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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 86 comments Approved characters.

See message two for the character template.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 86 comments THE UNDERGROUND
{mbl=mandatory line break}
<.b>Name<./b>: First Middle (if applicable) Last
<.b>Gender<./b>: Female OR Male
. <.i>Sexuality<./i>: Asexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Homosexual, OR Uncertain
<.b>Age<./b>: X
<.b>Vocation<./b: Thief, Pickpocket, Assassin, Murderer, Prostitute, Etc. (One only.)
<.b>Appearance<./b>: <.img src="link">
. <.i>Height<./i>: X'X"
. <.i>Weight<./i>: X lbs
. <.i>Hair<./i>: Color; anything else
. <.i>Eyes<./i>: Color; anything else
. <.i>Skin<./i>: Color; anything else
. <.i>Vocal Qualities<./i>: Approximate pitch [i.e. high, mid-ranged, low]; anything else
. <.i>Clarifications<./i>: Difference from the picture; difference from the picture; etc (Delete line if not applicable.)
<.b>Combat<./b>: Fighting skills/abilities, weapons, etc. Complete sentences please.
<.b>Personal History<./b>: No novels, but use complete sentences.
<.b>Persona (External)<./b>: Again, no novels, but use complete sentences. Describe the character as the world perceives them to be. Figure out the rest as you get to know the character better. I'm currently of the opinion that we try to overdevelop our characters before we even start which ultimately hurts the story.
<.b>Other<./b>: I don't want novels, but I do want complete sentences.


I am very particular with character profiles. The following notes might save you some time and grief.
• To achieve the desired formatting, just remove the period following the < symbol from the above template.
• Don't mess with the line spacing.
• If I say 'OR' that means only one of the listed options.
• Readability is a focus. Capitalize the first letter of the first word of each section, no matter what.
• Use complete sentence only when asked—no extraneous punctation/distracting marks.
• Style: Formal writing is preferred (no reference to you or I).
• Keep each section all in one block. It shouldn't be long enough that it is absolutely necessary to split into more than one block for readability's sake. For example, with Personal History, you shouldn't be ending up with paragraphs upon paragraphs. One little block containing the basics. No background story excerpts or dramatic soap operas. Keep it real.
• The first time the character is referred to in any section requiring full sentences, use their name. Readability!
• Please don't spend half the profile repeating yourself. If something is especially important to the character, we'll get it in the roleplay. This profile is a skeleton of a person, a starting point.
• If you don't see a period in a section of the above template, don't use one in that section.
• If you're listing qualities (i.e. the subsections of Appearance), separate with semicolons.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 86 comments THE UNDERGROUND

Name: Fritjof "Fritz" Naoki
Gender: Male
. Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 23
Vocation: Thief
. Height: 5'10"
. Weight: 153 lbs
. Hair: Varying shades of brown; tousled; messy
. Eyes: Pale green
. Skin: Fair; lightly tanned
. Vocal Qualities: Mid-ranged; slightly rough
Combat: Twin daggers are (view spoiler) Fritz's go-to as far as weapons are concerned. He doesn't have much experience with a sword and he has never once touched a bow in his life. He's a decent hand-to-hand combatant, and works daily to improve that skill.
Personal History: Fritz grew up in an extremely poor family with about eight or so siblings. He spent as little time in the "house" as he could, so it came as little surprise when he picked up some nasty habits such as pickpocketing. That escalated before too long and one day he left home and never came back. He's proved himself very loyal to his king (the king of thieves) and is somewhat close to the man. He lost his right eye a few years ago in a knife-fight.
Persona (External): Fritz is, if nothing else, a gentleman. A thief, yes, but a gentleman nonetheless. He is very protective of women, at least of their health. He has no qualms stealing from rich women, but he won't let some punk kid beat up a rich lady for her diamonds. He's known also for keeping an eye on the local prostitutes. If he sees them being treated rough, he won't hesitate to step in. A regular at many of the brothels, he is a popular customer and supposedly a great lover.
Other: Fritz wants to be the next king of thieves, like any ambitious thief, but not for a while. He still has some fun to have.

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soph (sophagia) | 13 comments THE UNDERGROUND

Name: Mira Kattan
Gender: Female
. Sexuality: Uncertain
Age: 21
Vocation: Prostitute
. Height: 5'6"
. Weight: 124 lbs
. Hair: Black; thick; unruly
. Eyes: Dark mahogany; sleepy; ringed with kohl
. Skin: Warm sienna; easily bruised; sensitive
. Vocal Qualities: High pitched; slow; girlish
Combat: Mira is lacking in physical combat skills, but she is very skilled in the usage and knowledge of various poisons.
Personal History: Mira was raised in poverty in the middle of a large trade city to a spice merchant with a gambling addiction and a poor barmaid. Her parents struggled throughout Mira's childhood to keep her safe and healthy, and one of her father's ideas to ensure her safety was through teaching Mira the art of poison. As a spice merchant, her father dealt with the sale of simple things you add to flavor food, but he also sold poison in order to bring in more gambling money (and feed his family, but that came second). He taught her the main ideas of poison usage rather than combat because in his mind, it was more suited for a woman, always telling young Mira to be quiet and sneaky rather taking a fighting stance due to her gender. In Mira's fifteenth year, her father was found dead in the bar her mother worked in. Once he passed, Mira and her mother lost their biggest source of money, which was not much considering how much of the money her father took for his gambling addiction. The pair tried to take over his spice trade, but it ultimately failed and three years after her father's death, Mira was ushered into a brothel by her mother in an act of desperation to pay back her father's immense debts. Since then, she's been working in the same brothel, trying to pay back the debts left to her by her father.
Persona (External): Mira is quiet and doe eyed, which when combined with her pretty, youthful looks, draws in quite a few patrons. She tries to win over many men in hopes that either they will pay off her debt though their many visits or spirit her away from the brothel. When around her fellow working girls, she is optimistic and sunny, trying to lighten the mood from their dour situation. Mira is quite a bit of a dreamer and can be quite fanciful at times, which others might find annoying or girlish. Mira can be a bit materialistic and loves pretty things, like lacy slips and cosmetics.
Other: Mira dislikes her mother for putting her into the brothel, but still has some loyalty to her, so she sends a small amount of money that she skims off the top of her 'sales' to her.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 86 comments THE UNDERGROUND

