Jonah wanted to save the mermaid, he couldn't. His boss could throw him out in the sea if he let what so many men desired back out into the sea, dreams of riches sinking along with him. Jonah didnt have much of a life, but it wasnt how he wanted to die.

"Shh, I won't hurt you... Just let me..." Jonah held his breath, stepping and slipping on the fish now. Now so close in the mermaids presence, he felt so unworthy to even look at her. Jonah was transfixed with her blue eyes, before his eyes tore away to see the rest of her. His eyes shamefully skipped over her chest, thankful her hair covered the majority of her bare skin. What really caught Jonah's attention was her scales, able to faintly make out two distinctions of where her limbs would be, underneath the shimmery coat. "Absolutely beautiful," Jonah whispered under his breath, ashamed he was even carrying through with tying the girl up.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments ((A pale gold ^-^))

While the entirety of the ship celebrated, Andromeda felt the realization of her situation sink in. These were human males. Those of her species were rare, but she'd seen her father before. He looked nothing like these humans. For one, they sported limbs that somehow kept them horizontal. What were they called? Legs? From the water, she only seen them from the torso up, but sh could see very thing now.

One of them had begun to approach her before being shooed off by a man in red. His color was different, so he must have been important. This distracted for only a minute, before she heard his orders of reeling in another catch. This human knew well enough of her species to assume that she'd been in a group. Which would mean that he planned to catch more of them, namely her sisters.

While these thoughts gathered themselves in her mind, Andromeda began to feel the beginnings of what it truly was to be on a ship. The crowing of laughter and chortle of voices was becoming more terrifying by the minute. The lustful glances and stares made her skin crawl and send shivers down her spine. We're they going to eat her? Her sisters once told her a story about a school of mermaids that had been turned into stew for humans, but that couldn't have been true. Could it?

The squelch of boots coming closer shook her from her thoughts as one man in particular crouched before her. Andromeda had seen a glimpse of him before, standing closer than the others at the edge of the net. Speaking of the net, she figured she must have been crushing much of their catch. Maybe the celebration was for them replacing her with what they were losing? She prayed it wasn't the eating her portion of a replacement.

Diverting her attention from her gruesome thoughts, she paused as the man looked her over. While being among the younger of her sisters, she had been endowed as one of the more voluptuous of the school. His gaze on her made her way to cover herself, but she feared sudden movements would set him off. There was a role in his hands and he seemed like he was trying to calm her, but how could she be? She'd been reeled out of the ocean like some common mackerel and now they were going to the her up?

"What are you doing? Where is this? Who are you," she badgered, her mind deciding to focus more on her surroundings. She couldn't bring herself to think of what they'd be doing to her, not with her in her present state. She'd never had to defend herself before, and sh struggle to heals at some memory of a good defensive maneuver that would work on a human.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments The mermaids shimmery pale gold tail moved a little as she shifted on her mound of fish, shying away from him. Jonah adjusted himself to move closer as well, his face heating feeling his captains beady eyes trained on him, counting on Jonah to make the right decision. The girl spoke again, her voice light and fluid, her questions etched with fear and worry. "I'm... I'm moving you," Jonah said truthfully, moving his foot abruptly when he realized he had been crouched on a fish and making it bleed weird colors. "You're on a boat, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean... I'm Jonah," he mumbled under his breath.

"Deighton! Get her out of here, quit stallin'!" His captain hollored from an upper deck that looked oer the lower and the fish deck. "Sorry, I gotta do this, cap'n'll have my skin!" Jonah apologized sincerely, crossing himself as the guilt overshadowed him. His strong steady hands reached out for the girls arms, gripping her wrists tightly as she wriggled uncontrollably in his grasp. The rope was looped around her hands quickly with his other hand, her petite and surprisingly weak frame no match for his human strength. A moment later, the girls wrists were bound together, as well as her elbows by the captains orders that continued to be hollored at him. Jonah was sick of this man, disgusted with the choices he made and the bad example he set. Jonah thought about just throwing the girl overboard with a knife, to leae her to escape on her own. But Jonah wated to eat tonight's to not sleep out on the deck like he punished that one new man, who had been grossed overboard during a storm and not been let in.

The captain was rather cruel, now that Jonah was thinking of it, picking up ther mermaid over his shoulder. She was incredibly light, her slipper body wriggling in his hold. Her large tail find flapped into his face often as an attempt for distraction, any way she could get free. Her scales were already drying up, and so was her hair. Dry was a way no mermaid ever wanted to be. Jonah kicked the last empty bunk room open with his foot, stepping in to the room and closing the heavy metal door. Now she was boxed in a steel room with no legs, no strength at all to break down the steel iron walls. Trapped, caged in. Jonah lay her on the floor, uncertain how onfortanle a bed would be for her in her scales. She needed water.

"Who are you? Why were you in our catch?" Jonah demanded softly, a little angry a mermaid didnt have any sense. She was young, but it was no excuse to do something so dangerous and risky. Now the girl would probably suffer every day from some kind of torture, be dragged on to land to please the captains desire for fortunes and some old pervert scientist who completely destroyed her beauty. "Werent you smart enough to stay away from our boat? You have any idea what could happen to you next?" Jonah fretted, already siding with the mermaid. Why would he want something so beautiful to be captured as his own? It would be different if the girl had agree to come, but she hadnt. Jonah rubbed his face, staring down t the girl quietly.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda meant to ask where she was being moved to when his hands were on her wrists and binding her with the rope. The speed of the movement surprised her, but she persisted in her struggling. No way was she going to go without a fight. But, was this really necessary? Especially the elbow binds, because they weren't very comfortable. The world tilted again, and she was staring at the deck, pressed against his shoulder. It dug into her stomach when she attempted to squirm, using her tail to slap at his face, and she found that she was losing the energy to continue her struggle.

