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message 2: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Awesome! Thank you for making it

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Not a problem ^^ Did you want to see examples, or are you good? (:

message 4: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments I'm good! I believe you haha.

Did you have anything in particular that you wanted to do?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay haha

And I have a lot of things in mind, but I'd like to know what you like before I start putting stuff down :3

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments I basically like anything relaistic and has romance haha. Things I won't do, though, are incest, kidnapping, teacher/student kind of things.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay (: Um, what about teenage pregnancy and amnesia? ^^

message 8: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Teenage pregnancy sounds good!

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Alright awesome ^^ I'm guessing that you do MxF RPs, right?

I have a scenario that I often use for teenage pregnancy ones, so I can post it, if you'd like ^^

message 11: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Yes I'd love to see it!

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Guy A and Girl A have been going out for about a month now, being friends before that. Guy A is horrible at showing feelings of romance in public, and this worries Girl A, because she thinks he doesn't actually like her. Frustrated, she confronts him about it, and he explains that he does like her, he's just bad at showing it. One thing leads to another that day, and about 2 weeks alter, she is pregnant! They are both worried at first, but then Guy A convinces her that everything will be okay, and he'll protect her and stick around her no matter what.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments That sounds really cute (: I'd like to do that

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay cool, I'm glad you like it ^^

So, which character do you want? (:

message 15: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments I'll be the guy (:

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments That's a first haha I've never had anyone say to me in all of the teenage pregnancy ones that I've done that they'll be the guy xD

message 17: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Lol I try to surprise people XD you're okay being the girl, right?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Well, you certainly have haha I'm fine with being the girl, as long as you're actually okay with being the guy ^^ I don't think I have a character made for her, I might, but if I don't, I'll have to start from scratch (:

message 19: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Yep! I like being the guy (: and yeah I'll probably have to start from scratch with my guy as well.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay ^^ I actually did find a girl that I can use for this, I just have to tweak her in the slightest. I'll have her up in a moment :D

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments  photo tumblr_lvhkey9G3b1qg6rkio1_500_zps6bde710d.gif

" It's never too late to start again, to take another breath, and say another prayer, and fly away from here."

Name: Skyler Anallese Novotany

Nick names: Sky or Ana

Age: 16

Date of Birth: June 24
Birth Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Animal: Ox
Spirit Animal: Wolf

Religion Wicca
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Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

" When I fall in love with somebody, I fall in love with the person, not their gender identity. Don't discriminate against me because my love in non-discriminatory."

 photo Blonde-fashion-girl-hair-taylor-momsen-Favimcom-191205_zps28e022da.jpg
//Eye Color// Hazel
//Hair Color// Blonde
//Height// 5'3
//Weight// 120 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale
//Skin Texture// Smooth

" Your damned if you too skinny and you damned if your too fat. According to other's, I've been both. I'm tired of it and I've stopped caring"


 photo taylormomsen5_zps1dc27714.jpg

Skyler is often caught wearing eyeliner, whether it be black, purple or blue, which are her favorites. With other make-up, she was, on occasion, wear eyeshadow, but it is always dark. She never wears lipstick and if she wears gloss, it is clear.

As far as Skyler's clothing, she wears tank tops over one of her hoodies. With her tank tops, they are either black, dark blue, grey or dark purple. Hoodies are always with a stripped pattern with darker colors with a small amount of light. She never, ever wears pink. Her shirts somewhat reveal her cleavage, but not like others girls that she's seen through her life. Her t-shirts and usually plain or with a band on them.

Skyler always wears pants. Never shorts, never dresses and only shorts if it is terribly hot outside. Her jeans are normally skinny jeans that are black or dark blue. Shoes are converse or ballet slippers always. Never heels. She's tried before and fell right on her a**.