Name: Ailann Rowan Trasson
Gender: Female
. Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 20
Vocation: Prostitute
. Height: 5'8"
. Weight: 134 lbs
. Hair: Light brown with bits of blonde
. Eyes: Hazel-grey
. Skin: Pale cream
. Vocal Qualities: Mid-ranged
. Clarifications: Heavy makeup (usually); colorful and provocative clothing
Combat: Ailann could scratch and scream if someone ever tried to grab her, but she's really got zilch.
Personal History: Ailann grew up in the home of a wealthy merchant who her mother worked for (and incidentally slept with). She never knew who her father was, but she has her suspicions. She has limited writing abilities and she can read okay, but she doesn't really have anything to help her earn an honest living. When her mother got sick, Ailann worked her job, until the merchant's wife fired her and kicked her and her mother onto the streets. After that, Ailann didn't see much she could do besides selling herself for sex. She's been doing that for a year and a half now and even has some regulars.
Persona (External): The more Ailann has had to do to keep her and her mother afloat, the more her innocence has vanished. Over the years she has molded herself into a highly sensual being with tough skin and a dry sense of humor.
Other: Ailann's customers are of both genders, though she generally prefers her female visitors.

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soph (sophagia) | 13 comments THE UNDERGROUND

Name: Oisin Keane
Gender: Male
. Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 25
Vocation: Assassin
. Height: 5'11"
. Weight: 143 lbs
. Hair: Auburn; gentle curls
. Eyes: Jade
. Skin: Warm tan
. Vocal Qualities: Mid-ranged; scratchy
. Clarifications: Band-like tattoos around his ankles and wrists
Combat: Oisin is fairly well rounded when it comes to combat in general, as he's tried to have a vague knowledge of most weapons. His strongest asset is in hand-to-hand combat, with swordplay following it. He dislikes using bows and concealed weapons, even though they are the preferred weapons for his profession. He has a basic knowledge of those types of weapons, but will only use them if completely necessary.
Personal History: Oisin had a pretty comfortable childhood. His parents were pretty well off and as their first and only son, he was spoiled by them. He didn't really have any reason for leaving them and could have lived a normal, conflict-free life, but one day he just left them for the underbelly of Thrand'r because he was bored of his life. His parents had a huge search for him, but he avoided their efforts through pure luck. After that, he partook in illegal fighting rings and slowly climbed up the ranks.
Persona (External): Oisin is a surprisingly upbeat person, and is hardly caught without a grin on his face. For someone who works as an assassin, he has very high moral standards (for example, he avoids using concealed weapons, because he dislikes it when victims do not have even the smallest fighting chance.) Others tend to find him self-righteous because of this, but he literally could care less. Outside of his own personal rules, Oisin can be very laid back and calm. He can be quite illogical at times, which is why he works alone for the most part.
Other: Oisin's tattoo's along is wrists and ankles don't actually symbolize anything, like most people would think. He got them mainly because he thought they'd look cool, but if anyone asks, he'll come up with a stupid reason just to mess with them.

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 1 comments THE UNDERGROUND

Name: Amaris Charlotte Caine
Gender: Female
.Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 22
Vocation: Prostitute
.Height: 5'3"
.Weight: 97 lbs
.Hair: Long; red-brown
.Eyes: Almond shaped; brown
.Skin: Pale
.Vocal Qualities: Mid-ranged/high; hint of an Asian accent
Combat: Amaris only knows the self-defense that she learned while on the streets.
Personal History: Amaris was the first and only daughter of a wealthy family. When her father passed of illness her mother wanted her to be wed. At the age of eighteen she fell in love with a man and soon they were engaged. One night she overheard him talking to a man about assassinating her after they got married so that he would inherit the Caine Family's wealth. She had to leave her home and go into hiding, and now she works as a prostitute to make enough money to survive.
Persona (External): Amaris appears to be quiet and mysterious. She always seems a little lost in thought and it's easy to see how much she loathes her job. If you watch the way that she behaves herself it's easy to tell that she wasn't always a prostitute. She still has a noble air about her, despite her current situation.
Other: Amaris wears a necklace with a ring attached to it. It isn't of much value, but it was a gift from her father. She keeps it tucked inside her clothing to hide it from thieves.

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