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Beautiful Disaster...Erotica or not?
Melissa Melissa Jul 26, 2014 07:23PM
I know this is YA, right? At least that's what everyone keeps saying. All I wanna know is if this book has any descriptive sex scenes in it? I know I sound shallow and sex-crazed, but I DO like my books to have some good sex scenes in them. There doesn't have to be a lot because I love an intensely emotional story too, but I don't wanna feel like I am entirely immersed in a book for kids. Of course kids have sex, but I like to delude myself into thinking it's for adults if there's sex...I don't know...humor me! ;-) Thanks for any well thought out answers!

I enjoyed this book, but it is far from Erotic/Erotica romance, the sex scene is cute...nothing that will make you hot and bothered, but a great story.

Good book, liked the story line.. Not Erotic...

I would so not call this a YA novel, it is definitely NA in my opinion. However that being said, it's not erotic either, the few sex scenes are more than you get in YA, but definitely not descriptive or explicit by any means.

Even with out that, its a great book and worth the read!!

Not. Firstly its not even young adult, it's new adult, which means its set in college years and has sex scenes, yes they are descriptive but it is not erotica. Erotica is a story completely revolving around sex, whereas this is a new adult, with a story line and some sexual situations/references to add to the story. Not control it.

Loved loved this book! definitely not erotica.

I am currently into rockstars and there are several good series for that. If you want feel free to friend me if you want to pick through my shelves. I am kind of all over the place. Easy & Breakable by Tammara Webber are good books. Easy is the female's POV and Breakable is the male's POV.


If I remember correctly there are a few intense scenes in the book. It is nothing like FSoG mind you, but it is still good. It is a great series.

I read Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster a year ago and from what I can remember, the sex scenes were fairly descriptive but that is common in NA books. It is far from an erotica considering that those scenes for me were just to enhance the crazy emotional/physical turmoil in the book. You'll really enjoy the book! The story line will keep you on the edge of your seat but make also have your heart melting :)

I really loved this book! Yeah, I kinda like my books a bit steamy too, and this one really didn't have to much of that at all. In no way could it be considered erotica, (although it does have some sex in it), but it still ended up being one of my favorite books. The connection between the two main characters was just so lovely that I found myself not really caring if they had some hot and heavy situations as long as they were just together!

Great thanks! Terri and Katrina, can you recommend any other favorite books you read in the new adult/contemporary romance genre? I'm always looking for new great ones. my favorites were FSoG, of course, The Crossfire series, Beautiful Bastard, The Driven series by K. Bromberg. I'm a little over the BDSM craze. I love office romances and friends who turn into lovers. Thanks for your help!

Not even close. The romance was so amazing, I never got an erotic vibe from this story at all.

Loved the book and its sequel. I was more intrigued in the relationship between the leading male and female characters to remotely care about the sex scene if I'm honest with myself. I'd consider the sex scene to be written in a classy style that isn't too graphic or raunchy, but the book is still worth the read.

Thanks Katrina!

Great, Great book. It was more about the intense story. The few sex scenes were not even close to erotica, at least in my opinion. You will love it.

Katrina Jay Ya, I was trying to figure out how to explain the sex scenes because they are there, but they aren't anywhere near what you would see in say a book li ...more
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Terri It's been a while but I remember when I did get to the first time that they were together I was like Ohhh that's it? I guess because of the build up I ...more
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