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Maj | 537 comments Mod
First off, I just wanna say that my Dad makes me do this. Secondly, this is mainly for Quinn and Olivia. Because I can't be their mom, but I do want them to know me. Sort off.
Let's begin.

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Maj | 537 comments Mod
I was born on October 27, 1993. It was snowing, or so I'm told, and my mom Aislin was alone. Alone in childbirth, and alone for the first year of my life.
My bio Dad was nowhere to be found, but she met Desmond and I called him Deda. When I was three Desmond got my mommy pregnant, but having another baby wasn't in his planning so he fled. Mom was alone again. And she got Katharina. All was well, right?
Wrong. Before Desmond left, Kat wasn't the only thing he had given my mom. He also gave her AIDS. And she couldn't afford meds. So when Kat was 5 months, my mom died. And we ended up in foster care.

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Maj | 537 comments Mod
I don't remember much of the orphanages, just that I had to take care of Kat. Always stay with Kat. Then came the foster families. Always noisy, always crowded. By the time I was 8, I had spent my siestas in 3 orphanages, and 2 foster families. And that's when I met Debby. Who is not only my mommy now, but also yours.
It's a funny story how I ended up at Debby's house.

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Maj | 537 comments Mod
I was 8 and three months. Yes, those three months matter. A lot. I had been returned like I was a broken toy by some rich dude who thought his wife really wanted a kid. Yeah, NOT.
But I was returned, and I went looking for Kat. Kat was supposed to be here. But she wasn't. She had been taken to a foster family to grow up in a stable-ish environment. With Debby.
I got really angry with the people running the orphanage, because they let Kat go without me. To some strange woman. When I started holding my breath, they got worried. When I turned purple, they promised me to take me to see her. The woman that was. Not Kat. They weren't planning on letting me see Kat.

I finally got to go on Friday. They picked me up after school for a 2 hour drive, so when I finally got there, I was upset and tired. Not a really good combination.

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