By the time they'd reached the bunk, she was breathless and feeling weak. This was what it was to dry up? She didn't like this feeling. She noted absently that she was now in a worse position than she was before--trapped in a room with a man intent on keeping her here. There didn't seem like a possible way to get out. When Jonah--that's what he said he was called, right?--sat beside her, she squirmed to put space between them. He didn't seem as rough as the other men, or maybe it was just because she hadn't been forced into this room by the man who'd kept barking out orders.

She knew that giving him her name wouldn't be the smartest thing to do, but she figured she was already screwed enough. "Andromeda," she replied weakly, "I was only looking." She should have followed her sisters' examples and kept her distance. But, no, she had to see what the real fuss was about. She just had to get a closer look, and now she was here. The sudden rush of questions brought a hot flash of shame through her, shame that she was already fed up with. This situation in itself had her fed up.

"How was I supposed to know that you were going to pull me up in a net," she retorted hotly, "Is this how all humans act? You just go wherever you want and think you have the right to everything? You should've put me back if you're so damn concerned!" The anger, triggered by her shame, died down after her short outburst, leaving her weaker than she'd been before. A glance down at her tail sent alarms ringing in her mind. "Water."

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah found that the mermaid was surprisingly wriggly, her tail wacking him in the nose a few times before he tightened his hold around her waist and tail. She didnt seem like shed really be too much of a troublemaker, but all the same. She was still one of the viscious mermaids he had heard about, the sharp teeth could come out at any time. "Stop fussing, you'll be better off that way," Jonah mumbled, feeling all eyes on him as he never raised his voice at the mermaid, never hit her for discipline like he knew some of his crew could do. He'd seen the back of his captains and egorts hands too many times with his unwillingness to comply to some orders.

He resepcted the girls space, silent for several moments leaned up against one of the beds bolte to the wall. His eyes were fixed to the shimmering gold tail, that had begun to look rather... Dry. The mermaid herself didnt look well whatsoever, and that concerned Jonah. He had been right about her and water, that she needed some kind of place to stay in the water. Sea water. Jonah got up to open one of the small circle shaped windows in the wall, breathing in the fresh air deeply. Suddenly, he had felt like he was suffocating, under pressure with the responsibility of a mermaid, a real live one who didnt bite, in his custody. Jonah swept a hand through his hair, shrugging off his damp yellow windbreaker, his soft eyes meeting the mermaids intense ones.

Then there was that voice again, fearful, quiet. "Andromeda," Jonah repeated reverently, the name rolling off his tongue smoothly. It was fitting, a pretty name from a pretty sea maiden. Jonah's features softened with worry, his boots clomping on the metal flooring as he knelt by the mermaid without getting too close. "You can't ever be just looking," Jonah whispered, pitiful for the young girl. "Stay as far from ships as you can, people in my world will do anything, even kill, for a mermaid creature," his voice was low with warning, already a slow thought forming in his mind. For it to work, however, andromeda would still have to be on the ship until thy reched the docks and began unloading. Then, Jonah would "look away for a second", and andromeda would "disappear". Hopefully for what he thought would be forever.

"We're fishermen! It's a fishing vessel," Jonah cried out in exasperation, trying to help Andromeda understand that ships were dangerous. Humans were dangerous. "We had no idea this was any of your territory... We diidnt even have proof that beings like you existed! We have to catch fish, lots of it, to make a living... This area seemed the perfect place," Jonah explained reasonably, trying to keep himself level headed. He cringed hearing her yell at his face, her tone furious and upset with him, betrayed. What was Jonah supposed to do? Throw her back into the ocean, on accident? The captain might as well throw him off, too. No doubt, the captain wouldn't hesitate, probably saying something like "go get her back," something impossible.

"I'd put you back, Andromeda, but I can't. Not now," Jonah scowled, offended that she was upset with him. Couldn't she see that all the men ran on orders? Especially with no one seeming to hesitate about the live being they had captured, Jonah could be certain his punishment would be too great. So many crew mates were relying on that mermaid, wether to bring them fame, fortune, or... Love. Jonah was adamant that nobody would get their hands on her, only because they'd fight, kill each other if they had to, and they'd mistreat her badly. Besides, she was a mermaid. She belonged in the sea, with all her other friends and family. "If I helped you escape now... They'd kill me, or-or put me overboard, drown me.... I've got nothing but this ship and this crew, I can't risk it now," Jonah apologized, torn between the poisons. Even if he put andromeda back, how could he be sure that shed be safe, or even get back to her land? He supposed he could give her a map, that way his captain wouldn't be able to eer go back to the same spot.

"Water-? Oh-" Jonah held his breath, looking at Andromedas rather sickly shade of skin color, her body inhaling quick shallow breaths in panic. The girl would die if he didnt do something! Despite the captains orders not to put the girl in any kind of water, Jonah swept the golden mermaid in his arms bridal style, the scales feeling awful hot on his skin. He shouldered his way out of the heavy door, his hazel eyes looking bck to the front of the ship. The deck door was closed, and nobody seemed to be inside. Jonah unlocked another door with the untightening of a door knob, revealing a bathroom that he shared with some of the other men. The tub was fairly... Dirty, what with dust and dirt for some reason.

