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Evermore (The Immortals, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Young adult vampire-esk novel [s]

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message 1: by Octavia (new)

Octavia | 2 comments I've been searching so long for this book I causally picked up at a Barnes & Nobles and I can't seem to find it.
The story is a pretty classic young adult supernatural-esk novel about a girl who can "see" people's secrets/insecurities. She lives with her rich aunt. She meets the new guy in art class and her powers don't work on him. The guy develops the hots for her and he turns out to be a shapeshifter, (or something along the lines of that.)
I can't find this book anywhere, but I know its a series and I originally found it near the twilight saga. Help would be appreciated.

message 2: by Macey (new)

Macey Siddell | 3 comments evermore by alyson noel?

message 3: by Octavia (new)

Octavia | 2 comments Yes that's the one! Thank you!!!!

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