Mrs. Eriksson's Summer Reading Challenge 2015 discussion


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message 1: by Logan (new)

Logan Stroud Insurgent by Veronica Roth is the sequel in the series Divergent. I loved Insurgent. It was intense from page 1 all the way to the very last page. I couldn't put it down. I loved how it explains the troubles Tris experiences within herself and demonstrates the value of life. I, personally, liked Insurgent better than Divergent. If you have read Divergent and you haven't read Insurgent, you need to get started!

message 2: by Stephenie (new)

Stephenie Eriksson (stephkeriksson) | 70 comments Mod
OK! You are convincing me that I need to make the rest of the series a priority. ;) I have a few more books to read this summer, but maybe these will be some of the first I read when we head back to school.

message 3: by Logan (new)

Logan Stroud It's really worth it! My mom and cousin liked Divergent better, but I thought Insurgent was more personal to Tris. You meet a lot more characters that are sometimes hard to keep straight and towards the end is kind of hard to follow because so much is happening, but it's definitely worth it.

message 4: by DaShannon (new)

DaShannon | 71 comments I might have to continue with Insurgent then Logan because I liked Divergent but didn't love it.

message 5: by Matt (new)

Matt Burden | 7 comments I agree with you Logan. I think in this book she then begins to understand life and how important it should mean to her. I liked this book more than Divergent because I liked all the action and cliff hangers. I think it is worth reading.

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