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The Cyan Caves are located near the Blue Forest. There are 3 caves- One too big, one too small & one just right. Usually the Evers aren't interested since they are out of sight, but the curious one may find them...

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Blaze looked around. With a simple tap she opened up the smallest cave & went inside. It then closed up. Nobody could entre, since it only noticed Blaze's touch

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Blaze watched Shannon with curiosity. She had never met a girl who could communicate with animals like her.

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"Oh" said Blaze "Nothing"
She went into the cave. A few moments later it opened up & Blaze came out.

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Blaze was lucky that she wasn't as shy- if she was, she wouldn't even look at Shannon

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"Nah" smiled Blaze "It's alright"

They followed the bird and were surprised to see Summer there.

(Happy? XD)

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"Yea" giggled Summer "They're adorable"

Blaze felt REALLY confused

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Summer turned around. "Oh, right. I can speak to birds"

Blaze just shook her head trying to get around this

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Madi "Hi!" Lina came in. Beaming to find her friends here.

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Summer rubbed her arms
"It's getting a bit cold" she said "I better make a fire"
She trust out her hand & a blaze started.

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Madi Lina held out her hand an a fire pit appeared around it. But the fire pit was.made out of fire!

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"Nice" smiled Summer

message 13: by Madi (new)

Madi Lina smiled.

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Summer sat down on a rather a long log

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Madi Lina jumped. "Summer-" And just then the long log grabbed Summer and ran off. "Log salamander. Deadly and loves to kidnap people. She will probably be in a lower cave, locked up." Lina said. 'We have to find her!"

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"Don't worry" smiled Blaze "Come over here..."

They went to the smallest cave. Blaze tapped it & it opened.
"Quick" said Blaze "Come in!"
Lina crawled in followed by Blaze
"She could be in here" sighed Lina

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Madi Lina lit a fire. She saw the salamander in a distant corner. But where was Summer?

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Blaze frowned "She should be in here. If the salamander's here, then so would she..."
Blaze walked up to the log & touched it. Surprisingly it didn't move. Blaze turned it over. It had scorch marks all over it.
"Maybe Summer killed it?" suggested Lina
"Most likely" sighed Blaze

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Madi Lina brought her hands up and out. The cave glowed bright. She saw Summer curled up in a corner.

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Lina ran towards her... only to be rejected by a wall of fire.
"She's been enchanted" Blaze's eyes were wide "It may wear off soon. But I'm not a teacher so...yea"

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments piper entered one of the caves looking particularly happy.

message 22: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments she was curious of what it looked like. she had heard many stories about it

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A maigical symbole appeared over Piper's head and Hannah came out of it looking suprised "Ahh!" She said before falling onto Piper.

Her small 'Henchmen' came out after her landed on there feet "You okay?" Shadow asked.

"uugghh" Hannah answered slowly getting off Piper.

Tiffany chuckled along with Starlight who flew on her head.

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "ouch..." piper said before looking.

"uhh.. hey!" she said while getting up.

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Hannah smiled "Hi! Sorry about that im still learning it." She sighed "Did I hurt you?" she asked worried.

Tiffany was on her shoulder healing a small scratch on her cheek shaking her head softly "Klutz" Hannah stuck her toung out at her playfully.

Shadow was sitting on her other shoulder with Flower.

Starlight was sitting on her head criss cross.

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "nothing special, don't worry!" piper smiled

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"Realy?" Hannah asked "Oh! im sorry! My name is Hannah!"

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "My name is piper. Nice to meet you."

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"This is flower," She pointed to the small faerie with pink hair, she waved. "This is Shadow," She pointed to the other small faerie who gave a small nod. "Thats Starlight," She said pointing to the half dryad half farie on her head who said hi and waved excitedly. "Finally, this is Tiffany" She pointed to the purple haired Dryad who smiled softly "Hello." Tiffany said happily.

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "hi to all of you! I have a pegasus but shes outdide. her name is emily."

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"Thats cool! So why are you in tyhe caves?"

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "I wanted to explore them. ive heard a lot of stories about it."


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"Cool!" She smiled

message 34: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments ((im back))
"and you?"

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"I accidentally mix up the spell concordats" She said awkwardly scratching the back of her head.

message 36: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "oh.. which spell?"

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"Spirt spell!" Tiffany said suddenly "Its a teleportation spell."

message 38: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "awesome! I dont know any spelks yet.."

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'Im still quiet new to them" Hannah said "But Me and Tiffany can help you if you want"

message 40: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "really? that would be awesome!" piper said with shining eyes

message 41: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments ((brb))

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Hannah smiled softly "Yeah, ill teach you... what type of spell do you want to learn?"

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Blaze heard noises in the next cave. She exited & lit a fire in her hand. She was surprised to see it was Hannah & Piper, 2 new students

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments piper turned to see blaze there. "oh.. hi!"

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"Hi" said Blaze "Just saw you practising. Thought I'd come for a look." She saw the fairies & smiled "Say, have you met Everson & Snow yet?"

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Hannah smiled softly "Hello!" She said and her little friends waved.

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Levy  (Sophie) | 18 comments "I don't think so.." piper said thoughtfully

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"No sorry" Hannah said "Im Hannah"

"Im Shadow" Shadow said
"Im Flower!" Flower said smiling warmly
"Im Tiffany" She said and cast a spell that illumated there small spot.
"And im Starlight" She said waving excitedly.

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"Hi" said Blaze.
She turned to Piper "They're fairies as well. They're a lot of fun. But I don't get along with Snow..."

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Madi Lina followed. "Hi." She said suspiciously. Perhaps they were responsible for what had befallen Summer. She had to find a way to help her.

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