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Singer of Souls (Singer of Souls, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Dark Urban Fairy Fantasy set in Ireland/London/Scotland, Male Main Character's grandmother dies at end I think [s]

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Ngozi (ngyoza) Okay, so I read this one book a few years ago about fairies.
It was in my high school library which leads me to believe it was a YA book, but I remember that upon finishing I was surprised that my library had had it since it was a little more adult than most YA books.
As far as I know, the main character was a teenage boy sent to live with his grandmother in Ireland (pretty sure it was Ireland but it might have been Scotland or London). He goes out a lot and is immersed in the city. I think he meets a girl who he becomes friends with but I'm not sure. I remember the book had to do with fairies but they weren't the cute kind- more dark and scary. The only other thing I remember is that at the very end of the novel, he returns home to find that his grandmother was brutally murdered. I think there's blood everywhere and it's implied that fairies did it.
I don't know any of this 100% for sure, but that's what I recall. I remember really liking it, and I'd appreciate anyone who could help find the title and/or author! Any comments are appreciated, even if it's just a guess. Thank you so much!

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Wow, sounds great! I'd love to check it out, as I'm a huge fan of dark fae type stuff. I don't have a guess for you, though, but am watching to see if anyone else knows.

Ngozi (ngyoza) Thank you lol!

Ngozi (ngyoza) bump

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caracal-eyes | 134 comments Singer of Souls -- Douglas, street musician and drug user, goes to live with his grandmother in Edinburgh, Scotland. A girl offers him drugs which end up giving him the ability to see fairies. And yes, a look through the spoilers in the reviews confirms that his grandmother does get murdered and dismembered near the end.

Ngozi (ngyoza) Oh my gosh, that's it! Thank you so much!! :D

OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Oh wow... caracal-eyes comes thru with another solve! Thanks so much. I was hoping someone figured it out, so I could track it down and devour it. ;)

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