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message 1: by Beth, Moderator (new)

Beth | 73 comments Mod
One thing I really liked about the book was how well it portrayed the feeling of Greece, but without reusing Greek Gods & Goddesses. We are so used to thinking of Zeus and Athena as being mythical figures that I think it is hard for kids to think of them as actual worshipped Gods, but the stories and temples in Sounis, Attolia and Eddis seem real.

My kids' dad is Greek, so we've been there often, and Whelan really gives the feel of the towns, sunlight, olives & food, etc. It gives the books added richness.

message 2: by library_jim, Creator & Organizer (new)

library_jim | 112 comments Mod
I agree. I enjoy that aspect of this and other fantasy novels. They take the essence of a place but since it's fantasy, can do with it what they will. Guy Gavriel Kay did the same thing with Italy in Tigana.

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