Jonah sat on the toilet seat, with andromeda balanced on his lap, switching the water to sea water instead of their freshwater supply, the tub quickly draining the dirty water that formed on the bottom of the tub. He then plugged in a stopper, wasting no time to remove andromeda from his lap. It had been surreal to even touch her, with those big blue eyes, those red lips, her flowing blonde hair... Jonah set Andromeda into the bathtub, pleased to see she had just enough space to stretch herself out while laying down. Once the water was just inches from the top, Jonah shut off the water supply and inhaling the salty smell. "That's the best I can do for you... The captain wouldn't let me put you in the tank," Jonah apologized, sighing softly. His eyes locked with hers for only seconds, his heart fluttering.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments As soon as she was in the water, Andromeda could feel the strength entering her again. If that was what it was like to be out of water every time, she didn't wish for a repeat performance. She'd heard tales of mermaids drying up on land, but also of them gaining legs. Thinking on it, wasn't she just on Jonah's? Was that one of the uses of legs, holding things atop them? Legs were certainly strange limbs when she thought about it. Why would a mermaid give up her tail for them? They looked like they could give way at any minute, or be damaged easily. Flimsy is what she thought of them.

"Fishermen," she echoed questioningly, "Fishing vessel? So, you just catch fish? That's what this is? A tank?" Tanks were things they put liquids and such in, if she was informed correctly. Jonah had wanted to put her in one of those. Would it be clear for viewing? Or would it be black on all sides? A tank didn't sound very appealing, but it must have been a good thing for her situation. But, if what she was in now wasn't a tank, than what was it? What was everything here? It all seemed to be useful in someway. Why would they have it with them if it wasn't?

"If this isn't a tank, than what is it called?" Did humans use this for something? It seemed that there were two different inputs, but she didn't dare try to turn them, least the water run out. And what did he mean by not being to put her back now? That made no sense. She would certainly help him get back to land as thanks.

Their eyes met for a moment, and she felt her cheeks warm for a moment. She didn't dwell on it, but pursed her lips and stared down at the water. It felt like the sea, salty and sweet. She hummed contentedly, slipping lower into the water. Whatever it was she was in, it was nice. "What do you plan on doing with me?"

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E M M A  | 2245 comments "We catch fish, crab, lobster, whatever else we find, I guess," Jonah explained, leaning his elbows on his thighs to peer down at Andromeda. She had a curious look about her, her bright blue eyes staring up at him. He figured she had to still be at least a teenager, maybe on the verge of her adulthood. Her petite shape fit perfectly in the bathtub, with her golden scales shimmering with the pale light that came from the ceiling's single light bulb. He could turn on the ther brighter light as well, but their electricity couldn't be wasted. Jonah was content sitting here on the toilet seat, his soft brown eyes looking over her tail with awe. Mermaids had been rumored as myth, fantasized in movies, but never had Jonah thought that they were real.

Jonah laughed good naturedly, shaking his head. "No, this," Jonah sighed, dropping a firm hand on the tubs ledge, kneeling down by her side. "This is a tub, humans bathe in it, wash off dirt and whatever else," Jonah explained slowly, seeing how andromeda would take in the new information. "Our tank is like... A giant bathtub, maybe the size of this room, he speculated, tilting his chin up to examine the sizing. Seemed about right. "We keep our live catches in there, or anything else we want to keep alive for the trip," he added, resorting to sitting on his rear with his weight leaning on the side of the bathtub. His arms rested on the ledge, his chin siting on his forearms.

Andromeda looked around with a childlike innocence, in awe of the bathroom Jonah had seen every day for at least seven years now, when his captain had purchased a newer, larger vessel to accomodate their growing crew. It made Jonah sick to his stomach hearing the girls gentle question, guilt washing over him once again. The girl still had no idea how dangerous humans could be, what could happen to her. Especially with the newer crew mates he had no tolerance for, there could be so many things gone wrong with the mermaid if the captain didnt keep strict rules. Someone could make off with andromeda in their emergency motorboat, with andromeda kept to himself. He had a few orher suspicions, but pushed them out of his head, sick.

"All I'm supposed to do is watch you, make sure you don't escape, and that you're okay," Jonah sighed dejectedly, his forehead creasing as he looked over at Andromedas upset features. He rubbed his stubble then ran his fingers through his dark brown hair like he usually did when he was stressed, but all he could think about was that greedy look his captain had had, the crews obnoxious cheering upon finding a mermaid. He really needed o get her out of this boat, but he only could do it when they got to the docks. "Don't let them touh you, don't trust anyone, okay?" Jonah pleaded, genuinely concerned what some had in mind. Her scales could each e worth hundreds, who knew if they were even solid gold. "Are you hungry or anything? Do you want a... A shirt?" Jonah hesitated, thinking for a second that the creature could be freezing in the rather frigid boat. Not to mention how much skin she showed.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda took note of the way he kept staring at her tail. The color of it wasn't unusual among her sisters, and she wondered why he found it so fascinating. Maybe it was the same as she thought of his legs. Maybe he was wondering how she got around with it. She lifted it out of the water a bit before dropping it back in the water. She repeated the motion several times before she grew bored of it. This tub thing didn't seem like it was as much fun as the tank. If it had enough space for her to move about more freely, she might be fine with it.

She liked his laugh. He seemed more relaxed now, which puzzled her because she should have been the one relaxing. She'd figured he was like the rest of the crew, excited to behold a creature such as herself. Which was odd, in itself. Mermaids were few in number, but why were people so stuck on them? Some of mermaids she'd met for the first time had been particularly nasty to her. Teeth and claws flashing. The thought of those encounters made her scrunch her nose unhappily, but the expression vanished soon after.