Skyler's life as a baby was fairly complicated. Her mother and father didn't want a child, they already had 3 teenagers at home to take care of, so a baby would be rather difficult. They kept her for half a year, giving her the best love they could, but it became too hard and they gave her up for adoption. At the home, Skyler was always quiet, never cried about anything. She was first adopted when she was 3 years old by a rich family, but then she began to act up. She cried at every little thing and wanted a lot of attention. That wasn't what this family was looking for. They dealt with her for a year, but they sent her back when she had just turned 5. Once she returned, she was back to being quiet. She played with small things all by herself and never asked for anyone to play with her or feed or or whatever else the other 'normal' children did.

When Skyler was 9, she was once again adopted by a family that lived out on the farm. Her behavior and acting out issues got better, but she was now very adventurous and outgoing. Her favorite activity was climbing the trees, sometimes even fell asleep up there in a small little spot that was really good for sitting or laying around.The farmers didn't mind her adventurous nature however and kept her for 3 years, until she turned 12. The reason that they gave her up was the wife of the farmer had died and he didn't want to take care of her. Apparently, he secretly hated the girls nature and way of doing things. Once again, Skyler was back up for adoption.

She stayed there for a year and a half before she was taken again by a family that ran a local restaurant. Skyler's behavior at first was just like when she was a child, acting out and wanting the parents to pay attention to her. That changed rather quickly though. Her adoptive father began to worry a lot about her and wanted to be with her 24/7. Skyler asked why he did this because she was annoyed with it and he simply responded ' That's how you've been acting, right? I want some of your attention to. You shouldn't ask for attention if you don't want it received.' Skyler's actions were soon fixed and she was back to her regular self, developing over the years to be who she is today. Now, she actually has a boyfriend, though sometimes it doesn't feel that way. He's been her friend since she transferred to High School, and now they've taken it a step father.

Skyler often does not talk to other people around her, unless she really has to. She prefers to do projects by herself and eat lunch by herself too. At home she is fairly more talkative, because she loves her 'parents'. At school, however, she only has a few people that she is seen talking with during the day, and even then she is not as talkative as she could be.

Skyler, again, prefers to do things alone and she is good at it. She rarely asked for help from other people, since she feels that she can take care of it all by herself. Teachers will occasionally try to help her, but it seems that, with some classes, she knows more then they do.

Skyler loves to try new things and figure out thing about the place that she lives and the things around her. Climbing trees is still her favorite activity to this day, besides swimming of course.

Open Minded
Skyler thinks that there are many ways that you can do many things. Whenever people say that there is only one way to do something, Skyler with fix that right away with at least 3 other alternative ways to do so. Her way of thinking is like that as well. She also does not judge others by the way they look, or by their attitude. She judges them by their past and then they're attitude. Skyler believes that everyone has a reason for acting the way that they do, legit or not.

 photo 102099964_blue-zircon-oak-leaf-pentacle-pentagram-necklace-wicca-_zpsaa69afe5.jpg
This necklace was given to Skyler by her mother, who is also a Wiccan. She wears this necklace every single day, going down to her stomach with the silver chain. This pentagram symbolized the five elements: spirit, water, fire, earth and air. However, many people don't understands this and think that Skyler is a satanist.

Skyler does have 3 kittens that she found in a box in the park, two of those kitten being hurt. She took them home and her adoptive father agreed to let her keep them. 2 of the kittens are girls and 1 is a boy, they appear to be about 3-4 months old. The appear to be from the same litter.
 photo 1183921_stock-photo-cute-newborn-baby-kittens-easily-isolated-on-white_zps629e48d7.jpg
Socks (on the far left) was one of the hurt kittens, her leg was split open pretty well. She is very friendly to everyone, but very quiet, she doesn't meow too often. She can be playful, but she prefers to just cuddle with others. Her favorite thing to play with it Skyler's panties, bras, and tank tops.

Frankie (the middle) is the male cat, also one of the hurt ones. His ear was nicked pretty good when he was found, and there was a bit mark on his tail. Out of the three, he is the most adventurous, loves to run around no matter what time of day it is. If you are cuddling with him, he will often turn it into a game, biting your hand and such. He is very protective of his sisters, very cautious when strange people are around, and stays by his sisters.

