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message 1: by Pa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pa Xiong (pxiong34gmailcom) | 10 comments In the first 30 pages, Celie's father treated her harshly, as if she was not his child. Is this a foreshadow stating that she was not his blood-related daughter?

Christina Munoz | 13 comments The first 30 pages can be a foreshadowing of celie not being related to her father but nettie was also not a blood related daughter to they're father on pages 176-183 and again on pages 244-245. If this would have been a foreshadowing then I believe something similar would have happened to nettie as well but nothing did happen to her only to celie, celie was raped by her "father" but nettie was not which makes one wonder why he might have been more friendly to nettie than celie even though both girls are not his blood related daughter. Showing some proof that it was not a foreshadow.

Douar | 10 comments I didn't see it as foreshadowing, I've read lots of books/stories where the dad (or a parent) who just straight out treated their own kids harshly. I also agree with what Christina said too, she made a good point with Nettie.

message 4: by Melanie (last edited Aug 10, 2014 07:27PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Melanie Lee (melaanielee) | 9 comments Celie's father treating her harshly is a foreshadow stating that she is not his blood-related daughter. What I'm trying to say is that people experience these type of things all the time (even though this has nothing to do with the book) would a father actually do these type of things to his blood related daughter? In my opinion, it's not surprising. In the book Celie was rapped by her "father" & he did many other bad things such as abusing her physically and mentally, & to top that he stole her first baby. What kind of a father would he be if they were blood related? That would just be nonsense. This is why I think this is a foreshadow stating that Celie is not blood related & this is my evidence.

Angel (alee21) | 12 comments Well, when I read it. I honestly thought that it was Celies step father who was doing this. And I wouldn't call it, "harsh" it's not humane. So if his behavior were to forshadow any time of unrelated blood, I wouldn't be surprised. But also in these pages, Celie does state that he's been looking at Nettie as well. If she wasn't his biological daughter, then she didn't know, but the thing is, he was still looking at Nettie as well. Flesh and blood or not, Celie didn't deserve what she had to put up with, and he is disgusting. Rape is never okay.

message 6: by Kp (new)

Kp | 11 comments It kinda comes off that she isn't blood related, but I tried my best to not assume that. There is evidence in the book that can show that she might not be blood related. It could also honestly just be that her father is just a mean person and treats Celie wrong too.

message 7: by Emilee (new)

Emilee Vang | 16 comments In the first thirty pages it does come off as foreshadowing because Celie's father treated her mother harshly too. When her mother got old and sick he didn't want her anymore; it was the same sort of situation when Celie was getting older and boring that's why her father had no problem letting her get married to Albert. Celie was getting old and boring whereas Nettie had a brain and possibly a future.

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Lee | 17 comments When I read it, there was a foreshadowing in the first thirty pages because Celie got raped by him. "You better shut up and get used to it." (1). I'm not being mean but for real, he think that he can do whatever he wants to Celie. Well, he's wrong. He shouldn't have done that to her. Even her mother wouldn't leave him because he's so good to her.

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