Now, he sounded worried and sad again. She wondered if all humans had this kind of emotional responses to things. It seemed he wasn't in favor of her presence on the ship, or that the crew held an interest in her. Which was well enough, because she didn't really want to be anywhere near the others of the crew. "No," she replied, when he asked if she was hungry. She was still a bit too concerned to eat anything. A shirt? It was certainly cold, she'd admit. "I'd like a shirt, thank you." Not that she really understood what he meant by a shirt. It was probably some article of clothing, like what he was wearing.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah nodded at Andromedas request, unable to help but find that her inocent voice was indeed polite, and he used the word 'shirt' as if she weren't quite sure what it was. Regardless, Jonah stood slowly to go find the mermaid something to wear. "I'll be right back, I promise," Jonah agreed, his heavy boots thudding on the floors. He stepped to the heavy airtight door, loosening the doorknob and opening it wide. Jonah gab a little wave at andormeda, leaving the light turned on before crossing the hall to his bedroom. The captain had been looking for them, combined that Jonah had made off with the mermaid, and the entire crew was incredibly pissed off, shouting his name.

Jonah, in his oblivion, scrambled through his clothes locked in a chest bolted to the ground as well. He held up a compression shirt that he wore in the winter months to keep warm, deeming it close enough to Andromedas size as it would get. Just as he turned around to face the door again, his captain stormed in with an extremely red face. "Deighton!" He barked, scowling furiously with two other men behind him. "And where were you? Where is out mermaid? Why haven't you followed my ORDERS!" The captain demanded fiercely, taking Jonah by the throat and slamming him against the wall. The captain had been so concerned about his fortune, that nothing else seemed to matter anymore. Not even the boy he knew since he was four, his deceased boss's son.

Jonah kicked his legs as he struggled to breathe, the captains hot breath in his face. "Where is she, boy? Huh?" Jonah moved his lips but couldn't speak, for the life of him wishing he could defend himself and not be so weak all the time. The other two fishermen grabbed his arms, turning him around and slamming him into an iron chair with his arms pinne behind his back. Jonah cried out in pain, his face contorting with agony as his muscles tensed, his body favoring his arms at the moment. "I'm disappointed, Jonah. You let her back in the sea, didnt you? Soft little Jonah, always trying to do the right thing," the captain spat, slapping his face brutally.

"N-no! I-i-I- she's still on the boat!" Jonah shouted all in one breath as the captain flicked out a knife, anger gleaming in his eyes. Jonah had his eyes squeezed shut, close to tears at that moment. He couldn't die. Andromeda needed him, and this wasnt how he wanted to go! The captain lowered himself to Jonah's level in his chair, his face very close to Jonah's. "Go get her. Now," the man hissed, the two fishermen releasing Jonah harshly. Tubbing his arms bitterly, Jonah stood up to go fetch the mermaid, his heart sinking into his stomach. The girl didnt deserve to be treated like this, locked up in a ship.

Egort, meanwhile, had seen Jonah exit the bathroom in an awful rush. Especially with him and the mermaid missing for the past ten minutes, he was suspicious. Stepping inside the bathroom, the rather strong russian young man closed the bathroom door behind him. And locked it. Hunger gleamed in his beady blue eyes, examining the pretty little lass that had been all the rage that afternoon. The mermaid, sitting in the tub ever so innocently, oblivious. "Hello, my pretty," egort grinned crookedly, showing a set of rotten teeth. He knelt by the tub, his calloused hands seizing the girls waist and pinning her inside the tub, evil thoughts running through his mind as he began to kiss her roughly, already having plans for his future with the new prize he woul somehow sneak off the boat.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda nodded as he walked out, smiling when he turned back to wave at her. She supposed that she would be a bit warmer with the shirt or whatever on her. Slipping further into the water, she glanced up at the sound of voices. They seemed…angry. Like they were really upset with someone. Jonah had gone out there; were they upset with him? Was he not supposed to bring her to water?

Lost in her thoughts, she barely notice when someone else walked in until she heard the click of the door. "Jonah," she began, ready to fire more questions at him, but stopped at the sight of someone else. He looked vaguely familiar, and she assumed that he was one of the men that had been on the deck earlier. She slid further into the water as he came closer, until he had her in his grasp and he was forcing himself on her. A scream bubbled in her throat, silenced by his lips. She thrashed in the water, squirming to get out of his grasp.

She'd never really had to defend herself like this before, and Andromeda was at a loss for what to do. She thought back to what her sisters had taught her, and finally there was a way for to get out of this. She bit down on his bottom lip and pulled back with all the might she could muster. If this didn't get him off her, she'd used her claws to possibly turn his face to shred.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Egort screeched, his screams muffled by the viscious mermaids teeth on his lip. He could feel the searing pain in his sensitive nerves, suddenly feeling absolutely useless as he thrashed his arms in the water, hitting ther mermaid brutally until she would let go. What was this? The girl had seemed so innocent, she hadnt beaten Jonah up, and yet egort got himself a mouthful of blood. His beady blue eyes glared into the girls brighter ones, anger rising off of him as he reached for the girls throat, squeezing hard and shoving her back into the wall of the bathtub. He couldn't kill her of course, as he needed her to be alive for his plans, but he could at least scare her a bit. "Let go!" He demanded, shouting and yelping as the two scrambled aroun in the struggle.

