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Chaney | 1770 comments Ok, here it is!

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Alright! Let's make characters.

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[ name ] Allison Marie Collins
[ age ] 17
[ appearance ]
[ personality ] TBRP'D

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Chaney | 1770 comments Sorry it's taking long to reply. My notifications are all messed up.

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It's okay.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Name: Caleb Ryel

Age: 18


Personality: TBRP

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Chaney | 1770 comments Ok, do you want my guy to like not even know who she is and that her mom is famous?

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Alright. Can you start?

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Yeah so her dad is Misha Collins and his dad is Jensen Ackles from supernatural.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Ok, and is there anyplace you want them to start at?

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When they're on set.

message 12: by Chaney (new)

Chaney | 1770 comments Okay

Caleb sits on a chair bored. He sighs looking around for anything to do. This wasn't his kind of thing. He didn't really like coming out with his dad. He felt awkward. Caleb wished he would be back with his friends. He stood and waited for anything interesting to happen.

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Allison walked over to the set, grinning widely at her dad. Jared and Jensen would come over her house sometimes so they were like more dads to her. She smiled and sat down in a chair, looking around at everyone.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb saw the girl named Allison sit near him. His dad told him a lot about her but he pretty much ignored it. He thought she was getting swallowed up in the spotlight. Caleb rolls his eyes frowning

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She glanced at him and smiled sweetly. Allison hated being in the spotlight. She just wanted to live normally for once.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb saw the girl glance in his direction. He met her gaze and gave a small smile back in her direction before looking away again.
"When will this be over?" He groans impatiently.

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Allison laughed softly. "It shouldn't be too much longer." She told him.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb's gaze shot back up at her. He nodded and leaned back in the chair.
"I hope you're right." He tells her with a grin.

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"Most of the time, I am." Allison laughed.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb brows shot up as he nodded again.he shrugged.
"Figured." He says under his breath. He glances around the room again and his eyes land on his dad.
"I can't believe I let him talk me into coming. I'm not ever making that mistake again." He says with a shaky laugh.

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"It's not that bad. The show is pretty good. Dad makes me watch all episodes." She told him.

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Chaney | 1770 comments "Mine doesn't, I try to stay away from all of the show business. It keeps my life pretty normal, or as normal as I can get it." Caleb tells her. He shrugs again.

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"I want mine to be normal but no matter how hard I try, everyone always comes up to me, trying to get me to get signed merch from my dad."

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Chaney | 1770 comments "That's why I hide myself away from the public. The people at my school already know I hate it when all that show business comes around. And I usually just hang out with my close friends." Caleb tells her.

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"Yeah, I should probably do that." She sighed

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Chaney | 1770 comments "Why don't you then? If you want a normal life so badly?" He asks her.

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"I don't know." She ran a hand through her hair.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb laughs.
"Ok then. Well good luck on trying to get a normal life." He tells her with a grin. He stands.
"Looks like they are wrapping it up." He says.

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She stood up and waited for her dad.

Jensen walked over to him. "Hey."

message 30: by Chaney (new)

Chaney | 1770 comments ((Wait I got confused for a second. Is Caleb's dad Jensen or is it Allison's dad?))

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((Caleb's dad is Jensen. Misha is Allison's dad.))

message 32: by Chaney (new)

Chaney | 1770 comments ((Okay sorry about that!))

message 33: by Chaney (new)

Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb nods when his dad comes over. His expression bored.
"This is way different from the way you described it." He tells his dad.

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"It's not that bad." Jensen promised.

Allison smiled at Misha. "Hey dad."

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb laughed.
"For you it isn't. I've never liked this." He tells his father. Caleb glanced over at Allison.
"Is that the girl you have been bugging me about?" He asks his dad.

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"Yes it is." Jensen nodded. "It's Misha's daughter and you two should hang out some time."

Allison walked off set and headed home since Misha had some work to do still.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Josh laughed and shook his head.
"Yeah I'll think about it. Well I'm gonna go home now. I'm going out with they guys tonight." Josh says as he makes his way to the exit.
"See ya Dad!" He calls before leaving the set.

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When Allison was crossing the street, a car sped up and hit her, not even bothering to stop as they quickly drove away. Her body was left crumbled on the ground in a pool of blood. She was in critical condition and needed an ambulance quickly.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb just left the set and was going to the parking lot. He glanced up at he saw Allison get hit by a car.
"Oh my god." He whispers before sprinting out to the middle of the road. He picked her up easily in his arms. Caleb brought to the side of the road. Then he screamed to the people around him to call 911.

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People immediately called 911, panicking at the sight of Allison.

Allison slumped unconscious in his arms. There was blood dripped down from a gash in her forehead, her ribs were broken, one arm was broken and so was one leg.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb took his jacket and out it on her bleeding forehead. He saw her limp leg and arm. He was still in shock of what happened. You could her sirens off in the distance coming closer and closer.

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The ambulance showed up and took Allison to the hospital.

message 43: by Chaney (new)

Chaney | 1770 comments ((I'm just gonna have Caleb come to the hospital too.))

Once Allison was in the ambulance Caleb ran to his car. He hopped in and followed the ambulance to the hospital.

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Once at the hospital, Allison was rushed into immediate surgery while one of the nurses called Misha.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb came into the hospital and ran to a nurse and asked them about Allison. However they just told him to wait in the waiting room. He mumbles something to himself and takes a seat.

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The surgery took a long time.

Misha drove to the hospital as quick as he could.

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb saw Misha at the door. He stood and walked over to her.
"She is in surgery now. But they won't tell me anything else." He tells him. Caleb shrugs.

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Misha had tear stains on his cheeks. "I need to see her!"

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Chaney | 1770 comments Caleb patted his shoulder and shook his head.
"You will be able to soon. We just have to let them try as save her first." He tells him.

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He cried silently. "Your dad should be here soon too and so should Jared. They just had to finish up one last scene." Misha mumbled.

They finally finished the surgery and brought her to the ICU.

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