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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 86 comments For the character template, see the Characters topic in the roleplay they are being created for.

This topic is for characters that are incomplete and being worked on. Once they're done, post them in the topic Characters [Awaiting Approval] and they will be deleted from here.

***This topic will be cleared out regularly.***

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Cass: Natasha, Loki, Captain America, IronMan and Thor. GENERAL FANTASY

Name: Karana Martin
Gender: Female
. Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 23
. Height: 5'6"
. Weight: 118 lbs
. Hair: Blonde; Long; Most of the time it is kept straight
. Eyes: Blue
. Skin: Caucasian
. Vocal Qualities: mid-ranged; gets high when she is scared or nervous
Magic: She has the power to control main elements.
Combat: Karana is great with knifes, throwing stars and the bow. She can do long range fighting as an archer or short range fighting with blades.
<.b>Personal History<./b>: No novels, but use complete sentences.
<.b>Personality (External)<./b>: Again, no novels, but use complete sentences. Describe the character as the world perceives them to be. Figure out the rest as you get to know the character better. I'm currently of the opinion that we try to overdevelop our characters before we even start which ultimately hurts the story.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Candice Swanpool is famous, luv.

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Stephanie | 1 comments GENERAL FANTASY

Name: Calypso Abigail Montana

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 16

Appearance: description

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair: Brown and a tiny bit blonde

Eyes: brown

Skin: Caucasian

Vocal Qualities: mid-range and gets high when she's nervous, just a tiny bit, and really high when someone scares her.

Magic: She's a Mermaid so her legs turn into a tail when she touches water, and she can crontrol water by heating and freezing it up. When she touches the water her legs shine and turn into a tail, but her top stays.

Tail: [image error]

Personal History: Her parents found her when they were at sea fishing and found a ship. Her parents were killed but she was still alive, so they took her and raised her on a boat for a good portion of her life.

Persona: She's shy and doesn't talk loud, and doesn't like being noticed. She talks kinda soft, so most people think she's mumbling.

Other: She loves fish food a lot.

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