Jonah pulled on the door, pushed, but it wouldn't budge. The knob was locked from the inside, and he could just faintly make out the splashing of water. And... Egorts voice. "Open up-! Egort! Open the door, cap'ns orders!" Jonah shouted through the metal, banging furiously with a closed fist on the metal. The captain and the two men stood behind Jonah, eating to send this was some sort of ploy. Jonah was in no mood for the mermaid to be messed around with, the girl he had taken rather a liking to. She was pretty, no doubt, and he admired her innocence and kindness even in her situation. She hadnt lashed out at him, and she accepted his hospitality. Made him feel... Needed. With the crew, thank you's were rare unless ou saved someone's life.

He could hear egorts muffled yelps, his splashing and cries for help, as well as Andromedas tail smacking the water. What was going on! "Step aside!" The captain snapped gruffly, shoving Jonah out of the way onto his side, skidding on the slippery floors. He swore like a sailor, rubbing the side of his butt bone where he had landed whil the captain juggled a se of keys into the lock, twisted, and opened. The captains expression seemed to darken at first, before he barged in for the bathroom. Jonah sprung to his feet, his heart pounding wildly in his ears. He stayed at the doorway while the two other men held him back from going in, horrified.

Egorts face was bleeding. Not just a few scratches, but many. Too many. His bottom lips was swollen and puffy, and Andromedas teeth had sunken into them. Egorts hand was at her neck, small bruises forming aginst that gentle skin. "Andromeda!" Jonah couldn't help but shout, lunging past the captain who had his fingers tangled in the mermaids hair as he yanked her face away from egorts, who te captain had curled his fingers around the collar of. He could see clearly what had been going on here, and as the captain with plans of his own with the mermaid, he didnt like the competition. Egort would be thrown overboard that night.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda had been so wrapped up in defending herself that she'd scarcely noted that people had waltzed right in. The only thing that pulled her apart from her attacker was a heavy grip in her hair. She gasped sharply, letting go of the man's lip and her hands flew to the fingers in her hair. It felt like her hair was going to be pulled from her scalp, and she was thrashing all over again.

The man's hands were at her neck again, and her hands changed course for his eyes. Before she could do any serious damage to them, they were flung apart. The captain, from what she could gauge, still had a hold of her hair. This is probably what Jonah had been talking about, staying away from people. Would this happen every time she wasn't with Jonah? She hoped not.

"Let go," she screeched, continuing to writhe in the captain's grasp. Gods, this hurts so much. "Please." She didn't think it would be wise to cry, not with the way this man was holding on to her and behaving. She suspected he wouldn't be moved by her tears either, or he might take more pleasure in seeing her cry than anything. She turned her gaze onto Jonah, pleading silently for him to make this stop.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Hearing andromeda cry out and look to him had been enough. Jonah couldn't bear to hear her upset voice, with the captain yelling at egort and scolding the mermaid to be still. "Let her go!" Jonah snapped, gripping the captains arm fiercely. His hazel eyes had hardened, no more tolerance for this rude and evil man he had once respected. The captains eyes flashed at Jonah, looking as if he were about to bear him like he normally did, but looked away when he saw that Jonah wouldn't falter this time, that he was taking it too far.

The captain released Andromedas tangled hair slowly, letting the girl slip back into the water. Jonah quickly knelt by her side, brushing her messed up locks behind her ear and out of her face. "A-are you okay?" Jonah whispered, full of concern and regret for ver leaving her alone. She was more lusted after than he had thought, so he would have to be extra careful who he trusted andromeda with. "I'm sorry I didnt get your shirt... Captain caught me," Jonah added even lower tone, offering a small apologetic smile. The captain finished yelling at egort, scolding him visciously for taking his possession and touching his girl like that and told his men to "do away" with egort. Immediately.

The captain turned to Jonah and Androemda with a watchful eye, Jonah's arm draping around her shoulders protectively in case the captain made a reach for her again. Seeing that it kept the mermaid quiet and content, the captain only grunted with annoyance and turned on his heavy boots. "Watch her- no one touches the girl!" The red coated old man growled, slamming the door behind him with a deafening bang. Jonah let out a breath e didnt even know he had been holding, releasing andromeda. "What did you do to him? Worse, what did he do to you?" Jonah whispered a bit excitedly, pleased with Andromedas defense.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda breathed a sigh of relief only when the captain left, cowering into Jonah's side. She turned her face, eyes shut to keep from the tears of shock from escaping. She would definitely take Jonah's advice and avoid other men. Of course, she now knew that she could hold them off just well enough if she really had to. But, still, she didn't want to experience that ever again.

She looked up at Jonah as he spoke, sniffing lightly. "I bit his lip," she replied, "and I just pulled back. I think I may have really hurt him." She furrowed her brows, the realization sinking into her that she'd actually bitten a man. While the sensation of panic was slowly washing away from her, light pangs of guilt pestered her. She'd never wanted to hurt anyone; she'd simply wanted to go home. Why couldn't they just let her go?

"He kissed me," she informed him, looking down, "He wouldn't let me go." She looked back up at him, eyes watering. "Jonah, please don't leave again. I don't need the shirt." If he left again, the same thing might happen. She couldn't have that. Even if the captain had been a threatening force of authority, it didn't mean that there wouldn't be more like that Egort man like before.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah raised his eyebrows in surprise. Bit egorts lip? He could have easily guessed what the man had attempted to do, although he fought hard not to think about it. "Egorts not a good man, anyway..." Jonah dismissed, happy that egort got what he deserved. Jonah couldn't count how many times he'd been hit, pushed, teased, and sworn at by thefoul fisherman, and wouldn't miss his presence one bit. Served him right, for trying to take advantage of a mermaid. He noticed that andromeda looked troubled, guilt in her voice. "It's okay, Andromeda, you did the right thing! If you hadnt defended yourself, you would have gotten hurt instead," he sighed.

