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Why did Jillian lie about their Christmas destination in Europe? In Chapter 13, Jillian said on a call they were spending Christmas in Munich and then in Chapter 15, in an email, she said she loved Christmas in Vienna. This had Caroline second guessing for a few chapters.

Why did Simon take so much time off work and cancel so many trips?

Jillian took so much time from work I believe because she wanted a break from everything. Her and her hubby had the money to enjoy themselves and so they did. I think she said something along the lines of, "I worked my a** off building my business, growing it, and putting together a good reputation. Now it is time for me to slow down and enjoy myself."

Simon took time off I think because he was wanting to be around more. I think he had decided that he wanted to have kids possibly and he was trying to show Caroline that he could be around and participate in their lives together instead of always being gone.

This may just be me reading a little between the lines, but I think that is how the author was trying to portray things.

Christine The business mentioned though has to do with them buying a house in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is no where near Munich or Vienna. I'm wondering if Jillian j ...more
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Katrina Jay Ya, could be. I can't remember where she was opening up her design business over in Europe. I was wondering if she was trying to hide the fact that no ...more
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Interesting POVs... I do not necessarily think Jillian "lied" I think their plans changed and she did not remember telling Caroline about the Christmas destination. Hell, they had plenty of time and money to change their plans at any give time. I could be mistaken, but I do not think Jillian ever told Caroline she was going to Amsterdam either. Yet, they ended up buying a house there.

I do agree Simon's feelings were growing into more for Caroline. Since he was never in a "typical" relationship before and he wanted to see if there was more to it. Caroline's increased work responsibilities made it harder for him to do so.

Simon had not any place to call "home" in a very long time. Which is why he desperately wanted to buy the house. I also believe that is why he went to spend Thanksgiving with her at the last minute and cancelled the trip at Christmas. He wanted to understand what he had been missing for sooooo many years.

As for why Simon cancelled or did not accept any new jobs, I believe what he said when they were in the diner was true. Going back to Philadelphia changed his perspective. He realized he was well liked and the relationships he severed when he left affected him on a deeper level then he ever expected attending a class reunion would bring to the forefront. He needed time to reflect and understand all these new feelings. It made him realize he wanted more with Caroline and his future relationships. He re-open communication with old friends. It also made him come to terms with his parents death which he did his best to avoid for a very long time.

I think these all made him a more lovable person. God... I wish I had a Simon in my life. LOVE HIM!! One of the best book boyfriends out there to date!

Now that I think about it I had the same questions about Jillian, but was left with no answers...Odd? I thought Simon taking time off is what he needed, because he had never stayed at home for that long. I loved Simon in this book, Caroline not so much.

I agree with Katrina. This is the way I read it also. Simon's feelings for Caroline were developing to something more and he wanted to spend more time with her but then Jillian goes to Europe increasing Caroline's workload. This puts a spanner in the works of Simon's plans and he feels a little left out and ends up spending more time with Clive the cat.

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