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Slip! | 1407 comments ((Just because this pack seems to be growing, I'll add in an abandoned theater they all hang in))

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Slip! | 1407 comments Leah walked through the abandoned building, her boots disturbing plumes of dust, as she finds a place to read, hoping to avoid any pack members for the day.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 8 comments Adrian looked from his shadowy corner at the sound of boots hitting the floor. "you know its a good thing i'm not too twitchy or things might have gotten awkward there." Adrian's voice was much like he was, rough and without fear. "yeah killing a packmate by accident would be highly awkward, how terrible." Alex's smooth voice responded, Adrian heard Trick snort in amusement but couldn't quite guess where he was.

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Slip! | 1407 comments From within the depths of the theater, Sorcha perks her ears, hearing voices, and scowls

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Slip! | 1407 comments ?

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 8 comments ((whats with the '?'?))

"you might want to be careful or your face might freeze like that." Trick said from behind Sorcha. "Trick she's gonna hit you and we're not going to stop her." Alex told his younger triplet.

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((woah I just used two names - go back to the name sorcha instead of Leah XD))

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