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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 812 comments Mod
"This is the Delta of Despair," Kayla explained, she cleared the fog and debris that would be an obstacle their path. Her eyes provided enough light for them too see.

((We're going to switch places now and then so that they get to that place.))

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 173 comments Mod
She nodded, and followed close behind her.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 812 comments Mod
"We're gonna have to find someplace.." Her voice faded. "The Shrine to Hermes," she said and stopped in her tracks, "it's perfect!" She cheered.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 173 comments Mod
"I don't think you should be touching that." She warned her. She gripped her sword tightly.

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☆dani rae☆ (danthaman) | 812 comments Mod
"It's fine," she laughed, "follow me." she walked on and came to The Upper Cliffs.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 173 comments Mod
She hesistated at first, but then rolled her eyes, and followed her closely. She could sense something lurking a little ways away, and her body shuttered.

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