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message 1: by Vidya (new)

Vidya (vidyasamson) | 22 comments Hi everyone,

If you’re interested, please email me at please put MY DEADLY PRINCE CHARMING in the subject line so I know it's not spam.

Please email me directly. Please do not contact me via Goodreads since I don’t check out my Goodreads messages as regularly as my email.

The blurb:


What do you do when the boy you love is afraid to let you touch him for fear you will learn all his deadly secrets?

When eighteen-year-old Iona flies to the Mediterranean island of Idylla to live with the father she never knew, she finds the island is a kind of modern-day utopia, a virtually crime free society filled with benevolent people. But what lies beneath the tranquil surface? Iona encounters mystery after mystery about the Idyllans and their way of life and is determined to unlock the secrets behind their utopia.

One of Iona’s classmates at the University of Idylla is visiting student Prince Ariston, the Crown Prince of the neighboring island Kingdom of Perdia. The two bond over their love for Elizabethan poetry and the Renaissance, and find they share a passion for reading and learning.

But not all knowledge is safe. When Iona starts developing powers of contact telepathy, Ariston must shun her, or risk her learning that he is a dangerous paranormal creature who has killed before and is in Idylla to kill the very people she has grown to love. The man with many demons to conquer realizes he is unable to stay away from the only girl in the world who can heal his mind.

Both know the other can destroy them. Yet both are drawn to each other like a moth to a conflagration. Will their obsession for each other devour them both or will they be able to survive and overcome the forces conspiring against them?

Visit enchanting Idylla to meet one very smart, witty, charming, captivating heroine; one dashing, unique, irresistible hero; and some very engaging Idyllans.

Dip into the pages of MY DEADLY PRINCE CHARMING to find humor, intriguing mystery, and an all-consuming, world-defying love.


Thank you!

message 2: by Shermaine (new)

Shermaine Dowling | 14 comments Hi Vidya,

This is not exactly what I usually read, but I did like the Mortal Instruments books and the Twilight books, so I guess I do read YA Romance. I'd love to read your book after reading the blurb. I mainly read for grammatical/spelling errors, but will also point out simple inconsistencies in names, flow, etc. I don't usually comment on style since I can't string 2 sentences together to write a story, so I'll stick to the reading end of things! But I'll be fair and honest.

message 3: by Vidya (new)

Vidya (vidyasamson) | 22 comments thanks! will send in a couple days.

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