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Monika Barbara Potocki Monika Jul 26, 2014 11:55AM
I have recently been reading quite a lot of Pride and Prejudice fanfiction, especially published books, and I was wondering: do you prefer that Pride and Prejudice fanfiction that sticks as much as possible to the events original work or would you prefer an original storyline as long as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth stay in character?

For instance, I was reading Kara Louise's "Only Mr. Darcy Will Do" a few days ago (highly recommend the book!), and I noticed that she had Wickham and Lydia elope at the end of her book just like in the original novel. I personally thought that to be an unnecessary plot maneuver, since in the original Pride and Prejudice the literary purpose of that elopement is to prove the strength of Darcy's love and character. But in "Only Mr. Darcy Will Do", Darcy has already proven his constancy by a number of ways by that point.

I was wondering about this topic especially since I have recently toyed with the idea of making my next novel a full-blown Pride and Prejudice what-if fanfiction (my previous romance novel, 'Mirusia', was an original work, even though I did allow myself to slip in some echoes of Pride and Prejudice...such as naming a certain aunt 'Catherine' after a well-known Lady Catherine de Bourgh =) ). I would like to get a sense of whether readers like to have the events of Pride and Prejudice variations coincide very closely to those of Jane Austen's novel, or whether a complete detour is also a pleasant read.

I love it when it starts with the original, and then changes one thing, resulting in a different path to a similar ending. What I really dislike is when the author changes the personality of a character, or the back story. For example, in one I read, the author totally changed Georgiana to be resentful of Darcy and not at all humble. It really put me off that the character was so changed.

I prefer an original story line. I like to see what other writers can do with the characters. Besides, I'd rather read the original than a fanfiction that follows the same story line.

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