Jonah had turned his gaze away to examine his wet shirt from hugging the poor girl, before she spoke up again. His hazel eyes darted up to meet her bright blue ones, which were now watering with upset. His heart sunk, feeling nothing but pity for his new friend and anger for the captain. It was inhumane, cruel how they treated others, how they had decided that it was okay to kidnap a creature of the sea. She didnt belong here.

"I-I won't leave you," he promised gently, looking over her beautiful face. She looked like a child, innocence and fear clouding over her. He made it his mission to protect Andromeda all he could from the horrors of the crew and captain, make it his duty to see that she got out safely when they reached the docks. Who knew what would happen if the captain got his way with Andromeda, sold her to scientists, or had her holed up in a glass tank. Nobody deserved this kind of treatment, and certainly not his Andromeda. "I'll stay with you as long as you need me, and I'll lock the door when I have to go," Jonah said firmly, brushing a strand of wet hair from her face.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Jonah didn't seem all too sad about her attacking his friend, and Andromeda was miffed by this. Was it okay to hurt certain people? His words assured of such, but she still didn't feel it was right. She didn't voice this to him, relishing in the way he'd seemed so proud of her for defending herself. She'd done a good thing, she supposed, but it didn't help her feel any less guilty. She pulled back when she noticed that his shirt was wet. If she was cold as she was, it was likely that he was colder than she was. She'd heard tales of humans getting sick from the cold, and she didn't want for that to happen to Jonah, all because she'd been weak.

His promise to not leave made her feel much better, although she still didn't feel like locking the door would be helpful in keeping her safe. The captain was still out there, and he might have a way of getting in without resistance from just a door. As for Egort, as everyone kept calling the man that attacked her, if he were to be thrown overboard, she guessed her sisters would interrogate him. They had to be looking for her, and if they didn't get the answers they'd liked, they'd rip him to shred. Drowning him would be too kind a death. She'd seen something similar to it before, but she didn't quite believe her sisters to be capable of such violence.

"You said, you were to keep me safe until we reach land," she began, brows furrowing, "When will that be?" If she were to be put on land, it was likely that she'd gain legs. Maybe then she'd be with Jonah all the time, and he could protect her. But, there was also the thought of having her gills changing to lungs for longer than they had been when she was on deck.

It dawned on her then that all she'd ever heard about humans and their life on land were stories from other mermaids that had been passed on. They changed too often to be fully true, but she'd always held on to the idea of them being so. Here she was, on a ship, with a human, and she could ask him whatever she wanted. The first thing that popped into her mind was what was first out of her mouth. "Do human women really look like us?"

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah furrowed his brows at Andromedas question, uncertain how to respond. When would they get to the docks? We're they going straight back home a few days early with their catch? The way that the ship had seemed to turn around with all it's groaning, Jonah could guess they were headed back home. "Well... It took two days to sail out here, Im assuming it'll take two more days to get back," Jonah apologized. At least this time, they wouldn't be against the current and could possibly have more winds the next few hours. "When we get there, somehow... I'll sneak you into the water, you swim as far away from the boats as you can, without stopping... Alright? I'd hate for someone else to catch you," Jonah sighed dejectedly, not looking forward to when he'd have to let her go.

Andromeda blurted a question, catching Jonah off guard. It was a silly one at that, and left Jonah grinning. "Yes, but I think mermaids are much more beautiful, and human women have legs," Jonah rolled his eyes. He'd never seen another mermaid before, but he assumed that all were equally or more beautiful than Androemda. The movie depictions had done a swell job. "Are there such thing as mermen?" Jonah asked awkwardly, finding himself a but intrigued by learning of her new world. Mermen were mentioned sometimes, but hardly all the rage as much as mermaids were.

The commercial fishing liner sailed at full speed through the Pacific Ocean, waves lapping up against its worn steel hull. The captain and his closest advisors plotted their course to avoid a particularly daunting current, to take the fastest way home possible. The men who weren't manning the steering in the control room or cleaning the deck of any fish blood were plotting about what they could accomplish with a mermaid. Egort had been tied up to a chair in his own room, while his punishment was decided. The sky was a bit cloudy as they continued on, their fishing almost completely forgotten. Some were cross with Jonah, not understanding why he was the one the mermaid took to. In their opinion, Jonah was rather ugly, with his masculine features, light stubble, and hazel brown eyes. He was too soft.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Two days? That sounded better than three or more. With Jonah's declaration of a plan for her escape, her expression brightened. So, she could definitely trust Jonah. He was working to protect her and find a way for her to get back home. She'd have to find a way to repay him before he helped her escape, but she'd have to do so before they reached land. Nothing came to mind when she thought about it now, but maybe something would pop up later.

Andromeda flushed at his reply about human women, before she chuckled as well. He wasn't talking about her, per say, but of all mermaids. Which, by default, would include her. "There are," she responded to distract herself from her thoughts, "but there are few of them. I've only ever seen one, and that was my father. They usually have several wives, since they're so few and us so many." She frowned, not entirely sure if that would seem normal to Jonah. She'd had a few tales told to her of how romantic it was for humans to have only one mate, as opposed to the numerous ones her species were allowed to hold. She supposed that's what happen with a species lacking so many males.

