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Tales of a Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer
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Bill Collins (Bill_Collins) | 17 comments A new book cover is now in effect on all editions of my book, Tales of a Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer by Bill Collins, effective today. Anyone ordering any of the editions will receive a book with the new cover on it.

I uploaded a photo of the new cover to the Black and White Print edition of the book. The file name for this new cover there is: NEW Book Cover 7-26-14THUMBXXX.jpg.

Can you please replace the old cover photo with the new cover photo on both print editions and the Kindle Edition for me.

Thanks, Bill

Bill Collins (Bill_Collins) | 17 comments As far as I can tell, nothing has been done yet in regards to my above request for applying the New Book Cover that is now in effect, to the two print editions 0990487407 and 0990487415 and the Kindle Edition 0090487423 of Tales of A Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer.

Can someone please add the new cover to these editions for me? Thanks, so much, Bill

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Melaslithos | 1356 comments Hi,
I took care of those a while ago already. Here they are:

Unless there's an even newer picture. In this case, please link it here, I can't find it.

For your prefered edition to appear on top, please set it as default edition by following the instructions here (only the author can do that, not librarians):

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