Buttercup (the far right) is the other female kitten. She is friendly, but very curious. She sniffs practicaly everything and anything that she can get her hands on. She is almost like a mother to her siblings, and to Skyler, making sure the girl is awake, and making sure that Frankie doesn't get into too much trouble, or checking on Socks if she appears to be sad. She is also a bit of a helper, using her paws and teeth to clean up the clothes of Skylers floor if she happens to leave them there. Of course, this takes some time, but it gives her something to do while Skyler is away, or her siblings are asleep.

Skyler also has a baby mouse that she found in her garage just recently. It is only about a week old, just recently opening it's eyes. She has determined, from what she knows about mice, that it is a girl, and she has named her Pepper.
 photo mouse_zpsd12077cb.png

message 23: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Working on my character now!!

message 25: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Name: Bentley James Council
Nickname(s): Occasionally goes by Ben, Benny, but prefers Bentley

Age: 16
D.O.B. March 26
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Face Claim: Alexander Ludwig
Height: 6'2
Weight: 162
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Style: Bentley is usually seen in what could be considered "athletic" gear. He wears basketball shorts a lot, although when he dresses nicer he will where those khaki shorts that have all of the pockets. Unlike his girlfriend, he only wears long pants when it is freezing outside. He likes shorts. As for shorts, Bentley can usually be found in school t-shirts or some other kind of t-shirt. When he wants to look nicer, he may wear something from Jack Wills, Polo, or Abercrombie. When it comes down to his does, he wears Nike sneakers with the black Nike socks that all guys seem to wear now. Long story shirt, Bentley dresses like most guys his age.

*Cocky: Bentley basically uses his cockiness to hide insecurities. It's better to look dumb on purpose than it is to be dumb on accident, that's how Bentley thinks about it anyway. So he may act like he's better than everyone else, but it's basically so he can give himself the confidence that he wants to have.

*Outgoing: Bentley likes people, he likes being around people, he likes talking. He's never been one to stay quiet for long, and if he is being abnormally quiet, something is probably wrong. Either that or he's tired as hell.

*Reserved: although he's outgoing, Bentley doesn't like to talk about his home life. Actually, he really doesn't like to talk about himself in general. This is why he doesn't open up to his girlfriend. He's never been one to talk about his feelings.

*Athletic: Bentley loves sports. Growing up in Canada, he's been skating practically since he was walking, therefore making him very intent on playing hockey. He loves the sport, and he hopes it will give him the chance to go to college on a paid scholarship.

History: Bentley, from the beginning never had the perfect home life. His parents were in a fairly strange situation. Bentley's dad was 30 when Bentley was born, while his mother was only 17 at the time. His father had one other son, from a previous relationship, who was ten years older than Bentley. The age difference between Bentley's parents caused problems, mostly with the law, and Bentley's dad ended up serving jail time for rape. Bentley's mom didn't handle this well. She was stuck at home, with no job or education, trying to take care of a ten year old and a newborn. She soon turned to drugs and alcohol.

It was a eight years later when Bentley's dad was released. By that point, Bentley's mom wasn't doing too well, so his father got full custody of the two boys. Things were alright until Bentley's older half brother graduated, leaving Bentley alone with his father. That's when the physical and emotional abuse started. Bentley was removed from household at 15, when a neighbor reported hearing yelling and things breaking. With Bentley's mom checked into rehab, the only adult willing to take on Bentley was his brother, who was living in the States with his girlfriend. Bentley has been living with the two if them since.

Father: Michael Council, 47
Mother: Kylie Jacobsen, 33
Older Half Brother: Dylan Council, 26
Brother's Girlfriend: Kaylee Bronson, 25
Dog: Katie, 2 (view spoiler)


Other: dyslexic and has ADHD

message 27: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments I'm glad (: And I really like your girl. How should we start this?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments I figured either the day that Skyler confronts Bentley about how he's been acting, or a few days before ^^

message 29: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Maybe we can start a few days before with Bentley acting strange and then we can skip to when Skylr confronts him about it? (:

message 31: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 960 comments Alright, great!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Could you? I'm about to go on a run :/

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Okay sure (: I'll start after school with Bentley coming over for dinner, okay? :3

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Sounds perfect!

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