"How do legs work?" The question had been bugging her for a while, nagging at the back of her head. They seemed like marvelously trivial limbs, but they looked vital to the humans. That, and she wondered if there were others that looked like Jonah. She thought that he was rather appealing to the eyes, but she wasn't sure if she was to him. While not the plumpest, she still wasn't the thinnest. Andromeda had a certain measure of curves, but not within the realms of what most mermaids deemed as "beautiful". She decided that her thoughts were already taking a bad turn, and another question would do well to distract her. "What's it like on land?"

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah listened intently, not minding at all that he was sitting on the cold hard ground of one of the ships bathrooms while the other crew mates were hitting and cleaning fish like he was supposed to be. Instead, he draped his arms over the edge of the tub with his fingers trailing in the cold sea water. He coul sit here for hours despite the fact that he was sitting with his legs bent and twisted at an angle, and his back hunched over the edge to be as close to Andromeda as he dared.

Remembering that Andromeda had been cold earlier, Jonah shrugged off his bright yellow windbreaker, draping It around her frail shoulders. The fabric floated on the waters surface until Jonah pushed it under the water with his hands. Jonah smiled softly at andromeda as he pulled the jackets fronts together, zipping the fabric up slowly. He was careful to not get her hair caught, letting it float around her. "Better?" Jonah asked softly, adjusting her hair over her front to get it out of the way. Now he was left in short sleeves and his rubber overalls, goosebumps rising on his arms, but he didnt mind. He figured that andromeda would have caught a cold or something, being half naked and all.

Jonah was left intrigued, curious about the mermaid world. Why were there so few men? Did they all die off early? Were females the majority of births? How did mermaids even reproduce? How big were these mermaid families? Jonah held his tongue, embarrassed by how most his thoughts were. "Is it just that boys are never really born?" Jonah asked softly, letting his fingers dip in the water. "Humans, were pretty even... Some boys, some girls... And usually we only have one mate, someone we really love," he sighed, knowing he'd probably die out at sea, never have a girlfriend or a wife, not even offspring. He was poor, uneducated, lived on a shipliner, had no family whatsoever. Not even a distant grandparent. Who would want him?

Jonah snapped out of his upsetting thoughts at the sound f Andromedas voice again, his soft hazel eyes tearing away from the water. "Legs...?" He repeated, a slow smile creeping on his face. He laughed, extending a leg with his rubber booted foot planted on the wall. "We have feet, we stand on them... Some have long legs, some have short, and we can walk, or run... Running is like really fast walking," Jonah babbled, finding himself under Andromedas blue gaze. "Land...? I don't even know... I've been on this boat for too long," Jonah laughed drily. There was no place for him on land, nowhere he belonged. He would know, because he spent two months after e turned legal adult age on land, and the experience hadnt been pleasant.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda's smile widened, and she looked down at the jacket. It was the same as it was before, from when she'd been in the water. "Yes, thank you," she replied, before looking over at Jonah again, "Won't you be cold?" She may have been less clothed than he was, but she suspected that the short-sleeves worked about as well as her without the jacket. Lips pursed, she turned her attention to his questions.

"It's hard to say," she responded, brows furrowed, "There used to be a lot more, or so I was told, but something happened. No one really remembers it, since it was quite a while ago." What had happened? She hadn't quite thought about it before. If humans were equal in reproduction, then they probably had quite a few couples. But usually? Would that mean that Jonah had someone like that? For some reason, that made her feel a little…sad. "Why haven't you been on land?"

The question just left her lips after a moment of though, a frown settling on her face. "Is it not nice?" She didn't quite understand why he liked it out here, what with all that had happened to her earlier. Maybe his friends were different when they weren't faced with the prospect of wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Or an exotic meal. "Can you swim with legs?"

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah made sure to tuck the jacket securely around her shoulders, before settling again with his back against the cold wall. He hugged his arms folded to his chest, his eyes glancing over the wall in front of him. The mermaids scales reflected the light frpm the lamp dangling above onto the wall, reflecting colors on the dull gray. It was nice to see some color after being out in sea, with all the stormy gray skies, the dark blue waters, the white walls of the ship... Andromeda spoke up again, and Jonah tore his eyes from the scales on the wall. "Huh? Nah, dont worry about me," he shook his head in refusal. He wished he kept his jacket, but the girl must have been freezing at this point. He had to keep her healthy if she was going to get back home.

Jonah leaned on an arm on the tub, his head held in his hand. He was still dwelling on what he was going to do with his future, if there was much of one anyway. The ship was his home, hed never been to school, fishing was how he earned skimpy money to buy himself clothes and occasional presens for himself. He had no family, not many good friends, he had no other skills. The idea of doing skmething else for a living neverexactly occured to gim, never registered in his head. But now? Andromedas question had triggered a series of thoughts, and solitude caused panic inside him.

He had no idea how the merpeople reproduction system worked at all, but the odd proportions under the sea sounded like a weird concept. Polygamy, itd be called here. Jonahs green brown eyes locked with hers, a soft smile on his lips as he forced himself to let go of his foolish thoughts. Fisherman he would be, there was no other choice. It was just meant to be. Her next question caused Jonah to flinch, a bit unprepared for his liking.

"Uh... i dont have any business on land... out here, on the ocean, this is where i live," Jonah patted the closed toilet seat with the affectionate thump of his hand. There was a slight melancholy tone to his voice, which he struggled to conceal time to time. "Im a fisherman. We catch fish from the ocean, bring it back to the land for everyone else to eat," jonah shrugged, sighing softly. Not mermaids. They werent supposed to catch beautiful womem from the sea. Human men were animals when it came to females, and he couldnt even bear the thoughts of what could happen to Andromeda if he didnt get her out if here.

"No! No, land is plenty nice, if you go to the right olace," Jonah laughed heartily, sitting up straight. He preffered the sea to the land, always feeling out of place and stupid when he was in the nornal polulations presence. They didnt trwst him too well when he had trouble reading signs, and they didnt apprecoate his naiveté when it came to what was going on in the modern world with cell phones computers and crap.

Shouts came from down the hall with the gentle swaying of the huge fishing vessel, the heavy stomp of boots passing by quickly. Jonah watched the door unsettled, hefore Andromeda spoke up again. "Of course you can, I can swim pretty well with legs.. maybe we'll have to race sometime," Jonah winked jokingly. It was obvious who'd win, but it just helped Jonah think of the future in a posituve way. In a few days, he had no certainity what would become of him. Disobeying the captain to the extent he was going to would be dangerous.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Andromeda watch him carefully, considering his response. She barely registered a commotion outside, feeling more the pull of warmth around as her lids grew heavy. She didn't think it would be possible for her to sleep in such a place, but the melodic lilt of Jonah's voice accompanied by the subtle rocking of the ship was working wonders. A soft hum of content bubbled through her throat as she blinked slowly.

"The right place," she echoed sleepily, "Where would that be?" A curious image entered her mind, one of Jonah on land. That was the place for humans, she supposed, so it wouldn't be odd for him to be there. Why did they persist in traveling so far for fish? There were easier ways to catch them. Maybe they liked fish a whole lot more than she did. She was more a fan of the eels, but she supposed everyone had different tastes. But, she thought, why did he flinch when she asked the question?

"I'd like a race," she yawned, "I don't win with my sisters, though. They're much stronger swimmers than I am. Muriel is the fastest of us." A smile stretched over her lips at the thought of her sister before it was replaced with a quivering lip. What if she never saw them again, her sisters? Would she be stuck on this ship for the rest of her life?

She didn't like to think of the many years she'd spend in this tub, no matter how nice it seemed. She sunk deeper into the water, expression clouding. Her brows furrowed, and she felt she might cry. "Jonah, are there others like you?"

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Jonah smiled weakly over at Andromeda as her eyelids fluttered shut, the young girl seeming rather exhausted. Poor thing. He'd watch over her to make sure nobody entered the bathroom during her skumber, so she could rest assured that she'd see the next day. There weren't any others in the boat that had his kind of heart, as they were all turned to greedy men with their discovery of Andromeda. Jonah made careful note to remember to find that shotgun he kept for safety, one of his dads, he was told, and lock himself inside the bathroom until he needed air. He didn't trust anyone, not a single soul, with the beautiful girl of the sea. If word got out about mermaids, there would be a frenzy looking for them, murders, stealing, the works. Jonah felt it was up to him to save Andromeda's people.

"Hmm?" Jonah snapped out of his daze, scooting up again to sit upright with his back agaisnt the wall. "The right place... somewhere warm," Jonah mused, imagining a tropical vacation he'd never be able to afford. "With white sand beaches, clear blue waters... peace and quiet," he continued a bit dreamily, with a hint of sadness in his tone. He'd never see that tropical vacation as long as he lived. Several crew members often talked during the summer about their vacations to the tropics, on cruise ships, to the canyons, camping beside waterfalls. He dreamed to travel, to see the sights of the world, but not just in the sea. He wanted to feel that solid packed dirt under his feet, feel the grass tickle his skin, be able to enjoy the luxuries of those other people. "Just somewhere pleasant," Jonahs lip twitched in an attempt to smile, not making it past a smirk.

"Yeah? You'd like that?" Jonah raised an eyebrow, a bit intrigued by the idea of racing a mermaid on the sea. Of course Andromeda would win, since he couldnt breathe underwater or have fins, but it would be something to do. but when? When would they do it? Once he set her free at the docks, she was gone forever. He'd most likely be murdered once people found out it was him who helped her escape, and that was the end of it. "How many sisters are there, Andromeda?" He asked, rubbing his sore shoulder absent mindedly.

He enjoyed Andromeda's comoany, hearing her sweet innocent voice, looking into those deep blue eyes of hers. How he wished she was human, how he wished he could have a girl to himself for once. He'd never had a girlfriend, just those one night stands. Who wanted a sailor who never was home on land? The next time Jonah looked up at the mermaid, her face was scrunched up like she was about to cry. There was fear and upset in his voice, like that of a little child. His eyebrows knitted together with concern, his gentle brown eyes meeting hers as he moved to his knees to face Andromeda properly. "What do you mean, others like me..? Humans? There are several humans on this ship... what's the matter?" Jonah coaxed softlt, careful to kep his tone low and symoathetic.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Are we still dping this? If not thats okay just let me know

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments I thought I'd replied to this >.< I can still do it if you're still up to it, or we can do something else if you want?

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Hhahaha its alright :) missed you! We can do something else if you dont mind i sort of forgot this one xD

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments That's fine ^-^ what else did you have in mind?

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Nothijg in particular actually! Something like this or similar, or another realistic rp

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments I'm fine with something similar to this.

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E M M A  | 2245 comments Okay :) do we wanna stay with the mermaid, they meet under diff circumstances, or you can choose some other fairy or something mythical that he meetsand keeps safe

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